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August 3, 1997 Red isn't in the house yet. But, it has been hot and he is laying on the bench, not in the rafters. This is good. I put the dry food on the floor. And dinner will be served on a cat tree level which is lower than where he is. He has jumped on this level a couple of times. I think if he gets hungry enough, he will eat there. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Brian dumped the Sandy and Junior dogs in the pool yesterday. They hate getting wet but they love being wet when its over a hundred degrees. They get really playful. Its so cute.

Most of the cats stay indoors when its so hot outside. They like an air conditioned house.

It just started getting hot Friday. I thought summer was never going to get here. I have to start laying in the sun now. Get rid of the pasty white.


August 6, 1997 Boy, it's hot. And it's very humid. We have had the air conditioning on since Monday 24 hours a day.

It does make me feel a little better that Red is spending more time lounging on the work bench. I don't worry about him as much. Especially since he isn't the only cat in the garage. I figured out a way to keep the garage door open so the dogs don't get in and eat cat stuff. And we have a large Patton fan going. Last week, I washed the kitty tunnels we have. I put all five of them together and have one opening in the house and the other end in the garage. There is a cool breeze blowing through it. Not a strong one. I just set it up yesterday afternoon. I have seen a couple of kitties just laying inside of it. Pepper was sleeping on the concrete in front of the opening. I hope it helps to cool them off a little bit.

We have to go get catfood. I got my coupons for freebies Monday. Eight 20lb bags of Max Cat Lite. Two 30lb bags of Canine Senior. It sure helps.

Maggie had her first hummingbird yesterday. She has never caught a bird. I'm not even sure if she is the one who caught it. But, she brought it into the office to show me, meowing the entire way in. I picked her up, praised her for being such a good kitty and put her outside. I took the bird away.


August 9, 1997 Friday night, I started to go through all of my image files and use the GIF Wizard program on them. I freed up over 2M from one site yesterday and the photos load up a lot quicker. I am working on it today, too.

Lonee is letting me pet her outside. She even stood up and rubbed my face with hers. I like it.

Red is spending more time on the bench. He does like to visit with me and he climbed into my arms this morning. I held him for a little while and it didn't scare him at all. I just wish he would jump on the floor to follow me, not run around in the rafters.

The weather finally started cooling off last Friday. But it got really humid in the afternoon. Cats liked it.

One of the females in the yard behind us is pregnant again. I keep telling the kittens to climb the fence and come into our yard, they will have a good home here. I guess they don't understand English.


August 13, 1997 Well, I have been picking the Red boy up. And holding him. Yesterday, I put him down on the floor. Today, I carried him into the house and let him look around. Except he was too scared to look. So, I took him back into the garage and put him back on the bench. I rewarded him with some Fancy Feast. And I know he was really hungry, because yesterday, I also moved his food to where he will have to travel a little to get to it. Its just a jump away. He body rubbed Maggie this morning and nose sniffed Kirby without a hiss.

We have had a couple of baby possums get into the yard at night. I think Sandy thinks they are big rats and she kills them. I wish they didn't come into our yard. This is the first time since we have had the fencing up that we have had this problem.

When I can't find Lonee, all I have to do is call her and she will come from where ever she is and let me know she is alright. She won't come to me, yet. And she has realized that begging when we are eating dinner gets her a tidbit off of my plate. Aw, look, isn't she so cute?


August 16, 1997 I think Red has been kind of upset with me. He isn't really fond of being picked up and after our little sessions earlier this week, he decided, I think, that maybe he didn't trust me so much after all. But this morning he was back in my arms, although my arms were on the bench, not holding him. He was very, very affectionate, like he missed his kisses, too. And he is jumping over to the food now. Next step is on a stool closer to the floor. Then, hopefully, the floor.

Sandy was wound up yesterday, nervous running again. So, I gave her a pill, which she spit out at least three times. I forgot to tell hubby and after he had mowed the lawn last night, he mentioned that she wasn't acting right. I told him that I had given her a pill. He understood her behavior then.

Buddy is chewing himself, still. Gosh, it makes me crazy. These guys are worse than kids can be. Its always something.

I am working on a new page. Postcards from lisaviolet. I am waiting to get my code so I can start advertising. So far, I have twenty photos up, some with captions. It looks like this might be fun.


August 20, 1997 Boy, Gracie Anne has certainly been affectionate. Purring and rubbing against me. Its really nice, she is such a sweet girl. And she has the most wonderful little trill when she talks.

I just gave Red a handful of grass and I gave Bobby a piece, too. They sure like it.

It looks like taking away some of the cat feeders is having its desired effect on Lisa. She is very slowly loosing weight, which is good. I can't tell by picking her up, but looking down at her, I can actually see a waist.

Mickey has started to just meow for some reason. He will stand in the bedroom and just start talking. I will talk back and we carry on a conversation. He won't come to me, but when I go in to where he is, he runs up to me and I will hold him. And he will just purr and purr. Boney walks around outside talking. I wonder what the neighbors think. Who cares?

Those kids behind us were lighting off firecrackers yesterday. I hate that. It drives the dogs crazy. Hubby said last night that he thinks maybe Bud's former owner use to shoot guns alot and that is why Buddy is terrified of *those* kinds of noises. Poor guy.


August 22, 1997 We got audited yesterday for workman's compensation. That poor guy. He spent so much time trying to reconcile numbers and I spent so much time explaining how I did things. LOL!!! I bet he was glad to be done with this account. It ended up that I had overpaid. The cats pretty much stayed out of site. Georgie just slept in one of the chairs and Boney was on the entertainment center. Didn't see the other cats.

The cats sure liked the weather late yesterday afternoon/early evening. They were either catching bugs by the pool or just laying in the cool grass.

I think Sandy laid down on a wasp Wednesday morning. She had an area on her back that she had been biting at. I felt it and she was really tender in one area. I put some spray on it and checked on her often. She's back to normal now.

I tried to hold Red again this morning like I did Tuesday. He was having none of it. Wanted down. NOW. *sigh*


August 24, 1997 I tried to make an entry here yesterday, but GeoCities was having problems. I had a really bad day, Friday.

#1. The mail was early.
#2. I had an invoice for over $4000 that had to go out. So, I had to go to the post office.
#3. We needed moist catfood.
#4. Since Brian is so busy, I had to go get it. Where usually we would both go on the weekends.
#5. I forgot the pet store discount card.
#6. Since I did #5, I figured I would go to a closer store. They didn't have the food I wanted. So...
#7. I went to our regular store. They didn't have ANY of the larger cans in stock. I asked the guy what happened. He said they were only going to carry the smaller cans, not the 13 ouncers anymore.
#8. So I had to find an alternate food. Got 3 cases. About $30 a case.
#9. Went to checkout. The girl said, oh, we have a bunch over there, when I mentioned no more of what we used. She checked. Nope, all gone. They had sold it out yesterday at 75% off!!!
#10. So, I hand her my ATM card. Oh, this expired. Huh? She hands it back to me. Great. It expired in june. So, I take everything out of my wallet. We have no credit cards, paid them all off with money borrowed from my mom with the condition that we don't use credit cards. We cancelled 3 of them and only have one for emergencies. Mine was at home on my desk. Not in my wallet.
#11. I counted out the money in my wallet. I had $15.00. Was able to get 10 cans of food. (yay)
#12. Left the store. Waited forever for the first of the lights on my journey to change.
#13. Got into the left turn lane, there were many in front of me. One signal cycles.. I can't see the signal, just the traffic from every other part of the intersection taking its turn. Still sitting there. A second cycling of the signal. We still aren't moving. Turns out, the signal wasn't working. GGRRRRRR!!! Boy, was I hiss spitting. Wanted a cold light beer, thought about stopping on my way home at the store. But guess what?

But Friday night......
Friday night, I went into the garage. Red was on the floor!!!! Such good news!!! I watched him as he sniffed around checking out various places. I talked to him and he came closer to me. Remember, he hasn't seen *legs* in over a year. Since we got him in. LOL!! I squatted down on the floor and he gave me a headbutt. Then Saturday morning, he was down again. I rolled a ping pong ball at him and he knocked it around a little. His very first time with a ping pong ball. Its going to be like a new cat all over. He came over and looked into the house, stood on the threshhold, but didn't come in all the way. I hope it isn't another year. But I really don't think it will be. Maybe he will quickly realize he isn't a big deal to the other cats anymore. I just went and spent a couple of minutes with him. I sat on the floor and he came up to me when I lowered my head. And he let me pet him and scratch his ears. This is so nice.

We forgot to put Buddy up last night. And he was up in his doghouse this morning. If he did that all the time, we wouldn't have to put him up. But, he will just lay against the house sometimes and then it gets damp at night. And that really affects him.

Georgie has been more active. He had been lethargic for him. It must be the ear mites. The vet had given me all of the stuff for the cats, but he forgot about the dogs. So, we have to get all of them treated before the mites go away. At least, that's my line of thinking.


August 25, 1997 Mickey is driving me nuts. He sat in the hallway last night, by the office door. And meowed. And meowed. And meowed. I opened the office door for him, he walked in, looked around and walked out. I shut the door and went back to watch tv. He started meowing again. I went back into the hallway and sat on the floor, holding him for quite a while. Then I went back to watch tv. And he started meowing again. I just let him go on meowing til he was finished. Maybe he likes to hear himself talk. LOL!!

Bobby has worms. And I also noticed that he seems to have a difficult time with dry food. So, I am going to start giving him Fancy Feast. Poor old guy. We put him on the couch with us when he comes in and wants up. He purrs and purrs. He does stick his paw in my face, which I hate. I told him, "you do that once more, Bob, and you are back on the floor" last night. He stopped doing it. Hmmm.....


August 29, 1997 Pretty slow week. Oh, I have seen the wild cats that behind us up on our fence a couple times this week. They are doing well. Getting big.

One of the cats caught a lizard the other afternoon. It's the first one Lonee has seen since we got her. Boy, was she having fun. Jumping up and down, she looked like a big kitten when she would pounce on it. None of the other cats do that. My neighbor was watching her with me. She was so funny. The lizard ran off when I got the cats in for the night. They weren't very happy about it, but I bet the lizard was.

I am going to have a busy week ahead. My mom is going on vacation and so are some of the neighbors. And I get to pet sit. Oh, yay. Oh, joy. At least there will only be four overlapping days.

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