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Dear Mickey,
My name is Widgy. I am Queen Bitsy's junior model, and a furry kute kitty. I am sending you a pitcher of me with yewr name on it. Tell your meowmie it's just fur you but she can put it on her page. Then, if I can get a pitcher of you I will have my meowmie put it on her page. OK?
You are furry hansome an I like you lots.
Purrrrs, Widgy

This is our little Mickey Squinkey. We got him in January 1994. He was a very sick kitten when we got him. The woman we adopted him from was going to take him to the pound, where he would be put to sleep. She had adopted him out on Christmas Eve, but he got sick and the people that bought him brought him back to her. She gave him to us. We took him to our vet the next day. He had ringworm, mange (cheyletiella), and was fecally impacted (constipated) all the way up into his intestine. We kept him separate from the other cats. Even so, about two to three weeks after we brought him home, Bart's breathing was very wheezy and labored. It turned out that little Mickey was also a carrier of viral pneumonia. Three of the other cats contracted it. I got the cheyletiella. It itched a whole lot. I have scars from scratching so much.

I named him Mickey, because the first sign of interest he had in anything (this is a nine week old kitten) was the second hand on my musical Mickey Mouse watch which moved in time to the Mickey Mouse March. We named him Squinkey because he was so stinky from the stuff that woman had done to him to try to get him to poop and squeaky when he talked.

He is a very good little black cat. He is also fearless. He will groom one of his brothers or sisters and then bite them for no reason. He likes to play rough with them which works out well with Bart or Kirby. His coloring is very close to Kirby's. Mickey is stockier that Kirby and not as sleek. It is amusing to watch them playing together.

He has a meow that sounds unreal. It sounds like a person pretending to be a kitty. He could do voice overs for cartoon cats.

When we had decided on a name for him I would sing to him, to the tune of the Mickey Mouse March, "Who's the newest kitty here, So new he's not a brat? M-I-C--K-E-Y, Mickey, Mickey Cat. Mickey Cat. Mickey Cat. He's our baby boy and that is that!!" Well, I'm sure you get the idea. But he isn't the newest kitty anymore and he is a gigantic brat for being such a nice kitty.

He is very soft and very lovable. He is worth every penny and every ounce of effort it took to make him well.

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