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Lucky became the sixth member of our cat family in July 1987. We were coming back from visiting my mom and on the way home we drove over a freeway overpass. The only words spoken were "what is that?" Brian pulled over to the side of the road without a word. We both got our of the car and were able to catch this little kitty before she ran down to the freeway or jumped over the berm at the side, which would have her drop directly onto the freeway. I held her close on the ride home and she purred the entire time.

The first week she was here, I tried to name her. Brian said not to, that we were not going to keep her, knowing full well once she had a name, she was ours.. We had enough kitties. As the week wore on, she wore him down. We named her Lucky, because she was. We called her "touch and purr" because all you had to do was to barely touch her, or just talk to her nicely to get her motor running.

From what the vet said, we think she was born in May or June, 1987. She was our third tortoiseshell kitty in a row.

She is somewhat of a loner, although as she gets older, she gets closer to the other kitties. She is another of our hunters and she does a fine job.

Yep, we are pretty lucky to have Lucky.

April 24, 2003

A few years back, Lucky was diagnosed as being in the beginning stages of kidney disease. Last week, she was having problems with her ears (which have been a problem since last summer). I took her in to the vet on Wednesday, the 16th and he drew blood (I had made the appointment so that she could have a complete blood panel done). The tests came back. (For more about these readings, please check out How to read laboratory tests.

Creatinine - 113
BUN - 8.2
Phosphorus - 11

All of these show how well (or in Lucky's case how badly) the kidneys are doing their job. Normal Creatinine is 0.6 to 1.6, BUN is 17 to 30, and phosphorus is 4.0 to 7.0. The vet gave me a very heavy duty antibiotic for her ears (her WBC was 43,000, showing she had a major infection in her system and Medrol for the polyps he saw). I was also to start her on fluid therapy, 120cc three times a week, the same that I'm doing for DeeJay. He wanted to see her the following week. I took her in yesterday, April 23. He called this morning with her new values.

Creatinine - 78
BUN - 5
Phosphorus - 10

This is good news. Her kidneys will never be good again, but by giving her fluids, it should help her out and we'll have her for more years.

July 10, 2003 The past few weeks, Lucky has been failing. Her kidneys were no longer functioning and this morning, a little after nine, she went to the bridge. Her passing was quiet and she was more than ready to go. We'll miss her mightily.

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