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December 1996, First Virtual Cat Show

Bart became a family member in December 1991. My husband, who is in construction, was at a job site. There were no houses or apartments in the vicinity. He started to get into his truck, when one of the men at the site told him to look under the hood of the truck before he started it. He then popped the hood and what was sleeping on the battery, but a red and white kitten with catcher's mitts for paws. The vet put his age at around six to eight weeks. I called him my Christmas kitty.

Bart is polydactyl which means many digits. He has seven toes each front paw and five on each of his back paws. Polydactylism is genetic as was the undescended testicle he also had.

When he was younger, he liked to play fetch. He fetched the fishing pole toy.  He was so cute, holding the plastic pole in his mouth, the line and toy dragging behind him. It was funnier when another cat would jump on the part that was dragging behind him and he couldn't figure out what was going wrong. When he would bring it back to one of us, we would once again throw it down the hallway, javelin style.

Bart is an extremely affectionate cat. He demands attention. When he is picked up (he weighs a whopping twenty pounds) he will put his paws around my neck and lick my face. He drools when he is happy. He drools alot.

Bart loves to catch crickets in the backyard. He likes to play with them for hours and when they no longer move, he will eat them. He like to take dirt baths and come back inside the house and sleep on the couch or chair in the living room. Fortunately, these are covered, so that it is easy to keep them clean just by washing the covers.

He can be very playful and he likes to wrestle with the other kitties. Because of his size and big feet, we have to tell him to settle down every once in a while.

No matter how he got onto that battery and where he came from, I'm glad his daddy brought him home. He is a bright spot in our lives.

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