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Lonee Gail

We got Lonee on July 10, 1996. She was one of the strays that we were feeding. I thought she was a little male, but I noticed her tummy getting bigger and bigger. This was around the time that we were becoming worried about all of the stray cats crossing the street to come over to our house for dinner. We realized that she wasn't a he and was pregnant. We were able to borrow a cat trap and we caught her the first night we had it out. She went to the vet the next day, where she was spayed. Instead of releasing her like we had originally planned, we decided to keep her. Our vet also said she was around three years of age.

She lived her first couple of weeks inside of a large dog crate with a cat carrier inside of it. We had the whole set up in our office at home. Then I opened the door to the dog kennel so she could come out and check out her surroundings. After a month and a half, I was able to take the dog kennel completely out of the room. We had let the other cats meet her as they wanted. Some were more interested than others. Our next step was to put a piece of lattice up in the doorway, so that she could hear the sounds and get the smells from the rest of the house all of the time. She was becoming more relaxed around me. It happened gradually, but she first quit running and hiding when I came into the room. Then she stayed out while I fed her. Then she let me head rub her. Then she let me pet her. She now has the run of the house, as a matter of fact, she rarely even comes back into the office. She has learned how to go in and out of the cat door, knowing where to go when she feels threatened outside.

She is a sweet kitty.

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