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Gracie Anne

Gracie is Georgie's sister. She didn't get sick like her brothers. The vet feels that she got more of the colostrum than the boys. That's the stuff in mother's milk that passes on antibodies and immune system help for babies.

We named her Gracie, because it sounded so right next to the name George. And it fits her. She is a very graceful cat.

She loves to go outside and chase crickets. She also loves the dogs. She is a real pest to Junior. She will go up to him and rub up against him. He hates it, because she will follow him around and won't leave him alone.

She is a smart cat. She is the only one that has figured out how to get the locking cat door opened. When we first started seeing her out back at night, we accused one another of not bringing her in. Then I saw her in action. Now, we put a cat condo in front of the cat door. She can't get through that.

She is our little Amazing Grace.

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