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Kirby. What can I tell you about our little Kirby. Well, we got him the day before Halloween, 1994. He was in a neighbor's yard, this little scrawny black kitten. He was running around and crying a lot. My neighbor called me over to her yard, this kitten was in the yard behind hers. We were able to coax him over to the fence. Her daughter took their dogs into the house and my neighbor moved some stuff at the bottom of the chain link fence where the dogs had begun to dig holes. She was able to get him to crawl under the fence, into one of the "tunnels" the dogs had dug. I brought him home and said "Honey, look what I got!!" My husband just shook his head.

I took Kirby in, because I didn't like the idea of a black kitten running around on Halloween. When I brought him into the house and fed him, he was a very hungry kitten. I fed him several helpings of cat food. He cleaned up the plate each time. I named him after the vacuum cleaner, the Kirby.

He is one of the more active kitties. He climbs anything climbable. He would rather run on furniture and jump from sofa to table to chair than to set foot on the floor. He is a little hunter, bringing in various items from outside. He likes to chase the dog Junior.

He is our little black panther, a very sleek cat.

He is our little purr puss.

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