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September 1, 1997 Well, into another month. The year is moving quickly. Everybody is well (knock on wood).

Lonee kind of played with me this morning. I tossed her a furry toy ans she chased it. The play didn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted.

I have been opening the back door and blocking it so that the dogs can't get in, but the cats can get out. I am doing this for Bobby. He wanted out this morning. He doesn't stay out long, but he likes the warmth of the sun on his old bones.

The weather has cooled down a little and the animals sure like it.

I added five pages of photos to the family album last night. *YAWN* I was working on it until two am. I also added additional postcards Friday. And I have many, many ideas rolling around for more of them.

Red came into the house this morning. Not very far, though. I was sitting at the doorway and he was exploring the garage. I put my head down and he came over and gave me a headbutt, then went back onto the other side of the sill.

We trimmed Georgie's claws last night. He is running around more this morning. Maybe it was uncomfortable for him, always snagging on furniture and the carpet when he walks around. None of the other cats claws' get nearly as long as his.


September 3, 1997 We woke up to Georgie crying yesterday morning. He was licking his genital area. Looked like he had a UTI (urinary tract infection). I took him to the vet yesterday morning. The vet said I was lucky to have gotten him in when I did. He would have been blocked by the afternoon/evening. Doc catherized him and he got a mucoid plug out of him. It had some struvite crystals in it. The doc said that he wanted to keep him for the day to make sure that he would be able to pee on his own and to call at five that afternoon. Well, Georgie got to come home. Georgie is on medication. The vet said that the urine was really bloody, but that was to be expected from all of the irritation the crystals caused. Brian said, well, we feed them the best food and I thought this wasn't supposed to happen. I explained to hubby, that it was like the mineral deposits that are left from our water if we don't clean up. If the cat doesn't completely empty his bladder when he urinates, then the urine sits inside of him and the crystals have the chance to form. Georgie doesn't eat the food I feed the guys at night with the added salt in it (to increase their water intake, more water, more pee, which helps keep their systems flushed). I think he understood. Anyway, Georgie was feeling better last night. But he sure hates taking any kind of pill and he will be getting four a day for the next two weeks. *sigh* Well, its better than surgery.

It is so very muggy. Its just miserable outside. Reminds me of my childhood summers in the midwest.

Red and I had a very long smurgling session this morning. When we were done, I was picking cat hair out of my eyelashes and my face. He is sure a lover.

Kirby was really affectionate this morning, too. Just wanted to be scratched and petted and rubbed and told how wonderful he is. He purred and purred and talked to me while I was touching him. He's outside catching bugs now.


September 6, 1997 I'm pet sitting for my mom now. As well as her neighbor and my neighbor. Her cat, who is use to going outside when she wants, is being kept indoors for two weeks. And she doesn't like it, as she so nicely told me this morning. I hope we can get through the rest of mom's vacation without any problems. My mom lives in a mobile home park and the managers have been threatening to trap cats. Well, its funny how they waited until mom was gone to start. She raised the dickens when she heard this before. Yesterday, the man who is taking care of mom's dog asked me if one of the kitties that mom has taken under her wing had been around (lisaviolet's mom) because he hadn't seen her. She has been there every morning for me. So has Patch, lisaviolet's sister. This man is a dog groomer and he was supposed to groom the manager's dog this morning. He said he would tell them to not trap cats unless they warned the renters that they were going to do so. I can imagine a couple of lawsuits if they do it and people's cats come up missing. We are talking senior citizens here. *sigh*

The bunny across the street is having a hard time of it in this heat. I feel sorry for him. There are a couple of water bottles that have been frozen and I am swapping them out so that the bunny can have a little cooling in her cage. She is such a softie. I hate seeing her panting. That family is supposed to be home today.

The weather has just been miserable here. Muggy, hot.....Opening a door to outside is like opening the door to a sauna. And those goofy cats of ours are laying out in it. We have the garage door open for the dogs. They like to go in there and lay on the cool cement floor. Its supposed to break today. Ha. Its just as bad as its been.


September 10, 1997 Well, the neighbor's got home Sunday and everything was okay with their animals. I'm glad. Their trip wasn't so good, there was a storm, so they couldn't go to shore at Cabo San Lucas, had to stay at sea. Both of the women got sick.

My mom's cat seems to have settled down. She cries at the door in the morning, but last evening, she just lay down my me on the floor and had her little paws kneading and she was purring away. Didn't even get up when I left. I feel so sorry for her, being there all alone. I spend at least an hour with her in the morning and a half an hour at night. I have been turning on the air conditioner and setting it at about 80. I told my mom when she called the other day and the first thing out of her mouth was "I don't want a $600 electric bill". And here she had said earlier she was afraid of the wiring. Sheesh. I told her we would pay the darn bill. She lives in a mobile home, its 95+ outside. Can you imagine how hot it is inside of this oven? The first day I walked in, it was over 100 inside. Poor Miss E, she is a long hair. Then Mom said, "That's what I was afraid of", when I told her how hot it had been. We had had an arguement before she left about leaving the cat in or out. I opted for in because if she got hurt, I wouldn't know it if she was wandering around outside. And then to find out that the managers of the park started trapping cats.......Well, I'm just glad Miss E is in and I don't care about the cost of the A/C, I care about Miss E.

Progress with Red seems at a stand still. It might have something to do with the fact that with the air conditioner on, the garage door is almost closed and he can't see in. Last night he was crying up a storm and I told him to get his fuzzy butt inside the house. He just meowed some more.

Its been too hot for the dogs to bark. YAY!!

In Monday's Los Angeles Times, the Noah's Ark story made the front page. Sheesh, Madlyn and I have kept this thing going since March. And now its finally getting picked up. I'm glad we didn't quit. I really believe our efforts kept the whole thing from just being plea bargained out. If anyone reading this hasn't sent a letter, please go to the menu (index) and choose Noah's Ark, and send a letter!!!!

I started walking with my neighbor yesterday. I think the fact that I weighed more than hubby a couple of weeks ago bothered me more than anything else. I seem pretty determined this time. Monday, while talking to her, I mentioned something about starting to walk and she said okay and I said when and she said tomorrow. Whoa!!!! Anyway, I got a big blister on my right heel. And my calves hurt. She went to see the Russian jewel display yesterday, squatted down to look at some of them, and she said her calves really hurt. At least its not just me.


September 14, 1997 Well, Miss E likes me. When I go to my mom's house, she is waiting for me, I pick her up, we cuddle a while, I feed her and play with her for awhile. She likes me!!!

Lonee let me pet her while she was laying in the grass yesterday. That was nice.

Red is slowly looking around the house from the garage door. Still won't come inside, but will stand at the door and talk to me.

The weather was miserable today. Because of hurricane Linda. A small shower this morning, that was it for rain. *sigh*


September 17, 1997 My mom comes home today. She should be home by 6:30pm. So, this morning when I went to her house, I let Miss E outside. I stuck around for an hour and would go outside and call her every 15-20 minutes and she always came to me. So, I felt okay leaving her out. And when mom comes home, she can see just how hot her home would have gotten while she was gone. I didn't turn on the air conditioner. Miss E sure likes to be held.

Red came into the house for a short while yesterday morning and played with me. It was really nice. He was really affectionate, too. My sweetie. All of our animals are special and our favorites in their own individual way.

Not so humid today, but hot hot hot. Newspaper is warning about the bad weather ahead because of El Nino. Hmmmm.... I wonder if we will be able to have a fire in the fireplace this year? Its been at least five years since we last did. We have a wood shake roof, scared of fires. Unless its raining. And when its rained, its too warm for a fire. Oh, well... When we win lotto.....


September 22, 1997 Had the television on yesterday to football. Red came into the house, looked at the screen, which is 37 inch. And here was a big bad football player's face filling the screen. Red's eyes got really big. He came in for loves last night and Brian was sitting on the couch. (I sit on the floor in front of the garage door. I try to get him a little farther in each time.) He is such a neat kitty. I can see him as a bed cat, eventually.

Gracie started meowing last night in the hallway. She has a tiny meow and she trills when she talks. I got up and snuggled with her for awhile, until she went to sleep.

Then, Bobby, who now only meows when he wants back on the couch, started meowing. He jumps down to go into the garage to eat or potty, then can't get back up by himself. I wonder if Brian could make a staircase of sorts to put by the couch when we aren't here so Bob can get back up by himself. Being woken by a kitty that wants back up on the couch is getting old.

Last Friday, I ran out of dry food for the cats. I gave them a couple of handfuls of dogfood. Red liked it. I figured since I had certificates for free food, I would go to the local pet store. Almost there and they are doing some major roadwork. I go around to the back of the store, pull into the parking lot and the store has been closed down. hiss spit. So, I go to the one a little farther in the other direction from our house. Remember the big cans of food they weren't going to carry anymore? Well, guess what? They had them back in. gggrrrrrrr. Anyway, I got 48 cans of catfood and four 20# bags of nutro. Cats were happy.

I downloaded netscape communicator this weekend. What a mess I made of it, but I finally got it working. I also set up a webring for lisaviolet. Check it out to see if your site qualifies.


September 26, 1997 We had a steady rain yesterday. It was nice. Now everything is soggy. We didn't walk yesterday. Give my heels a chance to heal. I bought a 56K modem and then I went to the grocery store, bought a couple of candles and two bride books. The guy at the checkout counter asked if I was getting married. I laughed (I had my wedding rings on) and said, no that two of my cats were getting married on the internet and they need something to wear. Bet he tells that story a couple of times.

I am changing my server account, now I bet my email will be messed up for a couple of days. Oh, well.

Red is spending more time looking in the door. He even comes in without a whole lot of begging.

Lola has started sleeping in bed with us.

Brian is going to build some sort of stairway that we can put by the couch at night and when we aren't around. Hopefully, Bobby will be able to get up on the couch by himself.


September 27, 1997 Last night, we talked Red into the house. He stayed in for the longest time yet. He is getting use to ignoring the other cats, at least as long as I am next to him. He even rolled over and showed me his belly. And he rubbed up against Brian's chair. Brian stuck his barefoot out for Red to smell. Red went up to the foot, sniffed a toe, and almost smacked it, like he use to my fingers when he was first getting use to my smell. Brian sure pulled his foot back fast.

Lonee Gail is so strange. I can't figure her out. One day she will let me pet her with no problem, the next day, I can't get near her. Last night and this morning she let me stroke her and scratch her back. She just laid there and purred.

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