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Lisa Violet

This is lisa's very own award. awarded from the site formerly known as LutherNet USA. To "the oh-so-aDORable li'l kitt'n." That's our lisa.

This is Lisa Violet. My mom called us up one Saturday night in April 1994. She said a lady had found this kitten under her mobile home. They were afraid that the kitten's mama was gone. (Someone in her mobilehome park had trapped all of the cats before and had gotten rid of them. They never found out who did it, or where the cats were taken.) So this nice lady brought the kitten to my mother, who in turn didn't have a clue what to do...well, maybe she did. She called us!!!

We brought the kitten home. I had some powdered KMR in the refrigerator and we still had a kitty nursing bottle. I proceeded to make up the formula and feed this little girl. She was quite hungry. I set her up in her own room, with the carrier and a heating pad partly on the bottom and against the side. (Always leave an area where the kitten can go to get away from the heat so they won't get overheated or burned.) I also spent the night with her.

The next day I asked Brian what should we name her. Without hesitation, he said Lisa. We already had a Maggie and a Bart. Since we got her from my mother, we gave her a middle name of Violet.

Lisa was the first kitten that Brian helped feed. He said he had always been afraid of hurting the kittens. And all of his attentions to this little girl, who became quite spoiled, paid off. She is the ultimate Daddy's girl.

Her favorite treat is anything banana. So, sometimes at the Acmepet Cat window, I will sign off "noserubs and nanners".

Oh, and her mama was fine. There were actually four more kittens under the home. Mama came back and moved them all. One went to a shelter, two disappeared, and my mom took in the remaining kitten and also got their mama spayed.

On October 21, 2007, Lisa passed away.

Dis is a pichur uf Sammee, my winkwink. He iz a fuwwy hansum fella.

Dis iz de newest kar dat he gived me. Itz my favowit kulur. Nanner yella.

diz is a pichur uv sammee in de purrsche he givded me fur a winkwink pwezunt.

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