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On Halloween we decorate our house. We have an entry way with a fountain. In this fountain, we put dry ice to make the atmosphere spooky for the kids that come to the door. Also on Halloween, we put a child's gate across our doorway, so no little kitties slip out the door when we hand out goodies.

On Halloween night, 1994, a young lady asked if we had a grey kitten. I said yes, Annie and DeeJay are both grey. She said that she had found a kitten. I told her both of ours were inside. I gave her candy and off she went.

About a half hour later, it was time to replenish the dry ice in the fountain. My husband said "Honey, guess what's out here?", and he brought in the cutest little grey fluff ball. Such an adorable little boy and so affectionate. He looked like a little bear, a gentle bear. I named him Ben.

Ben got along well with Kirby, the kitten we had found the day before. This was good, because they would play together and leave the older kitties alone.

Our vet put Ben's age at about four months of age when we got him. We celebrate his birthday on July 4.

Benny has a very high pitched meow and a wonderful purr. . He isn't much for being held in your lap. He doesn't mind riding on your shoulder or being held like a baby in your arms as long as you are standing up. He likes to have affection heaped upon him when he is on a counter or in a bathroom sink.

He didn't much care for Junior when they first met. Junior thinks it is a great sport to chase the cats that run from him. He is only in it for the chase, mind you. Ben finally realized, hey, I can stop and hiss at this dog, and he will run with his tail between his legs. This realization made friendship possible. Now, Benny will allow Junior to sniff him and Benny will give Junior a body rub.

Ben is a joy.

Benny passed away in January, 2012.
January 22, 2012 ~ I think we're losing Benny
January 27, 2012 ~ He's gone

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