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In April of 1995, Georgie was left in front of our house in a bird cage with two other kittens from the litter. His mother had moved her kittens into a neighbor's ivy in his front yard and their Rottweiler found the kittens. We weren't at home, so he left them in front of the door. The kittens were very small, too small to be away from their mother. We covered the cage and put a heating pad under part of the bottom and left the cage outside, hoping that when the mother came over to eat, she would see her kittens and take them. All she did was hiss at them. So we brought them into our home. This was on Sunday and Tuesday morning I took all three to the vet's office. He said they were all healthy. Our plan was to raise them to an adoptable age, and adopt them out, as we already had fourteen cats.

That plan fell through. The following Friday evening, one of the kittens got very sick. After numerous calls to my vet, we ended up taking this kitten to emergency when he started convulsing. They kept him and when we got home, at 1:30 am, I checked on the other two kittens. The little black and white boy was doing exactly the same thing the other kitty had done, earlier in the evening. We immediately took both kittens to emergency. They needed names for the kittens when we checked them in. We called the first little boy Riley, and the little black and white looked so much like a boxer dog, and what better boxer name is there than George?

Riley didn't make it. He was in a coma and on life support. We had him euthanised early Saturday.. We started calling on Georgie's progress Saturday morning. They had placed him in an incubator and had him on IV medications. His prognosis wasn't good. That afternoon, one of the vets at the clinic suggested using donor kitty blood, spinning it in a centrifugal machine, and getting the feline equivalent of human gamma globulin, which helps the immune system.. We said go for it. Within hours,Georgie's attitude was getting better and his vital signs were picking up. George was a good name for him. He turned out to be quite a fighter.We were able to bring him home Sunday evening. He was so little, he fit in the palm of your hand.

He has grown into a fine cat. He loves people. As a matter of fact, he has turned into our official greeter and he is the kitty that tries to show everyone how nice a kitty can be. He will rub companies legs and talk to them until they pick him up. He will then rest his head on their shoulder and purr. If you give him an opportunity, he will jump onto your back and stay there as long as you will let him. That is until you get tired of walking stooped over. He does like to bully. He picks on his sister, Gracie, a lot. He sleeps with me, which makes my husband jealous. He is supposed to be "daddy's little Georgie".

Oh, and he just can't wait to be king.

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