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the song is "the theme from peewee's big adventure"

aint dat da biggust rat yew effur seen?

September 22, 1998

Well, I had anuvver fun tyme tewday. I doan no if enneebuddee iffur menshund da fac dat me an Maggee sits by da fens fur owers, wayten an wachin dem dum rats inna tree. Weneffur meowmee kant find me at nyte, dats yooshyoowallee ware I am. By da fens. Chus waytun.

Well, tewday, all uf dat waytin payde off. We kot da rat. Me an Maggee an Kurbee an Bart, wif hiz big paws, an Peppur. We tayked turns chaysin it round da yard. I wud sit on it, den let it go, den Maggee wud gif it a smak and Pepper wud chays it, but she wudunt tuch it. It didunt go furry far, cuz wun uf us wuz alwayz wayten fur it. We chayst it beehind da shop. We chayst it aginst da wud fingee stuff dat holds da bank up. It wud runrunrun too me an den it wud runrunrun too Bart an Bart wud put hiz paw onna mousee/rat tayul. An da mousee lukkt lyke meowmee onna lektrik fing dat goze an goze noware. Doze paws wur gowin, but da rat wuzunt. *snikker* Dis wuz wurf da wayt, playin wif dis fing. Den we chayst it sum mower. It runned under me, finkin I wuz gonna sayf it. I chus sitted on him. Den I bakked up an lukked too see if he wuz still dare an he wud runrunrun too anuvver kiddee. Dis wuz GRATE!!! Much mower fun den dem mousee/rats inna howse dat meowmee tayks outta a bag. Oh, dare he goze!!! GIT HIM GIT HIM!!!! KWIK!!! Fur he goze hoam!!! We wuz taykin a short brake, too cach ar bref, wen it happened.


Meowmie saw us. Wundured wut we wuz up tew. She figgerd we had sumfin. She kaym outta da howse. She saw da rat. She sed dats a fyne lukkin mousee yoo got dare. It duzunt luk lyke yoo guyz did too much damach too it. I sed, Meowmee, weez chus playin wif it an chaysin it. We doan' wanna kill it or enneefing. Kud yoo tayke ar pichur? So, she went in too git da pichur taykin fingy too purrsurv my xesuhlant huntin bilitees fureffur. She taykt bunchus uf pichurs, den wen bak inna howse. Den, I kant figgur owt wy she did dis, it wuzunt furry smart. She brout Bonee owt.

Den she set Bonee down. In frunt uf ar rat. He walkt ryte ofur too it an smakkt it. Kurbee wuzunt lukkin furry happee. We kotted dat big mousee, not Bonee. She didunt haf no biznus bringun him owt. Da mousee wuz aginst da wud fingees an it kudent git away. Bonee smakkt it agin. An dis tyme, dat rat had enuff uf Bonee. He reerd up on hiz bak legs an wuz reddee wen Boneez big paw kaym at him. He byted Bonee. *smirk* Bonee sed YOWEE!!! an pulled hiz paw bak shoutun GITOFFGITOFFGITOFF-A-ME!!! YOWEEYOWEE DAT HURTS!!!!. Dat mousee wuz still hangin on too Boneez paw!!!! Bonee shaykt hiz paw an dat mousee went flyin an den da rat ran off down da syd uf da shop. Maggee went aftur it, gardun it frum ennee uffer kiddee dat myte try too tayk it away frum us. Maggeez tuff. I trustud hur wif it. Den Kurbee yelled at Bonee, called him a stoopid spit. Bonee chus ignord Kurbee an dat mayd Kurbee maddur. He jumped on Bonee, wif hiz claws owt. Bonee started cryin an meowmee yelled at Kurbee too leef Bonee aloan an Bonee started too walk off an Kurbee jumped on him agin!!! And dare wuz much hissspittin and growlin an furr flyin!!! Teeth wuz nashun!!! CATFITECATFITECATFITE!!!! Kiddees an dogs kaym frum all offur too wach!! Pepper jumped in an started too hit Bonee an meowmee wuz trying to git Bonee away frum da uffur kiddees. Maggee wuz still keepin an eye on dat rat. An I wuz chust wachin effureefing.

Bonee walkt sloely bak too da howse, Pepper runnin aftur him. She kept trying too hit him, shee wuz so mad. An Bonee wuz walken wif hiz eer down. Kurbee drawed blud frum him. Surfs him ryte. Meowmie cached Bonee an skweezed bof uf hiz paws, lukkin tew see if dat mousee byted him hard enuff too mayke him bleed. Noap. Den she lukked at Bonee's eer, wut wuz bleedin cuz uv Kurbee.

Bonee went bak inna howse, meowmee pikkt up Pepper an wispurred too hur. Den she giffed Peppur a kiss on hur tummee and put hur bak down onna grownd.

Den meowmee went too see ware da mousee wuz. She figgured dat if it wuz gonna start fites, den no kittee cud haf it. It wuz still okay, so far dat she kud see an she gotted da dogpoop pikkur uppur an started lukkin fur da mousee. *snicker* It wuz soooo funnee!!!! Heers dis short wyde hoomin, frizzee long fur on hur hed, stawkin by da *giggul* by da shop, wif a puppeepoopurskoopur in hur hands, big long handul by hur hed, walkin furree slowlee, lukkin, lukkin, lukkin..... Meowmie wuz sayin heer mouseemouseemousee heer mouseemousee ware ar yoo mousee????? Maggee hepped hur by chaysun dat rat/mousie fing an finullee, meowmee gotted da mousee/rat inna kornur. She kept tryun too git it onna skoopur fingee, but it wudunt go on. Hur eyes wuz big az sawsurz, I kud tell she wuzunt reel happee an she efun lukked a liddul skared. Lyke dat rat/mousee fing wuz gonna byte hur lyke it did Bonee. Den, much too meowmee's reeleef, it runned unner da fense, bak inna yard dat it lived.

Den meowmee called TED too fynde owt if darez ennee raybees inna areeyuh. Dey sed no, chus put Bonee on anteebiotix an wash his paw.

Enneeway, dat wuz my fun advenchur fur tooday. I shur hoap dat mousee/rat kums bak too play soon.

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