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Maggie Xuxa

Aw, sweet Maggie Xuxa. She is our Maine Coon. Our only purchased kitty. Our only pedigree kitty. We got Maggie in April 1994. She was born on January 2, 1994. I am surrounded by Capricorns!!

Before we got Maggie, we looked at pictures and read about Maine Coons. They are the original American longhaired cat, not imported from any other country. One myth is that they are the product of a raccoon and a cat. Not true. They also like to pick up their food in their paws to eat. They put their paws in water and lick the water from their paws to drink. Maggie made big messes around the water dish when she was young.. Maine Coons get big. According to one source, they reach skeletal maturity at about two years of age, full muscular maturity at five years old. Then they start to put on weight. Maggie as yet is a light weight, only a little over twelve pounds at her last veterinary visit. They are also known as the tail with a cat.

Maggie made quick friends with Mickey. There was the initial hissing and growling, but before long these two were chasing each other around the house and playing. Maggie is still friends with Mickey. Maggie will get wound up and tear around the house. She also makes a sound that reminds me of an airplane. She will do this when she is very playful. Don't get in her way!! Sometimes she gets too agressive with the other kitties and you can hear them crying "uncle". But then she can be very affectionate with them also. She has been a big help with the kittens we have rescued. She will groom them and let them sleep next to her.

Maggie is vocal cat. She will meaow and talk quite a bit when she is in the mood. Nothing seems to please her when she is like this. No amount of petting, or treats appease her. She just wants to talk. She has learned the cats' equivalent of "but why?".

Maggie has what I call a "Marilyn Monroe" purr. It is very soft. So soft, that you have to get very close to her to hear it. Sometimes the only way to know if she is purring, is by placing your hand on her.

Her paternal grandfather's picture is on the cover of the February 1991 edition of CatFancy magazine. She comes from good stock.

April 2, 1997, Maggie found out that Gambit likes her, too!!! She is a very happy kitty right now. She is sitting in the window sill watching for him. He is very handsome. And he also knows how to handle d*gs.

Update August 25, 2000: When I got up this morning to let the cats out, Maggie was stretched out on the floor. She had gone to the bridge sometime during the night. She was still warm and flexible, so she hadn't been gone long. I've taken her body to the vet for cremation. You can find more details in my diary (see the drop down menu above).

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