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The Comeback Kitties

Ulysses, Squeak and Longfellow


Ulysses was found in a bag in the rain (with his brother who is at the RB) and TED thinks someone tried to suffocate them! The two were badly dehydrated, underweight and had the worst case of earmites the TED had ever seen but we cleared that up in a few weeks. The student who found them asked me (having heard I was a cat loving softee!) to find them homes as he was unable to have them in his apt and his roomies were allergic. I found them a home....mine! Ulysses turned 12 this month.

Squeak must have been tossed away or lost as he had been neutered and litter trained when he found my house. He came around for a year before my landlady (elderly) started to feed him sporadically. One night he showed up at the house after being away several days. His back leg was swollen two or three times normal and he wasn't walking on it.

I rushed him to the emergency room and TED said he would have died if we hadn't!!!! :-( He had been bit twice on the bottom of his foot and it abcessed. TED said the only reason he was even still alive was that it appeared to have broken open but he was very dehydrated and my roomate and landlady and I were SO glad he trusted us enough to come out of hiding to beg for food! Then we started feeding him regularly and named him, of course! One day he showed up with his inner eyelid closed and refused to eat. Another trip to TED and a FIVE day stay. A bite or scratch on his head was about to abcess. Poor baby.

Squeak moved in with us after that. His mama, my roomate, said he needed hoomins to love him and save him from doing stupid things! Seems that TED was of the opinion that Squeak got his wounds in fights for food and since Squeak was sooooo skinny (smallest male kitty TED ever saw at about 7 pounds at about 2yrs old) we figured that TED was right.

Squeak is a healthy, sleek 11 pounds now and a lapfungus of the highest degree! He LOVES attention and smurgles.

Longfellow's story isn't quite as dramatic as Squeak's or Ulysses' but close. He was a stray that adopted my landlady and she finally caved in and adopted *him* officially. He also had been neutered. Newspaper notices and signs around the neighborhood brought no response so he had a new home. We guessed he had been abandoned or lost in a move.

He was doted on and pampered royally for about two years. Then his owner died, leaving him to me. Poor kitty was in the house when she collapsed and the emergency crew came. He was terrified!

The day she took him in officially (and many times later!) she asked me and my roomate to take care of him if anything happened to her. She reminded me only a few months before her death! So sweet, loving Longfellow found a new mama- me!

Longfellow had been an indoor/outdoor kitty, but has since been indoors only because of my fear he'll cross streets trying to return to his old home. He may learn the art of walking a hoomin-on-a-string soon, though!

Amber (anti amfur hc* honorary cat)


One night, I was out wandering around a nice neighborhood and I spotted this hoomin lady carrying bags out to thu curb. She looked like a nice enuff hoomin so I asked hur if she wuld scratch my head. She did but I was kind of embarassed because I was furry dirty. She told me to go home aftur that but I didn't remember where my house was.

So, after the hoomins went into the house, I walked up to the door and asked them to let me in. It took forefur for them to come out and talk to me. They fed me some toona and gave me some fresh clean water. I ate all the toona and asked for more 'cuz I was starved! I was so skinny, yu culd feel every single rib and bone in my body. The hoomin thought I had a lumpy head 'cuz I was so boney.

I spent about 5 dark times living out in the bushes at the nice hoomin's house. They fed me, pet me and even combed me. I loved all the attention but at night, when they went back in the house, I would get furry lonely so I would sleep on the door mat outside of the front door. After the 5 dark times, they put me in a plastic box and put me in a metal monster. We drove for hours and hours (20 minutes) and visited TED who gave me a *shudder* bath. Later that day, the nice hoomin lady come and took me back to the house and *let me in*!!! I knew rite away I had found my owntruehome at last!

I don't like to go out much now, and I demand clean cold water to drink at least 2 times a day. Life is good.

Stinky went to the Rainbow Bridge on
April 14, 1999
He is so missed, and will always be in our hearts

Magnum P.I.

Hi evweeone,

My name es Magnum P.I. I iz of no 'ticular breed, I just a cat, I not riwee an awee cat, more like uh barn cat cuz I wuz born in a barn. I started life pwitee well, my soon to be hoomin meowmie towd my granmeowmie that her son wanted a cat cuz his first one dizappeared his name was Ebony. So my granmeowmie new a waydy that had a farm and also a momma kitty dat had a bunch of wittle ones a few weeks befur. The waydy loaded up a few of us an took us to town. The secon I saw wut wuz to be my hoomin big bruver I wuz cited to go wive wif em. I missed my kitty momma for a wong time but I got to likin my new famwee just fine. All frew da 15 years since dat day I have had twouble wif my kidneys, and wif urinary trac pwobwems. but aw dat TEDs managed to fix awong wif some other stuff dat wuzn't broke so I thought but day are da exsperts. In da wast year, I started woosing weight, I once weighed twenee pounds I got real fin so my meowmie took me to TED, they won sum tests dat said I had a really bad liver pwoblem and gave me sits months to a year to wiv. I knows Ize a seenyer citizen, but my bruver said der has to be something dat could be done. He talked to his fwends on da internet and they gave him some hep. My bruver told TED dat his wittle bruver needed a drug cawd Actigall, it was made for hoomins, but it helped some other cats wif my pwoblem. It has now been over a year since TED told me I was getting weddy to go to da Rainbow Bridge and TED is amazed i am still feewing dis good and still so active he had no idea dat that medcine would hep but it did, fangu furry much all you that heped my big bruver find dat medcine dat heped me. I haven't fewt too good da last few days and after gaining back some weight I wost, I wost it all and den some. I has changed food again, so I hope dat will hep, I hope to see aw you kitties next year , dat is my stowee.

Rest in peace, Magnum


My name is Nero Nicodemus Kitchin. Iz don't rememfur everyfing, but Iz do rememfur dat before I was taken to the shelter, Iz didn't get to eat furry much. At my old home, wez only got a few table scraps - mostly canned veges and wez were allowed in tha out alot - I fink because of bad experiences in tha out, Iz don't like it now...which is gud cus meowmie won't let me out anyway. Iz was furry sick when I was taken to the Somerset Humane Society in January of 1994. When my former person brought me in, I was covered in fleas, had bad eyes and a fever, earmites, and was furry sick. The manager shelter lady sed dat Iz wud make the other kittiez sick so Iz had to be isolated from them in a cage in anofur room. She also sed ofer stuff dat made me scared, but Iz try not to fink about dat. They thought I was bowt 4 months old. Den dis nice human dat werked dere came in and took care of me...she gave me a bath (I didn't mind because she was furry nice to me) and patted me, and dried me off with a towl and a noisy dryer thing. She decided to take me home and keep me in a safe room so I cud try to get better. She made me a nice bed and tuk gud gud care of me and tuk me to see TED. He sed Iz wud be OK because dey got met dere before the upper respiratory virus had spread; and dat Iz 7 months old, not four months old. The lady asked bowt tutoring, but he sed dat Iz was malnourished and had to wait to be tutored. After a few weeks, Iz was better and allowed to meet the other kittiez in the howse - Amber, Alex, and Aladdin. Iz liked dat. At dat time, daddy sed dat they needed to find a home for me because he didn't fink dat they needed anofur Iz warmed right up to him and was trying to help meowmie convince him. Daddy's paw came to visit and wanted to take me the last minute, my daddy sed No and dat Iz had a home wiv dem. I did the kittydanceofjoy! So dat is how I came to be a comeback kitty.

Nero wiv some help from meowmie (Daphne)


Dis is Hobbes' stowee:

I wuz borned in the OUT (I fink) cuz my meowmie sez Ize jest a widdle skrap of a fing. Ize gots bowed legs and a kinky tail (but Ize gots a purrer and Ize knows how to use it). My meowmie keeps the kittiekibbles and d*ggiekibbles inna cave where da metalmonsterz sleeps and Ize wuz jest helpin' mysef a widdle bit frum time to time, but Ize allus skeedaddled out reel fast cuz Ize wuz sceert. My meowmie lefted da door open for me cuz it wuz startin ta git reel kolt and putted a rug and a dish down wif sum kittykibbles in it so's Ize didn't hafta climb inna big pail to eat. One day, my boyhoomin seed me inna cave chowin' down and he shutted da door so Ize cudnt git to de OUT. Ize hid inna cave, but wen my meowmie camed inna cave and talkd to me reel sweet, my purrer turned on, and Ize camed out.

My daddyhoomin duzzint luv kitties, but he luvs my meowmie, so he saided dat I cud stay. My meowmie tooked me to TED who fixed what wuz brokin (my pelvis) and fixed what wuznt brokin, and tooked away the itchy-crawlies in my earz and in my fur and tooked away my nailz cuz my meowmie said my daddyhoomin wud go sumpfin called ball-is-tik ifn I scratcheded on de new couch.

My sisfur Calvin had a big fat hissyfit wen she furst seed me. My udder sisfer is a d*g, but she likeded me frum the start and Ize likeded her back. But Ize was so skeert of the noizy chillinhoomins dat for a lotta dayz Ize cudnt cum to the upstairs IN. Ize hadda stay inna downstairs IN unner da couch. Wen da noizy chillinhoomins wented to bed Ize camed to the upstairs IN and purrd on my meowmie.

Me meowmie has beened reel payshunt wif me and now Ize able to be inna upstairs IN wifout hafin ta bravely run away. Ize likes livvin inna IN and ifn Ize sees the door to da OUT is opun Ize runs away. Wen Ize furst camed to da IN my meowmie finked dat Ize didint no how to play. Now Ize playz alla time (most wif my tail). Ize sleeps wif my sisfurs and sumtimes Ize fites wif Calvin but Ize luvs her and alla my hoomins in my onetruehome.

Laura Ann Mihstol
Laura Ann Mihstol

My catmewma wuz a feral cat inna OWT ana she found wut she fot wuz a saf place fur hur tu haf kittenz. Wun day wen I wuz bout twu munfs owld, I wuz playin ana klimed up onna bigbig brik ana it fell offur ana landid onna my leg. It hert sew bad! Ana I cudnt run away ana wuz furryfurry skarid. Den dis humin ladee whu had ben puttin fud fur owt fur uz came by ana I wuz effun moor skarid cuz my catmewma had tole me dat huminz wer all furry badbadbad. Bud I cudnt git away ana da ladee pikt da brik up ana tuk me inna skarry metalmonstur tu see a TED fur huminz (cuz der wer no TEDs fur catz inna town). Dey rapt up my hurt leg ana den da ladee tuk me tu hur hom.

Fur a longlonglong tyme she sat inna hur chayr ana held me all wrapt up inna towil wif my leg stuk up inna air ana prettee soon it didnt hert kwite sew much. Den she yawnd ana sed it wuz tyme fur bed. She puttid me inna box wif som towilz ana den got inna big bed. Allufasudden, I felt furry lonesum ana fot dat da ladee wuz soft ana warm like my catmewma. Sew I klimed owt uv da box ana dragged mineownself offur da floor ana up inna da bed ware I found a nize soft spot onna pillow next to da ladeez faze. I smurgled hur ana she opinid hur eyez ana sed, "I gess I cant take yew tu da animal sheltur tu be put tu sleep tewmarrow." I dont noe wut she ment by dat, cuz I went tu sleep rite der, ana dat haz ben my speshul plaze effur since.

I had moor advenshurz, inkloodin gettin my splint ana bandijis cot inna inside uv a chair ana almos pullin my leg off sew I gottid an infeckshun ana da TED hadda steel my hert leg. Sew now Ize handicapped or, az sum peepil say, a speshul needz cat. I dont noe wut dat meenz except dat I am furry speshul ana my needz shud com furst, bud dat iz troo uv all catz, rite?

Bud it wuz al wurfwile cuz I now haf a OneTrooHome ana da ladee iz my mewma. She also doptid my brofur Ralph, whu I didn't like at furst bud now I luf. Ana Monique David*gue haz alwayz ben nize tu me. Da onlee sad part iz dat we haf neffur seen my catmewma or brofurrs and sissyfurrs agin. We fink dat dey got skarid wen mewma reskewd me frum da bad brik ana tryd tu find a new hom. (sigh)


Mine Meowmie found me onna porch wen I waz about tree weekz old. I waz crawlin' aroun' an' cryin' on ackownt of my cat-mommie waz deaded, an' so waz mine brudder. She didn't fink I wuld liff, but she took me in ennyway an' fed me wif milk from an i-dropper until she could take me to da evil evil evil TED.

I waz been feisty every since I waz borned, anna TED culdn't belief I waz so playful when I waz dat sik. I wayed 11 ownces and I waz in badbad shape cuz' I had gotted da infecshun dat killed mine catmommie an' my brudder. I hadda terrible cold and mine eye was swelled up zo big it was almost outta da sockit. Da TED gave Meowmie some yukystiky pink medycine anna toob uf oyntmint, but it wanno gud. Mine eyeball rupchured an' we hadda go to a special emurguncy TED.

Da TED sayz I waz too liddle for anasteesia, but widdout surgurey I'd uf had to be put to sleep cuz I waz hurtin'. So Meowmie said go on and dew wot you gotta do, an' she cuddled me before she gave me to da TED. She waz makin' da watur from her own eyez an' Pawpa was lookin' kinda upzet.

Dat's all I 'member uf dat night. Wen I woke up, I only had wun eye! I waz all dizzy, but Meowmie tuk care uf me. I waz da talk uf da regular TED's office, cuz I waz so liddle to been anesstatised an' made it owt okie.

Now I'z almos' 7 weeks old! Da stitches are owt and heeled up an' now I don' even notice dat I gotz only wun eye--I runz and playz an' EATS! I'z gone up to 22 ownces awready!

And I lovez to hang owt on arrpeeceecee!

Fragment went to the rainbow bridge on July 13, 1999
Short lived, but well loved
Goodbye, sweetheart


I was borned in 1998, though I don't rememfur when. I lived inna Out onna farm (I fink). Bein onna farm is a hard life, but it was OK, I guess. Well, won day in May of 1999, I was mindin mine own bizness an just walkin along, when outta nowhere a car came an ranned me over! I was layin onna side of thuh rode an lotsa cars were zoomin by. I was wavin mine paws for help...... an then a car stopped! A nicenice lady ran over an gently picked me up an wrapped me inna blankie an took me inna car! She said that if I kept breaving an stayed alive I cood come an live wif her an some other kitties anna dog. I cood stay in thuh In an have wet fud for dinner every nite an treets too! I stayed at TEDs for a couple of days, then thuh nice lady took me home. She's mine Meowmie now an I live wif her an Daddy an Hobbes an Buster an Roxy thuh dog. I like it here an I've decided to stay. I'z doing just fine an TED says that I should make a full recovery! Life is gud.

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