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Lola was our fifth cat, our second tortoiseshell. She was found with three of her sisters in a dumpster. Their eyes weren't even opened yet. The driver of the truck that found them took them home and his mother-in-law offered to foster them. When he told me about them he asked if I would be willing to adopt one. I said sure, after checking with my husband. When they were old enough to adopt out, he brought them all to work in a carrier. I took the one most curious and adventuresome. Remember, we already had four kitties and we had one dog at the time.

Lola was a sweet kitten. She and Pepper were about the same age. They played together well.

Lola has always like to play with red pipe cleaners. We take the pipecleaners and twist them into a circle. Then we twist the ends over so that they don't poke out. Lola will play with these for hours. She will bring one to us to throw for her and then she will bring it back. She will take one into the kitchen and push it under throw rugs. She calls while she is doing this. We can hear her in the back yard. The first time we heard her, we thought something was wrong. She was just having fun. After she is through pushing the pipecleaner all around, she takes it over to the refrigerator where she proceeds to push it under. Once in a while I go out and retreive all of her pipecleaners. She is very happy when I do this.

She loves to keep her daddy's lap warm. So much so, that she won't leave it even when he tries to get up. As he rises from the chair, she adjusts her weight to compensate.

She isn't very interested in going outside. She is content to look out the windows and watch the world.

Update: June 24, 2000 Yesterday, Lola was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma of the intestine. I'll be posting her progress in my online diary. To follow the story, please go to June diary, page 2 and start at the 16th for the beginning of this journey.

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