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the song is "amazing grace" the ofishul song uv de r.p.c.c. comeback kitties

The Comeback Kitties

dez ar de stories of comeback kitties. kitties hoo haf survyved grate odds to lif owt der lifes in dere ONETRUEHOME. dis payj iz a triboot tew dem all. ifn yer mosie turns inna a han on dere picher yew kin go tew dere furry own payj and datz ware yew wil fynd der storeez.


Samson's Comeback Kitty Story

Da details of mine beginnings iz kinda fuzzy to me now, but I will try to 'splain how I came to find my OneTrueHome.

When I waz a liddle baby kitty, I got furry sick. Mine eyez got infected an' looked skary-awful. I either wandered away frum my hoominz or else dey abandoned me. In either case, I got losted inna swampy woods place. It waz wet an' dark (I waz blind so it waz alla time dark even inna daytime) an' skary. I didn't like it dere one bit, but no hoomins seemed to be lookin' fur me. I got a bad boo-boo-hurty on da top of mine head, an' I waz HUNGRY! An' thirsty! I cried an' cried an' cried.

Luckily fur me, when I cried, my godmother Stacey happeend to be goin' fur a walk near dat woodsy-swampy place. She had 'cided to take a walk as a spur-of-da-moment idea, just before leavin' her Mommy an' Daddy'z house which iz 'bout a hunnred miles away frum where Stacey had an apartment. Anywayz, Stacey heard me cryin' an' she went into dat swampy-woods scary place an' we found each uther. I had sum leaves stuck over mine sore eyez, an' mine whole head waz all puffed up. Stacey taked da leaves off mine eyez an' dey looked so awful bad dat she thought I didn't have no eyes no more.

Stacey taked me onna long, long drive to her apartment because her Mommy an' Daddy couldn't help her take care of me fur many reasons. Stacey's roommate, Allison, is da mommy of a cat named Tyler who lived wif Allison's Mommy an' StepDaddy an' two other kitties, Bobbie an' Dylan. Allison told her Mommy 'bout me. Her Mommy helped Allison take me to TED an' it's a good fing. I waz all fur an' bonez an' dangerously dehydrated, wif a big infeckshun all ofur mine head.

Da furst time Allison's mommy seen me, she almost fainted bekause I looked so horrible.
But even when I waz almost Rainbow-Bridge-sick, I purred an' purred when hoomins picked me up. I lived at TEDs fur 'bout a week, an' Allison's Mommy an' StepDaddy decided to adopt me! Dey named me Samson, after sum guy inna story who had hiz eyez poked out but waz still a strong, brave man. If I had been a gurl-kitty, Mommy woulda named me "Amazing Grace" since I once waz lost but now am found, was blind but now kin see.

Mine eyez gradually gotted lots better so I was onny blind fur 'bout a month at most. I ated like a piggy when I moved home wif my new Mommy an' Daddy. I sleeped in dere bed at nite wif dem, cuddlin' an' purrin' loud an' steady. Tyler liked me ok right away, but I waz a skary sight to Bobbie an' Dylan (who waz still baby-kats themselves) so dey hissss-spitted at me fur a couple of weeks before I won dem over. DumbDixieDog loved me rite away, an' I loved her bekause she smelled strong enough an' breathed heavy enough dat I had no trubble locating her when I waz blind. She lets kitties smurgle wif her. The uther dog, MuffinDog, well...we tolerate each uther. I made lots of trips back to TED, got fixed-when-I-wazn't-broke, an' had an operashun dat helped mine eyez kwite a bit.

Now I iz a big handsome healthy kitty. Mine eyez still git runny, an' on one eye da third eyelid' is permanently stuck half-open (or iz dat half-closed?) but I kin see just fine, thank yew furry much, wif mine beautiful green eyez. My Mommy an' Daddy luv me lots, I play wif de uther kittiez, I nefur go hungry (but I pretend I'z starvin' sumtimez so when I cry pitifully, Mommy or Daddy give me treats). I don't care fur the Out, but we iz all Inside kittiez an' onny go in the Out if we take a hoomin-onna-string. Dat way, I know dey ain't gonna take me off to no swampy-woods-scary place an' abandon me! An' dat is my story.

Little Olive
little olive

I'm Liddle Olive, co-founder of the Comeback Kitties and new winkwink of Samson. Here is my story:
I was a babycat living in the woods. We didn't have any humans taking care of us, but Mama would go out and forage food for us. There were some houses very close and sometimes they would give Mama food (one house in particular). One day I got hit in the rear with a little metal thing (called a BB). It hurt something terrible and made it difficult to walk. Mama kept me hidden for a couple days to take care of me. She fed me the best she could but the hurt didn't go away. Anyway, Mama didn't come home one day and I was scared and hungry so I went out looking for her. I had a rough time because my leg hurt so bad (and maggots were in the wound and I was sicksicksick!) but I wanted my mama! I couldn't find her, but I traced her scent to the house where she would get fed. I stayed there until early in the morning; the house started to stir and then this two-legged creature came out of the room where the big metalmachine slept. I mewed and mewed and there she found me. She was much bigger than me, like the boys who shot me, but I could tell by her face that she didn't want to hurt me. Anyway, she took me in the house, gave me food and water and then took me to another place we now call "TED". TED looked me over, gave me more food and medicine and took pictures of me (when he discovered that my pelvis was broken). He didn't think my prognosis was good because of possible paralysis. But he and my new mama gave me a chance. I got better (I didn't want to go to Rainbow Bridge yet!) and my tail is paralyzed but other than that I'm OK. After a week at TED's the new mama took me to my RealTrueHome, where I have been ever since.


I really don't rememfur much about life before I came to live with meowmie. I do rememfur it was furry bad. I was living all by myself in some woods behind an apartment complex, and winter was coming, and the only humans I knew were shooting guns at me. There was no food, an I wuz so hungry, and my little body hurt so bad from where the humans had shot me. It was awful. Then one day I was rescued by a wonderful lady who loved cats, and she scooped me up and took me inside and gave me food and water and kept me warm. Then she took me to TED's, where TED fixed me even though I wasn't broken, and found and removed 2 BBs lodged in my thigh. That's why they call me Bebe (also, because I'm such a cute little baby cat!).

The nice lady who rescued me couldn't keep me, cause she already had too many cats and even d*gs. She let her friends and family know that I needed a Truehome, and the rescuer's sister called my meowmie and told her about me. Meowmie had been looking for a little baby girl cat like me, and when she saw my pictures, she said, "That's my cat!" So she made arrangements to get me. There was a little problem: I was in Michigan and meowmie was in Texas. So meowmie flew up to get me and brought me back (in the first class cabin, no less!) riding on the plane at her feet.

When I got home, I discovered I had a brother cat, Cody. Cody is a furry handsome gray boy cat, and he's lots of fun. We play chase, and wrestle, and do fun things together.

I am a purrmaster. I like to jump on top of meowmie while she's reading the paper, and plop myself on top of the newspaper and then I'll swat at her face with my fluffy paw. She's a sucker for that and will pet me for a long time. If she stops, all I have to do is tap her nose with my paw, and she starts again. She was easy to train, and I keep telling her she's a good human.

When the weather is nice, meowmie will open the windows and the door and let me look outside. I like smelling the OUT, and seeing all the birds and squirrels and other critters, but I do not want to go back to the OUT. I am an IN kitty and furry grateful for all I have. And that's my story!

Merlin da PhilosoCat

Dis iz mine storee.

I wuz borned on a farm in West Virginia in 1981. Mine meowmiz brover 'cided he lyked me furry much, an he naymed me Merlinus Ambrosius, an kalled me Merlin. Ize a totallee blak kitty, an I had an unuzual talent. I kud bekum az limp az a wet dishrag. (wutefur dat iz, mine meowmi alwayz sez dat.)

Lader dat yeer, mine famlee mooved frum West Virginia tu Katifornia. At furst, dey wuzn't gonna tayke me wif dem, kuz dey dint fink I'd lyke it furry much. Dey were taykin da 2 dumd*gs, tho. Mine meowmiz grampa putted me inna van at da last minut. He wuz a furry nise man. Mine famlee gaved da tu dumd*gs trankwilizers, an dey sleeped mosta da tyme. Wun ov dem wuz rily dum, he wuz an Irish Seder. Da uthur wuz purrty smart fur a d*g. She wuz naymed Lady, an luked lyke the d*g in da moveefingy da 2 legged kittenz wach kalled Lady anna Tramp.

Da 'venture cross da kuntree wuz furry intrestin, We hadda tayke da hoominz owt onna string soz dey wunt get losted. Diz wuz furry 'barresin, but nesesaree. Wen we gotted tu Katifornia, I desided it wuznt tu bad.

I lived wif mine famlee 'til 1984, wen mine meowmi gotted marreed (I fink dats kinna lyke winkwinks...). Her bruvver wuz moovin to a 'partment dat wunt 'llow pets (I wunner howkum dey let mine pet in an not me?), so he sent me tu live wif mine meowmi. I dint lyke dis 'rangement furry much, so I lefted. I wondered 'round fer 4 yeerz. Sumday, I must rite mine memwarz ov dis tyme. Meowmi still duznt kno were I went, an I haznt told her.

Wun day, I 'sided dat I wuz dun wonderin round. I kamed home, an de onlee wun hu rekognized me wuz meowmi! Daddy dint, an de 2 legged kittenz had nefur seen me afore. I wuz furry surprized tu see dem, tu. Fer a long tyme, de onlee wun Id let klose tu me wuz meowmi. Iffen enyone else kamed inna OUT wif her, I ranned. Den I fownd out dat da 2 legged kittenz had ben propurly trayned in dealing wif such dignified older gentlemen kittiez az myownself.

Finally, meowmi sed dat I hadda kum an live inna IN. It wuz tu dangrus fer a kitty ov mine advansed yeerz tu live inna OUT. I had losted lots ov mine teef in da 4 yeerz I wuz gon, an da ideament ov stayin inna IN had lots ov appeel. Ize ben an IN kitty fer anover 4 yeerz.

Mine favrit okupashun iz tu sleep inna nise warm sunbeem (az long az its not tu hot!). I also warn mine famlee ov erfkwakes tu kum. Sumtymez I give a praktis howl, tu mayke shur dat dey will 'member wut tu du. (I did wunna dem yestiday. Its fun tu wach dem try tu figer owt iffen its a test or a reel warnin!)

Merlin went to the Rainbow Bridge on
September 16, 1997
Rest in peace, sweet boy


Myname is Omar.

Peeple fink dat it is allways furry warm heer in da middle ov da state ov Floriduh, but dis is not troo; sumtimez in da winter monfs it can get to freezingcold. It wuz almost freezingcold in February, 1996, wenn I found my ReelTrooHome at last.

I wuz lost sumhow, wanderin in da chillycold Owt, my fur allofurr mattid an dirty, bein eetin alife by menny menny fleas, an not doin too well in da way ov eetin myownself. My hoomins-befor had taken my frunt claws away, an it wuz furry hard to catch ennyfing in da Owt to eet.

Wun night I saw dis small grey hous on da corner an (happyjoi!) dere wuz a bowl ov kibble sittin dere on da frunt porch! I wuz furryfurry hungry by denn, I wayed only 6 pounds, an I cud only nibble a liddle bit at a time....but I nibbled a lot. Wenn da hoomins frum da hous came owt in da mornin an saw me, I hadto run under da parkd metalmonster an hide...I wuz awful scairt an dint no dat dey cud be trustid. Dey saw me, an tawked reel gentle an kind to me an I came owt frum under da metalmonster an let dem take me in da In.

An now I'z liffing heer IN da liddle grey hous, happily effur aftur.

Omar passed away on
July 12, 1998
He was a sweet and gentle boy, and I miss him dreadfully


My name is Yarrow. I waz borned in the wild on the Oregon Coast. One day, Momma Jo waz drivin down the road n saw this roadkill kitty on the side of it. That waz me! She drove past, feelin all sad to see the "dead" cat. She looked in the rear-view mirror. One of my ears twitched. She slammed on the brakes n pulled over n got out of the metalmonster. She closed the door of it, rememberin to lock the door, but fergettin to take the keys out first. She'd jest locked herself out of the metalmonster, leavin two big d*gs inside.

She came to me, n since I waz a wild cat, raised by my clan not to trust hoomins, I tried to get away. But! My back legs wuldnt werk. A metalmonster had tried to kill me. I had outside wounds, I had a uterine infection. Later, it turned out I culdnt poop. I'd been on the side of the road so long n I waz so thirsty, I'd been lickin moisture off the baby rocks n they had filled the front end up real gud, but they culdnt come out the back end.

I waz taken to a TED. They started healing my hurts, then Momma Jo n Momma Beth took me home n nursed me n started to teach me that all hoomins isnt bad. There waz this big black n white cat that used to cume n help wiff the nursin. His name is Marble. He's the bestest friend in the werld. Lots of other cats purred fer me! Sume of these cats were on sumethin called rpc. I got better!

When my outside hurts were better, I had an operation to try n make my back legs werk. The operation werked! I slowly started to walk again. I'll never walk like most cats, n my legs will always be furry short cause I didnt get enuff fud as a kitten. But I can walk, n run, n climb.

Then Momma Jo started lukkin fer a home fer me to live all the time. She had lots of cats n didnt think, much as she luvved me, that it waz fair to keep me in one small part of the house. Also, my bestest friend, Marble, waznt furry happy livin wiff lots of cats. Momma Jo knew this woman, Auntie Melinda HC from rpc that had jest had the cat, Spike, that lived wiff her fer 19 years, go to the Bridge. So she kept tellin Aunti Melinda how nice we were n sent her piktures of us. Auntie Melinda fell in luv wiff us as soon as she saw the piktures and told Momma Jo that she wanted us. So we came to live here, n now Auntie Melinda is Mom3. It's taken me a long time to get to trust Mom3, but I luv her now. I even lie on her lap when she is on the pooter n purr like crazy when she gives me skritches.

So that's my story!

P.S. The line u can see on my pikture is where I had the operation to fix my back. U cant see that line anymore.


I was borned in January 1995 in a home wif hoomins in it. I waz too young to rememfur clearly what happened but I musta done sumfing dey didn't like, cause dey tossed me out inna Out when I waz bout 7 to 9 weeks old. I wandered round inna Out fur a while an found a house wif a nicenice porch on da front wif a cushion just purrfect fur a babycat to curl up on. Da hoomins found me dere an began to feed me. But, I nevfur got enuff food. Dey had mules an d*gs an uvver cats an crows an I don't rememfur what all an I waz just one of da groop to be fed. Evfurrytime a hoomin wud hold me, I wud purr an ask em to take me inna In but dey wud'nt lissen to me. Den da d*gs started waggin me around by da scruff of my neck an shake me an throw me around. I ovfurheard da hoomins say dey did'nt need anuvver Tom around da yard. (Ize not sure I unnerstand dis - Ize a Maxwell, not a Tom.) Ennyway, one day my mommy came to da house in a metalmonster an picked me up an cuddled me an told me she had a noo home just fur me. I waz so eggsited! I purred an purred an told her how happy I waz to haf a noo home. I waz bout 10 to 12 weeks old when she took me home. I walked into my noo home an discovered dat I had a big sisfur, Callie, who wasn't furry happy to see me. She hissed an growled but I stood my ground. Dis waz MY noo home an I wasn't leavin' it fur nuffin. Evfun now, I don't wanna go inna Out. It's a furry scary world out dere but it's nice an safe an warm an filled wif food in here. I went to da TED (The Evil Doctor) an found out I had a respiratory fecshun dat Mommy gave me nasty medicine fur an also dat Ize positive fur Feline Leukemia. But Mommy sez Ize as healfy as a horse (tho why a horse wud be enny healfier dan a kitty, I don't know) an da TED duzent fink Ize gonna come down wif ennyfing eivfur. Ize as mild a positive as a kitty can be an still be considered positive. Mommy keeps da uvver kitties vaccinated religiously an finks dat evfun wif da small chance dat dey cud get sick frum me, their lives are happier dan if they stayed in da Out an she watches us obsessively fur enny signs of illness but dere's none in dis house. Ize nevfur goin' inna Out again. Ize found my OneTrueHome.


(uh, Lisaviolet, if yoo don't fink it's apurrpriate to tell about da FeLeuk, den yoo can take dat part out but Mommy finks dat may be why I waz tossed out - or at least itz a result of bein' tossed out.)


My memory of my time before findin' my OneTrueHome is not real clear. I know I had a home wif hoomins an I rememfur dat dey wud'nt let me up onna bed wif dem. I also haf an instinctive fear of hoomin feet ennyware near me an fink it must be a holdovfur frum my time wif my furst hoomins. Ennyway, I don't rememfur just how old I am but fink I'm somewhere between 2 an 3 yeers old. I lived fur a while in da Out. I don't rememfur just how long. It felt like furever. My liddle pawpads got tuff an callused an my fur got dirty an I got roundworms an I stayed hungry. Den dis Out kitty named Buster told me about a place where a nice hoominlady puts out food fur Out kitties an I went fur some food. I saw her in da door so I started talkin' to her an tellin' her dat I waz tired of da Out an wanted to be inna In. She came out an put me inna box and called my mommy who came and took me wif her. I spent a nite in a dark an scary metalmonster room an den went to TED's where I stayed fur a week while Mommy tried to find my furst hoomins. (Mommy fought someone might be missin' me cause she sed I waz too sweet to not belong to someone.) No one tried to claim me eggsept fur sum stupid kid dat didn't know if I waz a cat or a d*g an claimed I waz his. Ennyway, Mommy told TED to fix what wazn't broke an vaccinate me an evfurryfing else an a week later, I came to my OneTrueHome where I spent da furst couple weeks in prison behind a see-thru door. I cud talk to da uvver kitties but we cud'nt touch each uvver. I love my noo home an all da food I get an I'm nevfur goin' back inna Out again.


Dexter went to the Rainbow Bridge on
July 4, 1998
Rest in peace, Dexter, you will be greatly missed

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