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february 2, 1999 Hey. Here it is. Again. Another month. Welcome to the first day of the rest of my life. *big yawn*

Ciara is winning over the cats, one by one. A couple of nights ago, she was snuggled up with Georgie on the catcam chair. Hope you saw it. I did get a couple of pictures. Then I saw her playing chase with Kirby. And yesterday, she was playing with Bart. At one point, Maggie was watching her, I think they were playing slapcat around one of the cat climbers. Maggie wasn't growling or hissing, so I know she was playing. Cool. Ciara also got her first shot of the spray bottle the other night. She kept trying to catch my toes under the afghan and she caught them a couple of times. I couldn't move them away, she would go after them. I tried moving her, but she came right back. So, I squirted her the next time she went for them. She ran. Boy, she was really shocked. She left my feet alone, though. She seems to be out of heat again and she's a real kitten when this happens. Playing, chasing, she just wants to have fun. She races me through the house and she always wins. She's also tried to kill me a couple of times, she has the "trip the human" game pretty well down. I'm wondering how much she'll learn from the other cats. She's just awed by the faucet in the bathtub, the one I let drip when Boney wants a drink. The cats come up one by one and sit on the edge of the tub, leaning over to lap as the water drips out. She sits at the other end, in the tub, tail wrapped around her paws, watching intently.

I haven't seen Angus in a couple of nights. To be honest, I haven't been out there much the past couple of days because of my system upgrade. Now that I have files moved around, I should be able to spend more time off the computer and back to life. I did see Blackie two nights ago and I saw the little black one last night. I've seen OC every night. I haven't seen the Ciara clone, though. I hope s/he's okay.

Hey, Broncos kicked butt. I was rooting for them.

When I was looking for my software, I found another program in the box, that I had never opened, it was a virus scanner. I put it in, went to the website listed in the documentation. *snicker* They no longer took care of the program, gave another site to go to. Then this morning I noticed the registration form. I could win a contest if I had the entry in by 2-97. I didn't know the program was *that* old. Sometimes, I amaze me. Now, if I could only find the programs I *know* are around here somewhere......

My mom's dog was pretty sick, he does this about twice a year. He gets all bloated up, can't get comfortable, won't eat. She took him in last week and the vet told her that it could be pancreatitis. So, I told mom that Buddy had to be put on a special diet, blah, blah, blah and she said that her vet mentioned that if Sean (mom's dog) has been eating the garbage she's been feeding him for years without a problem, then it shouldn't do this. Then I started questioning mom about what she had given him, telling her what my vet said about the increased cases of pancreatitis he sees after holidays, like Easter, where people feed their dogs *people treats*, like ham. It's a shock to the systems and they just can't digest the food properly. She said that she had given him a little roast beef just previously and I said "there ya go, that's probably what did it". Heck, I can't eat the beef from the Mexican food place, it really messes up my intestines and other parts. Well, she calls her vet and repeats what I've told her and the vet was glad that she had called. Now, they didn't have to run so many tests on him, since they found out what the culprit was. She was able to bring him home yesterday and now he's on antibiotics. And he won't take him. I told her how to hold him. Since he's a small dog, she can do the same thing I do when pilling a reluctant cat. Get on the floor, hold the animal between my knees, facing away from me, so they can't back away, and open the mouth with one hand and shove the medicine in with the other. This works on most of our guys. With Kirby, I have to coat the pill with butter to help it slide down his throat, because he fights it every inch of the way. I hope she's able to do it. She's the type to just give up because it's such a hassle. But he has to take his medicine.

Oh, I got a "cool site" award from a new directory. Pretty neat!!! You can see it at I was thrilled to get this. I should probably work on the other directories, too. I think the cathouse should be a major player in cat sites, don't you? LOL!!! Everybody should visit a cathouse once in their lives.


february 4, 1999 Brian got home yesterday afternoon. I'm so glad. It's nice to have him home. I miss him when he isn't here. And so do the dogs and the cats. Lola is happy again, because her lap is back. And DeeJay wanted to be held and Lisa keeps running to the top of one of the condos, at eye level with Paw. I asked him this morning how much longer this job is going to go on and he said he had no idea. And I also said, geez, this one room is going to cost almost as much as our home did. He said, "by the time we're finished, it will". He left a little while ago to go look at a boat that needs some stuff done to it. A few years back, he installed a windscreen on one and the people were really happy. Brian does quality work. And he charges accordingly, so he hasn't heard from them in a while. But, as always happens, in the interim, they've hired other people who were cheaper, and their work reflected this. Now, they're back in touch with Brian. But he said he'll be home the rest of the day. Maybe we can do some shopping. We need more dry catfood.

DeeJay seems to be putting weight back on. Even though his diet isn't exclusively K/D, he is no longer getting the junk in the morning (Purina and CostCo brands). None of the cats are.

When I talked to my mom yesterday, she mentioned how big her dog's testicles were. How they were swollen. She had to take him in for a recheck yesterday and she mentioned this to them. They told her that the infection had gone down into them. (You know, mom, if you would have had him neutered all those years ago, like I suggested, this wouldn't be problem now.) Then she called this morning. It seems one of them is draining and she's taking him into the vet. I wished her luck, said I had no clue about testicles, seeing as none of our animals have them. I sure hope he's alright. That dog is her life.

The cats are slowly settling down since the introduction of Ciara. The little spats are getting fewer and farther between and Ciara's finding a new playmate everyday, it seems like. Last night, it was Kirby. And she's learning about the water bottle. She sees it pointing in her direction, she runs. Good.

When I let the cats out this morning, it was raining!! My mom mentioned some big storms on the way, but the online weather only said partly cloudy. Oh oh!! There's a let up, I'm gonna go feed the outback cats. I'm back. That dog was out there. I wish he would let them eat in peace.

I started the Catz program this morning. Oh, our guys went nutz, all around the monitor. Mickey kept getting in the way when I was trying to see what I was doing and Brian told me not to yell at him. They were looking all over for the cats and the mice. Ciara was very interested in the black cat.

When I was looking for the misplaced software, one of the rooms where I was looking was the exercise room and I found this picture of Lisa Violet's dad. He went to the bridge when she was still a kitten. My mom took this while he was eating on her front patio.

Seeing this, I realize that Lisa's weight is hereditary. *sigh* Poor girl, I know what it's like. *grins*

I listed the catcam with a site that has the top 100. A couple of things. The list is reset at midnight, so you have to do this every day. And the way that hits are counted is by going to the Top 100 site from the catcam page. Just going to the catcam page isn't enough. So, if you visit the catcam on a regular basis, could you click on the Top 100 image? Once a day is fine, besides I think they have a cookie thing and multiple hits don't count. It is kind of neat to see other webcams. I'm amazed at how many people actually show themselves online. I can't even imagine doing that. I'd have to put on makeup and do my hair and get dressed.....I wouldn't want people to see how long I sat here in my jammies. *grins* The cats make better subjects anyway. You can reach the catcam by clicking the word catcam on the menu banner at the top of this page. Thanks.

Give someone you don't know a big, sincere smile today. One that says "isn't life great?"


february 8, 1999 Geez, it's been awhile, hasn't it? LOL!! Right now, I have no clue what I did last Thursday. What an exciting life I lead, don't you agree? Anyway....

Brian took part of the day off last Friday and we had lunch and then to see a movie, Payback with Mel Gibson. Lunch was good. I had a ton of salad (we went to HomeTown Buffet) something I've been wanting for a while, but no entree. And I had peach cobbler with softserve icecream. Brian had entrees, but no salad. Over at the movie, it was nice because we didn't have any junk there, which for us is pretty rare. Oh, the movie wasn't the comedy that I've thought it would be, based on the commercials we've seen. There was a ton of shooting and blood and torture, not really a funny movie at all. Of course, Mel's deadpan voice can make things funny. But if you're looking for a rousing good time, don't see this one. The actor that plays Ling in Ally McBeal is in it. Oh, my, is about the most I can say without giving anything away. I do know that I'll never look at her the same.

Brian saw the Ciara look alike Saturday morning, in front playing with OC and I went in quest of her. I followed her down the road, where she ran into a yard. I didn't see where she went from there. But, she was back eating that night, in front of the house. And I got a much closer look. This cat isn't related to Ciara at all. And she didn't run when I looked out of the window and she saw me. I recognized her. (If it's a her, I really don't know.) It's BLUE!!! From behind us. And she isn't long haired, but she does have a full tail and she runs so low to the ground and so quickly, it's been really hard to tell. But now I know. She even looked straight up at me. I think she knows the name Blue, because that's what I've always called her and when I said it the other night is when she didn't run away.

And I was able to pat Blackie on the head the other night. He must have been really hungry, because he came right up to me as I dished up the food (when I first started giving them the mix, I dished it up inside, but figured I wanted them to know that I was the food lady). I reached out (a little scared, I admit), but he didn't do anything, just patiently waited. Cleo came in and so did OC. OC just seems really amazed at the whole situation.

I haven't seen Angus in a couple of nights. I hope he's okay.

Well, Ciara is back in heat. I called the vet's this morning and made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. I'm just not sure about her URI. I won't hear any abnormal breathing for a couple of days, then I do. I don't want to take any chances, so I'll find out what he has to say. She loves being brushed. And she's purring more. She's really bad about trying to get out the front door, cause she smells those boys. It's gotten so bad that we have to do a door watch. It's hard to get out the front door with only one person. We need one to watch Ciara. She's really quick.

Saturday, we went to CostCo (needed catfood) and Petco (needed catfood). Brian makes me so nuts at Petco. He only wants to buy the Nature's Recipe that's on sale. And this week, it's the four pound bag. So, he only gets a couple. I look at him, disgusted. Brian, that won't even fill the container. Why don't you just get more? See, if it was me, I'd buy what I needed, regardless of the price. I like to have enough food here to feed the cats. I hate running low. I did find some tablets with taurine in them, for DeeJay. I'm going to make him food and he will need a supplement with taurine. He likes them, so that's good. And we got dogfood. I don't ever see Brian messing around with pricing on the dogfood, why does he do it with the cats? When we were looking at the vitamins, I said something about puppies. And he said we aren't getting just one. Good deal. That's what I wanted to hear.

At CostCo, Brian was looking at coffemakers. I unplugged the one that we had, because hours later, it was still making popping sounds like it does when water flows through it. It made me nervous. Well, that was a signal to Brian that it was ready for the trash. The new one is nice, because it has a timer setting and I can set it to come on automatically in the morning. I bought the book for the new televised Stephen King movie. I wonder should I see the flick or read the book first. Decisions, decisions.

Brian threw out the old coffeemaker yesterday.

Yesterday, Brian couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, then it came to him in a flash. He needed to go for a ride to the mountains. *sigh* I can't let him go alone, because he always pulls a Gilligan. You know how *his* three hour tour ended up--*grins*. So, I said where? To Ranchita? Or Chihuahua Valley? He said, no, to Palomar. I went with him. There wasn't much snow up there, but it was nice. We were above the clouds and at one point, could see the tops of other, smaller peaks, above them. So, I took some pictures of those. It was beautiful. On the way up, I popped a tape into the tape player. A little history on this tape player. Last year sometime, one of the buttons popped off and I never found it. So, ejecting a tape is a little difficult. Yesterday was the final straw. Once the tape was in, we couldn't eject it. At all. Then we discovered that we can't turn the radio off. LOL!! At one point, Brian tried to pull the tape out and the tape kept reversing. Click. Click. Click. Click. I was laughing. So, this week I'm going to go to the Good Guys and get a new stereo, one that will take CDs or MDs. And get the speakers replaced. And get a MD recorder, so I can make my own mini disks. They hold 74 minutes each, that's a good amount.

We had to lock the cat door for kitties going out while we were gone, because I worry about Ciara. (Oh, she knows to come in the door, too.) I don't want her getting into any mischief or falling into the pool while we aren't around. They were happy when we got home. I was extremely tired, laid down on the sofa and fell asleep for about an hour. Then, I had promised a friend that I would make some graphics for her and I had to get to work.

What a mess. At one point, I was almost in tears. After I got my new hard drive, I moved files around. Music on one, graphics on another, games on another.... Well, one of my plug in programs didn't work (ULead). And that one makes the best bevels of all of them. I spent hours trying to get it to work, with no success. I was so darn frustrated. Finally, I went to their website and downloaded the upgrade. (Paid for it, too.) It does more stuff than the other one and was only $19.95. Well, it still didn't work, I needed the original. The tears of frustration start. I couldn't find the original. I pulled down my notebook, where I've hard copied all of my registrations and invoices and I found the original invoice, dated September 97. Then I went to the ULead site and, lo and behold, they have information for those of us who have lost our software, due to disk crashes or whatever. (Bonehead moves?) I followed the instructions, re-downloaded the original, then loaded the upgrade and voila!! It works!!! I also found instructions for making tubes. That was kind of fun. I made a couple of sets. Here's another graphic I made:

Pretty neat, huh? Brian was extremely supportive last night, he got the cats in without saying a word to me. After I fed the cats, I thought that, even though I had just made a fresh pot of coffee, ready to pull a late-nighter, that a glass of wine would do me good. Brian concurred and that's just what I did. Anyway, I got most of the graphics done last night. I had one to do this morning, but I'm finished now. Yay. Deep sigh of relief.

Another annoying problem I'm having is that my modem keeps disconnecting. I suspect the phone lines. They have a tendency to get bad when there's been a lot of rain, which we had last week. As they dry out, they get better. It doesn't do any good to call the phone company and report it, though. Because by the time they get here, the lines have dried out. It's usually not a problem, because I'm here to reconnect. But it is a pain when I'm not home and the catcam picture doesn't get uploaded. Now, that bothers me.


february 10, 1999 Ciara has been here for a month yesterday. And we went to the vet, because her URI isn't getting any better. *sigh* She's put on 11 ounces, which is good (I think that's funny because he asked if she was eating okay). Then he asked about any nasal discharges, runny eyes, sneezing, that sort of thing, of which she has none. He checked for the amount of air coming from her nose and it's still very little. He just looked at her, then put a hand on her forehead and on one her chin and he said it looked like someone squeezed her face that way. *sigh* He then said he would like to do something, it wouldn't be comfortable for her, but that this didn't look like a normal URI. I said sure, anything to get her taken care of so that we can get her spayed. He applied nosedrops to deaden her nostrils, then he put his little scope up each nostril. He said that her nasal passages were swollen, almost shut. So, this didn't look like anything that antibiotics would take care of. He took her temperature (I said "wrong hole, she's in heat" when she put her butt up for him) and it was normal, so she doesn't have an infection. He said that her problem isn't sinus, but nasal. He feels that she has a chronic herpes rhino virus. I asked him about contagion and he said that it was apparent that since our cats have been vaccinated that they've most likely built up an immunity to it. Good. So, the treatment for the baby girl are some different nosedrops, three times a day, and she's going to be put on interferon to help boost her immune system. I will be able to give this to her orally, the treatment will be a week on, a week off, until she's better. He had to order the interferon, it should be here by the end of the week. He also gave her the first FVRCP vaccination, thinking that it would help her immune system. I sure hope so.

I picked up the dry food for DeeJay, and I got a couple of small cans of K/D to see if he liked that. (He does.) I guess I can stock up on that, too. I also got some more amoxicillan because our supply is running low.

Brian mentioned last night how skinny some of our cats seem, he said that Bobby is downright scary. Well, I haven't been dishing up any junk food since we got the diagnoses for DeeJay and Bobby hasn't been eating outside of dinner, I guess, even though there is dry food out for free feeding. I started giving him food separately again this morning, the K/D dry. I don't have to worry about DeeJay nosing Bob away from this like I did the Purina/CostCo mix.

Ciara is, of course, still in heat. I had an awful thought, knowing that queens can have multiple partners, leading to multiple fathers. What if she was pregnant when we got her? I'm clueless about how cats act when they are pregnant, not having had a pregnant cat for close to twenty years. I called the vet this morning and was told if she was pregnant, she wouldn't be in heat. Whew, that's a relief. A BIG relief.

I haven't seen Angus in a couple of days. I hope he's okay, just coming by late. Cleo and Blackie spend a lot of time over here and OC is usually the first one here for dinner. They are getting more use to us. We talk to them as much as we can.

I just went out and fed the outback cats. It's COLD out there, below forty. It rained a little last night and the grass is wet, now my feet are like ice cubes (shoes? who puts on shoes in Southern California at home?). The wood deck that the pool pump is on has a thin layer of ice on it and I almost ended up on my butt. Fun.

I guess it's time to wash the couch covers again.

Buddy is alert this morning. Maybe he likes the cold without the rain. I even thought he and Junior were going to rumble this morning. I told them to knock it off.


february 11, 1999 I hate mornings that start like this.

Yesterday morning, I went to the bank and paid off the home equity loan (yay!!). Then I went to the post office and mailed a package. Yesterday afternoon, I was in and out of the office, Brian was home washing the work truck. He said something about going to look at new stereos for my truck. At least we would have some idea of what to get. When he said that, I went into my tool drawer, grabbed a couple of different sized flathead screwdrivers and grabbed my truck keys and was able to pop the tape out of the cassette player and then I was able to turn the radio off. I was quite pleased with myself. I came back into the office. We have a bookcase that I have a couple of file folder boxes on. The cats like to lay on these boxes.

Well, somehow, the boxes had shifted position and when Georgie climbed into the top one, the balance was off and he started to fall. I jumped up, trying to catch him, but was unable to. He ended up on the floor. He tried to stop it by grabbing onto the side of the bookcase, but all he got was the cardboard of the box he was in. Now, this wasn't the worst part. When he fell, he wasn't the only cat in the office. And anyone with a cat knows how they are when they are spooked. Mass confusion if you have mass cats. As we do. Cats went flying. All over. Since it was pleasant outdoors, I had the screen door opened a little. This wasn't enough. One of the cats ran head first into the screen door, knocking it completely off of the track and pushing it out.

I checked Georgie to make sure he was okay (he was) and then went in search of the cat that hit the screen. I checked all of the cats I saw, went around to the side of the house, looking for more kitties, making sure that no one was injured. I picked up the screen door, looked at it. The petguard had about a half inch dent in it from a cat head. I took it out front to show hubby. We had a little chuckle about it, I brought the screen back in and tried to put it back on track, but for whatever reason, it wouldn't go for me. So, Brian had to put it back for me. He finished washing his truck and left. It had started to cool off, so I started closing up the house. When he got home, I had all of the cats in. I let Georgie, DeeJay and Rusty back out for a short time for them to pee or whatever, then they came back in when it was time for dinner. Brian went out and got DeeJay, who wasn't in any big hurry to come back inside.

I fed the cats, then put food out for the out front cats. Cleo and Blackie were waiting. We left by going around the side of the house and out through the gate, not disturbing the eating kitties. We climbed in my truck and left for the store.

Now, keep in mind, all I really wanted for the truck was new speakers. Which I got. Along with a new stereo that I can play CDs in. And I got a CD recorder, for full size CDs, not mini disks, so that I can make my own CDs. I have been making tapes with various artists, tapes of my favorite songs. Now I can do that with CDs. One thing we found out last night are that there are two types of recordable CDs. One that you can record again and again and one that you can't. The one that you can cost almost twenty dollars for one CD. We got one of those and ten of the others. I will make the master recording on the re-recordable disk, then copy that over onto one that you can only record on once. We made an appointment for ten this morning to get the stereo and speakers installed. I'm bringing a book.

We get home, watch a little tv, then go to bed. Ciara, bless her heart, is heat cycling and I slept with earplugs in my ears and Rusty on my face. I got up when the heater came on, opened the sliding door in the living room to let the cats out. The filter in the big aquarium was sucking air, which made no sense, because the bottom tube was completely immersed in water. I added water and got it running correctly. Then for some reason, I struck me that I hadn't seen Mickey. I didn't remember seeing him last night. I called him and no Mickey. I went into the bedroom to see if he was in bed. No Mickey. I called him some more. No response. I check all of the bay windows, he's not there. Now, I'm getting worried. Mickey always comes when I call him. Always. I went outside and called him. It was cold last night. It's cold this morning. I checked the woodpile, I checked all of the cathouses, I crawled into the doghouse. No Mickey. Back in the house, I pulled the sofas out from the walls, checked all of the cat condos, got a stepstool and checked behind the tape decks and the stereo system. No Mickey. I opened closet doors, looking for him, I opened the exercise door "Mickey are you in here?". No Mickey. I went into the garage, climbed the ladder, checked the rafters, calling "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey", I got down and checked behind the water heater, in the cat tubes. No Mickey. I'm starting to panic. It's getting lighter outside, I go back out, "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey", I call, I look in the weeds around the pool, I look behind the fantail palm by the pool, I look *in* the pool, I look under the pool pump, I'm getting more frantic, I still can't find Mickey, my kitty that always comes when I call. "Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!!!" I go out front, how could he have gotten out here, I ask myself, Benny the magician can't get out here, why would Mickey be out here, but there is no sign of Mickey out front, I did see OC running down the other side of the street. "Mickey!! Where are you little Squinkers?!!" I go back inside, into the pantry, open the pantry door "tuna, I need tuna, where's the tuna, God, there's no tuna, I need tuna". I push cans aside, pull out boxes of rice and noodles, there's no tuna, why can't I find any tuna? I go into the garage again, grab a can of Fancy Feast, pop it open. "Mickey, Mickey, come on, Mickey, here's some yummy food for you." No response. I'm starting to sweat, I feel very warm. I went back outside, hitting the side of the can with a fork, I know how the Pied Piper felt, I have a trail of cats behind me, seven long. But Mickey isn't one of them. I say the normal silent prayer to God that most of us make in moments like this, "Please God, let him be okay", see, my imagination was working overtime, what if he broke his neck going through that door and is laying somewhere and can't move? I have to find him, I just have to. "Mickey, sweetie, where are you?" I walk back to the woodpile. I see a black cat, eyes wide open, pupils dilated. Ciara is on him, she missed her Mickey, Mickey who recently figured out what she wanted, while she did her hussy dance in front of him. "MICKEY, OH, MICKEY, YOU POOR LITTLE BOY!!" I say, I reach for him, food and fork in one hand, I grab him and hold him to me. I carry him inside, this frightened cat, it was his first night ever spent outside, he's terrified. I put him in the office, putting the other cats out, shutting the door. I let him eat, he's hungry. The other cats are crying at the door, they want food, too. I pet him, I talk to him. He finishes eating and I open the door. His eyes get wide as he sees the other cats, his fur starts to puff up. I pick him up and hold him close, I walk him in to see Brian. We both pet him, then he wants down. I let him go. He's fine. Right now, he's on top of the entertainment center, under the heater vent. He's happy. I'm relieved.

I hate mornings that start like this.


february 12, 1999 Well, Mickey hasn't been outside in over twenty four hours. No way, no how. He slept with us in bed last night and is now back on top of the entertainment center. He looked out the sliding door to the backyard, but never went near the threshhold. He was very nervous around the other cats yesterday, and jumped whenever he heard noises. He didn't finish dinner because he heard something that scared him, he went running back to the top of the entertainment center. Poor little guy.

Kirby is having urinary problems again. I noticed him squatting longer than normal this morning outside. I tried feeling for his bladder, it didn't seem to be full, but his penis is very tender. I was able to get an amoxicillan pill down him. I made an appointment to take him to the vet. The earliest time available is 3:30 this afternoon. *sigh* Right now, he's hiding behind the VCRs. I'll just leave him alone until it's time to go. Hopefully, he'll stay put. Shaking the catnip bag will most likely get him down.

Bobby likes getting fed in the morning. He's been sleeping better, too. He isn't yowling so much, either.

Well, I got the new stereo installed yesterday. I got there right at ten o'clock. The guy asked me if I had an appointment and I said No, I just thought I'd drop in. Duh. Yes, I have an appointment and handed him the receipt. He told me it would be about two hours. I grabbed the bag with the connection cords the salesman the night before had sold us ($30.00 for something that came with the recorder, sure they were a little fancier, but I think the ones provided with the recorder will do just fine) and took them into the store to get a refund. There was no waiting room at the stereo store, so I walked over to the mall. I took the book I had remembered to bring and my water I sat on a bench, reading, outside of Macy's, but wasn't real comfortable. So, I walked through the store to the inner court of the mall (it's open air). There was a lot of construction going on and I window shopped. I went into a couple of stores and walked quickly out. I did take my time at an Animals Galore shop, looking at the cat stuff and then I went into a store that I fell in love with, called Secret Garden. It was so neat. They had windchimes and mini-waterfalls (the tabletop kind) and those big shiny balls that people put in their gardens. They had weather vanes, too. A ship, a rooster, the NWSE arrows and they had a bi-plane. I really liked the bi-plane and thought the Brian would, too. If they would have had any in stock, I would have bought one. I didn't have enough cash, so I would have had to charge it, but it was really unique. I'm going to keep this in mind for future reference. I left the store, feeling the need to find a restroom. The restroom was in the food court and I looked at all of the additional places to eat that have been added since I was here years ago. I left the court, then smelled coffee. I followed the aroma and went into a Coffee Merchant shop. The people weren't friendly, so I paid for the coffee and went and sat at one of the small tables I had noticed on my way in. I sipped my coffee and read my book, occasionally watching the people walking by. It was really relaxing. The day was cool and they had light jazz on the sound system. I read for over an hour when I decided that I should get lunch. I walked back to the food court, ordered a Greek pasta salad, sat down and ate and read. When I was done, the two hours were up and I strolled back to the stereo shop. They were working on my truck and I looked inside. The new speakers were in and the old ones were just sitting there. The installation guy saw me, told me it would be about ten more minutes. Another gentleman pulled up a chair for me. I sat down, started reading again. Twenty five minutes later, it was done. I was given a crash course on how the system functioned and I was on my way. I like it. It has a remote control, which I thought was funny at first, but driving 65 mph down the freeway, it came in handy. I hadn't played with the system at all and since I wasn't familiar with what did what, I just used the remote control for the volume. *grins* Once home, I started some laundry, then went back out and played with it. I even programmed in two stations. (big deal, right?) I'm amazed at all of the stuff it does. And I guess if the radio station sends out certain information, that shows up on the dial. Wow.

I'll probably set up the other recorder today. While I do laundry.

It was nice having Mickey on me in bed. Not nice seeing Kirby having problems again.

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lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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