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january 17, 1999 Well, I discovered why nobody is getting into the catcam furniture. Because it's been peed on and peed in. I actually saw Georgie get into the tv this morning and pee. AARRRGGHHH!!!!! So, I have to completely clean both today, pads and all. Needless to say, the camera will be down.

I'm so glad that Brian is home. He spends hours petting Ciara. She's settling in so well. Such a big difference from Lonee and Red. Let's not forget OC. My ten day kitty. She's still in heat. And she's still congested. Not as badly as she was, though. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to see if she should stay on her meds or if he wants them changed. Well, I just checked the box to read the instructions. It says to give until gone. That will be at least another week. Not being familiar with heat cycles, I'm wondering if they just stop, or will it taper down. She's not calling nearly as much now as she had been. And like I said, Brian will just pet her for hours. She really likes him. Last night, when he was in the recliner, she laid by his feet. He took his socks off and had them laying on the bottom of the chair and she was rubbing all over them. Then she started on his feet, giving him little nips. He would yell, "Hey, don't bite!!" He keeps calling her his little cutie.

Thursday and Friday I cleaned. I cleaned the floors in the kitchen, laundry room, and both hallways. I washed the furniture covers. I tried to fix the bad speaker in the living room (I ordered new foam) but it didn't turn out right. The speaker sounds awful with alot of bass. Yesterday, we bought some new bookshelf speakers and Brian is going to make a triangular thing, which he will attach to the wall and then we can hang the speaker on that. I'm going to do everything I can to prevent the cats from peeing on it. And the old speakers, well, I'm going to write to JBL and see if I can purchase new woofers for them. I'm not in any hurry, but they're really nice speakers. I was checking out the front of the speakers at the store and the salesman pointed out that they have metal grills on the front. "Yeah, but that doesn't do anything for cat pee" I said. He told us that if his cat peed on his speakers that cat would be in a forest somewhere, to which I replied "We don't have anything in our home we value more than the lives of our animals." That shut him up. The speakers that we purchased were black. While he was ringing them up, I said something about black being the in color. And I told him that I like the woodgrain cabinets over the flat black, since we have so much in our living room. He left and went to the other side of the aisle, brought back the same speaker we were buying, but in woodgrain. Hmmm.... He said that these were display models, but that they have never been used or hooked up. They don't order the woodgrain anymore because there aren't many requests for it. He said that he could give us a great deal on them. I said sure, go ahead. He knocked $40 off of the price and threw in a six year unlimited guaranty with them. Cool. With the guaranty, it doesn't matter why they don't work, they'll be fixed or replaced. Sounds good to me. When we went in, I did ask about buying just one speaker. *grins* You know, since only one was bad at home. You can do it, but he said it just won't sound right.

Since the prescription diet is so expensive, I've come to the conclusion that these guys can't get any junk food at all. By junk food, I mean the purina and kirkland stuff that I feed to the ferals. Deejay really likes that, but I just can't take any chances. There are many resources online for food and recipes for cats with kidney problems. I'll be checking out those homemade recipes, for their dinner. One thing that's nice is that they do like the K/D. I hope this all works.

And since I'm not handing out junk food in the morning, Lonee won't be getting any either. This morning, she actually came up to me on the couch. :-0 Jumped up onto the arm and let me pet her, even came and stood next to me. Sorry, Lonee, no junk. She ran back into the garage.

Last night, the other wild one, Red, was sleeping on the bed. A first.


january 19, 1999 Got the *stage* all cleaned up. And the cats are once again going on camera. What a mess.

Yesterday, I cleaned the sliding glass doors, thoroughly, inside and out. They really needed it. I also used the Hoover SteamVac on the garage floor. It was getting pretty bad in places where Bob pees. I also changed the sheets and the bedspread on the bed. Mickey has been stressed lately and is peeing all over. He even peed on the bed covers where they were bunched up yesterday morning before I got up. So, I started him on amoxicillan yesterday, in case he has an infection (which I don't believe, I think this is behavioural).

Ciara's heat stopped. Now, she's doing kitten things. She has so darn much energy, it's amazing to watch. She will go after the other kitties to play, like Georgie, and they just ignore her. One of these days, I know they'll play back. She still has the URI. It seems to be getting better, it's just taking so long.

Boney hasn't been feeling well. I was missing him coming into the office and talking to me or going into the bathroom, yowling for me to come in and turn on the faucet. So, yesterday, I hunted him down, gave him some soft food, took him to the bathroom to see if he would drink any water (he did) and I noticed how very warm he was. He was also licking his nose and his paw pads were very warm and moist. Fever. I'm thinking it's from little fights that he and Rusty have on an ongoing basis. I started him on amoxicillan yesterday morning and last night, he actually came down to lay on Brian, which he hasn't done in weeks. And he spent the night in bed with us. I'm going to keep a close eye on him, because he's no spring chicken. He'll be 16 in a couple of months.

Last night, Brian bought our first bottle of Rescue Remedy. This is made from flower essences and is thought to have calming effects. I've seen and heard of many instances where it does, indeed, work. I thought that we could use it on Georgie, when he gets so wound up and aggressive, Lisa, for her growling (maybe DeeJay, too), and on the other kitties who seem stressed out. Like Mickey and his peeing. I gave both Georgie and Mickey some last night. Georgie was fine, not wound up at all. Not chasing and trying to fight with the other cats. I didn't notice anything with Mickey. I put some in a little Fancy Feast, to see if they would eat it. Benny and Kirby both ate some. And Kirby ended up on my side of the bed last night. I gave Lisa some this morning, I hope it will chill her out.

The weather is changing. We've been having sunny, warm, dry days. This morning, it's overcast. It's nice. And I can see out of the sliding glass doors. I'm going to run the vacuum over the living room floor, put the little throw rugs over the holes in the carpet, turn on some soft music and maybe read some Stephen King. It's going to be a relaxing day. I need it.


january 21, 1999 Well, since so many cats should be on the K/D and the K/D isn't as cheap as the Nature's Recipe that we have been buying, Brian isn't real excited about the additional monetary output. So, I figured to save money, I should start cooking dinner again. *sigh* That fast food adds up. Since we are almost out of K/D, I called the vet and the large bags weren't in yet. So, I went over and bought two four pounders. Looks like I found a good use for my Christmas money.

I did some more *furniture moving* for the catcam. I liked the tv, but you couldn't really see when there was a cat inside, even when I rigged up a little light inside. And with both the tv and the chair, you couldn't even get a good picture of a cat. So, after I received an email yesterday (you know who you are, yes, you, I'm talking about you), I pulled the tv out, moved the chair and resituated the camera. Now, there's more cat on camera, when there's a cat doing what they are supposed to do.

The antibiotics are doing wonders for Boney. He's up and around, back to yowling in the bathroom. And he's back in Brian's face, wanting attention. I found a scab on his back. Probably a cat fight and his back was sore and he had an infection. I'm glad he's feeling better.

Ciara is fitting in quite well. The heat is gone. Her respiratory infection is much better, but she still has a little problem breathing, so she'll probably get more antibiotics. It shouldn't take to much longer. The other cats are starting to get use to her. I've seen her take down both Mickey and Benny. It's so funny. They don't quite know what to do about it.

The weather was just perfect for a fresh pot of coffee, light jazz and a Stephen King novel yesterday. It was cool, cloudy and raining all day long. I spent most of the day curled up on an easy chair in the living room, reading. Kirby even made himself at home on my lap and spent hours sleeping there.

We had chicken for dinner last night, a recipe I saw on the news one night. Pretty simple. Olive oil in a baking dish, chicken (I use skinless, boneless chicken breasts), squeeze lemon juice over them, pour tomato sauce over them, then sprinkle basil over the entire mess. I also added garlic powder. I bake at at about 300-350 for an hour (I cover it) and it's so good and tender. I served the meat and sauce over spagetti. And we had french cut green beans on the side. Lonee was laying in her semi-usual spot in the tv room and Brian talked gently to her, promising her part of his meal. Then he politely asked her permission to touch her. She let him. He petted her. She's been here since July 10, 1996 and this was the first time Brian has been able to touch her. (The time she bit him doesn't count.) He was stoked. LOL!!! And he kept his promise. He gave her quite a few small pieces of his chicken.

I guess I should go start tonight's dinner. Chicken again. It's all we have.


january 25, 1999 Please, please, please, please let this day get better. It's 6:12am and it's raining. And the cats are hating it. It rained enough so that the back patio is wet (needs a new roof--Brian ordered extra polycarbonate last year and he's going to use that, I think). At one point, as I was starting up the system, I had Boney, Bart, DeeJay, Benny, Lucky, Mickey and Rusty all along the desktop. I don't trust Rusty at all for peeing, so I put him out in a dry spot on the patio. Benny went out the catflap in the garage, came in the office door, soaking wet. He doesn't notice the rain like the others, so he gets a whole lot wetter. Well, a half hour later and I'm down to just Ciara on the desk. Brian is up and out of the shower, I guess the cats realized that they aren't getting DeeJay's food and they all went their respective ways. It's still pretty dark outside, but the house is warming up nicely and smells of freshly brewed coffee.

I have to get the year end payroll stuff done this week. You know, W-2s? I forgot all about it. I hope it all goes smoothly. I just hate it when I'm cents off.

I moved the catcam chair again yesterday, hoping that it would get more use. It's right behind me now. I had a different cover on it Saturday, ten minutes later, I noticed a wet spot on it. Mickey. Brat Mickey.

I wonder if Ciara is going back into heat. She's started nightly prowling/meowing again. I also wonder if her *smell* is why we are having an increased marking problem. I bet it is.

When Brian went to Phoenix the last time, he took a bill with him. The man that owes him said that he would have a check if Brian would wait or that he would just mail it. Brian, wanting to come home, told him to mail it. It never showed up. Now, this was a disappointment. So, Brian is going back today. And taking with him an envelope with our address and he's going to pick up the check and mail it to me. If there is no check, he's coming home. He says he hates playing games, but he's been working on that job since November and this is the first billing the guy has gotten. This isn't a very good sign.

A month or so ago, we watched the movie "Hope Floats". Brian told his brother that we really liked it. So, his brother lent us "The Horse Whisperer" said it was just like "Hope Floats". What a very depressing movie. We didn't watch the entire thing, we only went about fifteen or twenty minutes into the show. It was nothing at all like "Hope Floats". Brian is going to take it back and tell his bro just what we thought of it. He said that his brother probably fast forwarded through the beginning, that's what he does with the parts of movies he doesn't like. I don't remember which movie it was, but it was a really funny one. But, it had some *language*. We really liked the movie and taped it. We lent it to his brother. They didn't watch it. Couldn't get past the cussing. Brian said that we won't ever be watching a movie they recommend again, nor will we recommend any to them. Obviously very different tastes at work here. "Hope Floats" never made me cry, well, maybe a little when mom died. "The Horse Whisperer" did. I was crying ten minutes into the damn thing. Poor horse. Poor kid.

Well, so far this morning, I've seen Georgie and Pepper in the catcam chair. Good deal.

Brian just called. He isn't going to Phoenix. It's supposed to be raining all week and they can't do anything in the rain.

Ciara is a very smart kitten. She already figured out the cat door. Out, not in. Not good. Not good at all. This means I will have to watch her until she's familiar with the yard. Like not jumping in the swimming pool. Yesterday, she was all over the place. And she tried her best to get into the yard behind us by pushing against the barrier that Brian put up where the rain overflow goes into the yard behind. She was so cute. Junior kept following her and we weren't real sure what he was going to do. If he got too close, she just flopped over on her back, paws up to play. I don't think there will be a problem there.

Saturday, Brian brought home the left over polycarbonate and stacked it against the fence. Then he placed plywood around it, making a wooden case, with a flat top. Really, really close to the top of the fence. Really, really easy for cats to get out of the yard. Of course, I start worrying that the cats will do just that. The cats were kept in the house while they brought the stuff in and the dogs were in the dog run. And I told Brian what I thought he should do. He should actually enclose that entire side of the yard with fencing. From the top of the fence over to the roof of the shop. He had to go get more fencing, the stuff we had wasn't tall enough, but he did and he put it up. Once it was up, I let the cats out. Boy, was that funny. There were at least four cats on top of the wood. Bart was standing, had his nose pushed right against the fencing. It wouldn't budge. Now, the cats have a new place to sun themselves. And I won't be wigging out about them.


january 27, 1999 The rain finally let up. The cats were going crazy. We got over 2.5 inches in two days. And DeeJay, bless his heart. He still thinks that the weather will be different if he goes out a different door. He tries all four with no luck and then he gets cranky. I put Rusty out during one of the rain respites and he stayed out for a while. He must have gone potty, because when I opened the door and looked out, he came running from the back, water flying from his paws (it was soaking out there), dashed up the outside cat tree, down the cat tree, in through the door, down the hallway and into the house. Typical "I just went to the bathroom and feel so much better" attitude. Benny kept going out and coming in wet. He likes to go up on the bank and he usually carries a pine needle or two. Yesterday, there were probably ten hanging from his legs. It was really funny.

I really like Lonee sleeping in the house. I really do. I just hate the idea of the cats wanting to be in the garage. She's found her way back into the living room and the dining room. In the evenings, if she isn't curled up on top of the cathouse in the living room, I can find her on one of the stools at the kitchen counter. She even lets me pet her. Something else, I think that's helping, is the fact that I'm actually cooking dinner. I think the smells get her salivating and when dinner is finished and dished up is when she's been making her way into the house. She likes to sit by Brian. We had beef stew last night (found the recipe in the Campbell's soup cookbook, made with green beans, yum) and I saw Brian doing something to a piece of meat. Well, I hate fat and try to remove as much as possible (when I was a child my visiting Irish grandmother use to tell me it was rubber so I wouldn't eat it and I would give it to her, I've hated it ever since, oh, and my parents use to pan fry hamburger that was very, very fat, really greasy, and put it on buttered white bread, puke, your fingers would smush the bread down and the fat would soak in, it was so gross, even thinking about it turns my stomach, now even when I brown meat for spaghetti sauce, I boil it to get all of the fat off, I hate fat in my food-except for butter, that's okay *grins*) so I asked him what he was doing and he said he had to make sure it was okay for Lonee. Ahhh...... I'm keeping this guy.

Ciara's URI had me a little worried. And she's back in heat. Damn. Concerned, I called the vet this morning. I asked how long it takes for a URI to go away and was told about two weeks. I said that Ciara has had hers since we got her on the ninth. And I mentioned that she's back in heat (oh, dear reader, did I not mention that? Most likely I forgot. Lack of sleep. *sigh*). She was in heat when Brian was gone, tapered off when he came back, I thought we were out of the woods and a couple of days ago, it started back up. I used earplugs last night. Anyway, the vet thinks that her being in heat is keeping her from getting better more quickly. All of the hormones and things running through her don't help. And I have to keep in mind that she was in pretty bad shape when I brought her home. I told Charlene that maybe it's not a URI, that maybe she has beans in her nose. She laughed and asked if I had antibiotics and I said yes. Ciara is now sleeping in a ray of sun on the desk. She's so angelic when she's sleeping.

You know the movies I told you that we lent the in-laws? Well, one of them was the Shawshank Redemption, one of my all time fav-0-ryte movies. I liked the story by Stephen King and it adapted well to the screen. That's the one that they couldn't get past the swearing. Sheesh. I think the other one was Maverick. I like that one, too. Graham Greene is hot. I really like him. Anyway, I remembered this because it was on CBS last night. We watched it. I had various cats on me, DeeJay was under my blanket, Georgie on my knees for a couple of hours, then we changed positions and Bobby was where DeeJay had been, at my feet. Well, little hussy Ciara comes up behind him, lays down and starts rolling on her back, chirping at him. Bobby, geez, Bobby doesn't know what the heck she's doing, he just stares off into space. She moves a little closer to him, starts pawing at him (payback, Bob, I'm thinking, because he paws us for attention) and then she starts nipping him on his side. Now, he pays attention, tells her to knock it off. When she went after his tail, I moved her. She's just so cute. And she's putting on weight.

I checked my hard drive this morning and I only have about a quarter of my space left. I called the kid about adding another hard drive and he said I could get 8.4 gig installed for around $250.00. Sounds good to me. When hubby calls tonight, I'll ask him about it. I'm sure it won't be a problem, but I always like to ask. If he says okay, I'll try to get it done this week, if possible.

Brian finally talked to the Phoenix guy about payment. I guess the funds were transferred to our account this morning, so I am going to pay bills this afternoon, or at least get them ready to mail. Then, as soon as I hear that we have the money, I'll put them in the mail. Bet we make some people happy.

I've making buttermilk bread in the breadmaker now. I'm gonna have a tuna, avocado, and cheese sandwich with tomato and lettuce for dinner. Yum. I told Brian last night and he was bummed. He won't be here, will probably have to eat at Denny's or some place like that. *snicker* He likes these sandwiches.

My ISP,, went public on the 19th. I didn't mention it to Brian until the 20th. I wish I would have said something earlier. He said buy a hundred shares. If I would have bought at the opening, it would have been a little over four dollars a share. We bought it at nine. Then, within two days, it dropped to six. AAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Why does this always happen? Makes me nuts. Just like the Christmas decorations. Anyway, I know it will rise in value, so I'm glad we got it. And every month I get at least one email from them, telling me that they've opened up in another city. The latest was Dallas, Texas. So, I'm pretty sure they'll be a money maker. We just have to be patient. Oh, for those interested, the symbol is AONE.

The end of the year payroll stuff went so smoothly for once, it was nice. And since I got the QuickBooks, I put away all of my tax stuff for this year. The QB program figures it out, so I won't have to bother with it this year. Nice. Very nice.

Well, I guess it's time to get busy with paying the bills.


january 28, 1999 My entry today is short. I hadn't planned on making an entry today, but there is something that I must say.

Two days ago, a woman, Francoise, lost her husband suddenly. It was his heart and he was only 35 years old. The last words she spoke to him (he wasn't home) were "I love you". And she will hold that close for the rest of her life. Please, please, tell your loved ones that you love them. Sometimes it's the hardest thing to do, to say those three little words, but there's always a chance that you won't have the chance to say them ever again. And those three little words are three of the most important words you can say to someone. Do it. Please.


january 29, 1999 Well, I guess the cats like the new catcam chair position. So far, I've seen DeeJay, Pepper, Lisa, and now Lucky laying in it. Good deal. I just wish I could get the lighting right.

Well, the kid was supposed to come over yesterday to install the new hard drive. I was surprised when he said he would be able to, because it was such short notice. I kind of thought I wouldn't get it until next week. He said let me call you later this morning, when I know how my time is going. He called in the afternoon, saying that he had some appointments in one area and that he should be over after that. He'll call. I wait. I put off cooking dinner, because I didn't want to be in the middle of eating when he showed up. And I cleaned. I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned cat piss off of windows, did a few loads of laundry, cleaned my bathroom floor and shower door, put clean bath rugs down, hung clean towels. I did "keep busy" work. And the phone never rang. Around six, I decided to go ahead and start dinner and I ate at seven. Brian called around 7:30 and I was done with my TV viewing for the night (nice thing about C-band satellite....we can start watching "primetime" at five in the evening, which I did. I watched Vengeance Unlimited (good show!) and then Cupid, kind of). I had made a pot of coffee and I turned off the television, dumped some Bailey's in my coffee, and started reading a book that I've had for over a year. At 8:30 the phone rang. It was Sean. The kid. He apologized for not calling sooner, but that things had taken longer at his jobs then he had figured on. Being married to someone who's self-employed, I totally understood this. Then he said that he had been able to buy the modem I wanted ( Modem? What modem? I didn't want a modem, I wanted a hard drive) and I said "Modem?" he said he meant hard drive (I hope so). Then he said that he was going skiing in the local mountains today and that he should be home by 3 or 3:30 this afternoon and he'll give me a call, come over and install the hard drive today. Now, that's gonna be a lot of fun for him. Go play, get all worn out, then have to work. Not what I would want to do.

I just went out back to feed the outback cats and the skylight, that use to be where Brian stacked the polycarbonate and which he moved to the other side of the shop, had fallen over. It was leaning against the shop. Oh, great. I pushed it back to where it was supposed to be and then started yelling for Benny. Whew. He was under a palm tree, in the sun, by the pool. Scares the weewee out of me.

I put an old bathrug in the cathouse in the entryway for the outfront cats this morning. I'm thinking about putting some plastic over the window and make a little door with plastic to put over the doorway. It would be nice if they used it. I know that OC lays on the top of it. Hey, they cut down a bunch of trees where OC lives and I think they cut down the one he was sleeping in. :-( He was over three times by himself last night. I finally saw Angus, but I didn't see Cleo last night and I haven't seen Blackie in a couple of nights. Maybe his owners are keeping him in.

Sometimes Ciara's congestion seems to be breaking up and sometimes she sneezes. I wish she would get well. She runs around fine, it doesn't seem to bother her, but I know that her heat cycle is not comfortable at all. Poor baby.

We're having some typical winter San Diego weather. We haven't had a really hot day yet (I remember a couple of 95 degree days in January a couple of years ago). Yesterday was nice and today looks like it's going to be a nice one, too. Makes me kind of happy that I cleaned yesterday. I love a clean house with the windows and doors wide open, jazz playing on the sound system. Or even just the sound of outdoors. A nice clean breeze blowing through the house.....*sigh*........I just love San Diego.

Hug someone, just for the heck of it.


january 31, 1999 Geez, what a scare I had this morning. I didn't get to bed until one this morning (more on that follows). I woke up at five, said to myself that four hours is not enough sleep and dozed off. A couple of minutes later, DeeJay was insistently telling me to get up. I looked at the clock and it was almost 6:30. I got up to let the cats out. On my way past the front door, I looked out. There was Ciara, with a black cat, eating. Out front. Outside. I yelled "Ciara!" and both cats ran off. Just then, I heard my little hot stuff kitten crying in the house. So, that wasn't Ciara. It was a Ciara lookalike. Brother? Sister? Mother? I have no idea. But this cat ran when I called out, unlike Ciara. But if s/he was dumped at the same time as Ciara, s/he's been on her/his own for three weeks now. Long enough, I would think, to be shy around people. *sigh* I went outside to see if I could tell where they had run off to, but no luck. I hope that they belong to someone and this someone let them out in the morning. And I hope that this someone has them fixed. That's what I hope, but I don't think it's very likely.

When I came back in, I walked into the garage, opened the cat door and opened the blinds. Looked down the street. Then I opened the sliding door in the living room, letting some cats out that way, stopped on my way to the office and turned the heat on. Walked back to the office, opened *that* door, oh, spit. Benny got locked in last night. I have no idea where he had been sleeping. When I finally shut down last night, I had to get DeeJay, Lucky, Pepper and Mickey out of the office. I didn't even realize that Ben was in here. Poor guy. At least it was only five and a half hours. And it looks like he was trying really hard to get out.

Now, the reason I was up so late. The computer kid was a no show Friday. And he never called. I really didn't think he would. But he did call yesterday, around eleven am. Said he was free all day, how was my schedule? He could be here between 1 and 2. Sure, sounds good to me. He finally showed up at 2:30. I'm beginning to wonder if he's related to Brian somehow. Brian has no concept of time, either. But, he did get the new hard drive installed, and he put in partitions, something about fat16 not accepting over 2 gigs, where fat32 would. He was willing to change the fat, but I said it isn't a problem. As a matter of fact, it makes it easier for me to keep things in their own place. Like I explained to Brian, it's like having a big blank wall and then putting in shelves to split it up and store things. I had told him earlier about the problems I had installing 11th hour, how it wouldn't work. He said that it should and would try to get it working for me. The system didn't recognize the *new* drive for the CDRom (drive I:). He had to do some setup stuff, got it working and turned the system off. Told me to have at it. I had found the latest Catz program that I never input, because I didn't want to waste the space. Now, I had lots of space. Heck, each partition has almost as much space as my previous two harddrives put together. When it asked me where to put them, I typed in one of the new drive letters. Sean said that it was nice that I knew what I was doing. He said it's a pain to have to explain everything to someone. And he said he usually has to explain why this and why that. With me he didn't have to do that. Then he asked about the paperwork for 11th hour, I found it and we tried to go to the website. The browser wouldn't work. So, I checked my email. That did work. I sighed. I told him that I messed something up, that I had to re-install Netscape. He asked how I knew it was me. I said "trust me. It's something I did, but I have no idea what it was. I think maybe it happened because I deleted that stupid AIM thingy that shows up on my taskbar". Then, I had to find the latest downloaded file for Netscape. He was watching what I was doing in wonder. "How did you do that?" he would say. "Do what?" would be my response. Earlier, he had received a phone call and it seems that he's in/starting up a band. Not anything serious. He had told the guy that he would call back within an hour. Knowing that the hour had long since passed, I said "why don't you call that guy while I look for the Netscape?" He did. And I found the version of Netscape that I wanted, re-installed it. He was off the phone by then and we went to the Virgin games website. No luck there, nothing that would help. Sean questioned me as to if I had been there before. Yep. I don't think he believed me, but then the form that came up was the exact same one that I had printed out and was in the file. So, the 11th hour still isn't running. I have to figure out how to do a boot disk. Then it should run. In my spare time.

Then we got to talking, he had me go check out a website he made ( and I asked him how much he charged to make it. He told me and I about fell over. He said that I should get into web design. Man, if I can make that kind of money, he's right. And he explained to me that just because this stuff is so easy for me, doesn't mean that I should do it cheaply. He compared my web design skills to his computer technician skills. He gets $59 an hour for working on the computer and the work, for him, is a snap. Just like doing what I do is easy for me. Well, I was amazed. Absolutely.

Sean told me that I should really run a diskscan on the system drives and do a defrag. After he left (around 5:30, we shot the breeze for a couple of hours, just visiting and playing around on the internet) I started putting things back where they belonged. Then I went to get Lotto, came home, fed the cats, then came back and put another couple of programs on. Then, I decided to do the defrag. Errors. Right off. So, I had to do the scan disk. By the time I had finished the C and D drives, it was almost midnight. I was beat. That's when I closed down for the night and watched some tv.

While the scandisk and defrags were working, I started cleaning out my bookshelf, getting rid of old documention for programs I would never use and looking for more stuff to put in the system. I found a book for a morphing program but I can't find the disk anywhere. I wonder how many other things like this I've done. I wonder where I put the darn disk. I wonder if it's on CD or floppy. I wonder how I made it to 45 years old in one piece.

Another puzzle, this cat related, is which cat is spraying in the kitchen that has such awful looking spray. I first noticed it last week, it looked like ketchup on the counter, just a couple of drops. Not at all like the bloody urine I'm used to seeing. I cleaned it up, not quite sure if it was urine. Then the next day, there was more, a little darker, but not as thick. I started giving Kirby pills, just in case, and Gracie hasn't been acting as if she's feeling well, so I started her on amoxi, just in case. The little drops are looking better, more yellow, not dark or red.

Bobby, I think, caught Ciara's URI. He's been sneezing and I noticed yesterday morning that he had a runny nose. I started him on Clavamox. I also put a heating pad under the blankets on the condo that he likes to sleep in. So, now we have two heating pads going for him. Poor old guy, it's the least we can do.

I'm so lonely. I really miss my husband. He said last night that they'll be lucky to be home on Tuesday, but he says it's looking more like Wednesday. The owner offered Brian a blank check, because of the trouble we had getting paid the last time. Geez. Brian, of course, said no.

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