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May 1, 1997 Well, today is the first day of May. Its going to be a busy month for me.

Maggie's vaccinations are due May 2, tomorrow. I have to call and make an appointment for her. So soon after her poop problem. Poor thing.

I know that I have mentioned the cats in the yard behind us. Well, there is also a male. He sits under the kiwi tree and our cats can see him through the fence at the bottom. Brian has a small drainage system and it runs under the fence into the neighbor's yard. He put wire fencing there so the cats can't sneak under it. I can't believe that DeeJay and Boney and Rusty have all started to fight with the cat on the other side. Spitting and hissing and growling. When I look over the fence, the other cat is just sitting there, not even paying attention to them. We have actually turned the hose on our guys to get them to let up.

Junior is doing much better. I can't even tell there was something wrong with him. I was so scared.


May 3, 1997 We are going to get an electronic collar for Buddy today. Brian was talking to a neighbor across the street yesterday and he noticed how obnoxious Buddy's barking really is. I guess he thought the rest of the neighborhood didn't hear it. Yeah, right. Since it has worked so well for the beagle next door (I call her Mrs. Howell and I call Buddy, Bud Barker) that we will get one. I know that Buddy's barking also starts Junior barking.

Brian is making a definate effort now to make friends with Red. He hadn't tried too much before, just going into the garage to the freezer for something and he would talk to Red while he was out there. Last night and this morning he went out just to talk to Red. He said we need to spend more time trying to get him down. No duh.

I think Lonee got smacked in the eye yesterday. She was kind of squinty last night. Seems to be better this morning. I sure hope I don't have to put medication in it. That won't be any fun.

Speaking of medication in eyes, I noticed that Boney's pupil was bigger than the other one yesterday. So, I put the ointment in his. The vet said that he saw a slight tear by the pupil a couple of months ago. He prescribed an ointment for it which I am to use when the problem flares back up.

The bump on Buddy's leg is still there. I told B that I do want it taken off if it doesn't go away by itself. I have read about cats that if they have a spot that they keep licking and keep from healing, it can turn cancerous. Well, Buddy keeps licking that bump and it is raw.


May 5, 1997 Pretty lazy weekend. We went to four stores looking for the collar for Buddy. Couldn't find it anywhere. Looks like I will have to get it out of a catalog. Pet Supply Warehouse had them, but Petco bought them out and now they just have Petco stuff. *sigh*. Saturday night B had to get out of bed to put Buddy in the shop he was barking so much. Brian said it seems like Buddy is getting worse.

Sandy started pacing on Saturday so I gave her a pill. She started again this morning. I guess they started working on that project again. Junior is doing fine. No indications that anything had even been wrong with him.

Lonee's eye is fine. Thank goodness. I wasn't looking forward to problems there.

The little mamma kitty is doing well. She looks much better.


May 8, 1997 I mowed the lawn for the first time this year yesterday. Lonee was outside and between bag emptying and water runs (for me) she would try to sneak up on the lawn mower. "What is that thing?"

I ordered a collar for Buddy from the K V Vet Supply catalog yesterday morning. It was $120, but there is no sales tax and no shipping charge. So, its cheaper than it would have been if we could have found one locally. I really hate to do it to him, but his barking is getting out of control. He barks like crazy at the neighbor's grandson, who is about one and a half years old. A real little cutie pie.

Benny's hair is growing out. We will probably get him clipped again in a month or so. It can be hot through October. I remember being let out of school early in October way back when because it was so hot.

My relatives from Ireland will be here next week. On Friday. I have many rugs to shampoo and walls to scrub. I think I will shampoo the upholstery, too.

Next week Disneyland is having a passholder's party and they will have the new light parade. I am looking forward to it.

Gotta get more food for the strays. I also have to get the UPC symbols and receipts together and send them to Nutro. Get some free food.


May 11, 1997 Well, I sure hope today gets better. It has gotten off to a rotten start.

Friday, we went shopping and we found the cutest little fountain for under $30. The same one I had seen in a catalog last year for $80. So, with a little wheedling, I got it. Needless to say, like so many other thing in our home that I just had to have, we had no place to put it. I moved some other things around and found the perfect place for it, but it needed something more. So, I went to a craft store and bought a four foot silk ficus plant for $20. Quite pleased with myself, I came home and tried to find a strand of Christmas lights, white. I couldn't so I put up a strand of blue lights on it. It looks very nice. The fountain is on a speaker and the tree is behind it, with the speaker pulled out from the wall. Well, this morning I get up to let the cats out and there is my new tree, laying on the floor. The speaker is pretty far out from where it belonged and I am really glad that it didn't fall and hurt a kitty.

Brian got his bathroom painting pretty much finished yesterday and had to wait for the paint to dry before he could hang the door. Well, it didn't finish drying last night, so the door stayed open. The first time since he started work a month ago on the room. Well, guess what? He found FIVE places in that small room where the cats peed. We are not happy campers this morning.

I got the big fish tank cleaned yesterday. I started on it late and didn't get it finished until after nine last night. The cats didn't mind because they got to stay out late. Getting them in was no fun. Maggie was the hardest. She was having a wonderful time playing tag. She would do the kitty thing of waiting until you were almost on her and she would run off. GGRRRR!! I had put the fish into a big trash can and put a laundry basket over it so that the cats wouldn't jump into the trash can. Good thing, because I think they would have. When the tank had water and the filters were running, I put the fish back into the tank, picking them out of the trash with my hands and putting them into the cleaned tank. The last fish in, a pictus cat, poked my finger and it started to bleed. Boy, those fish have some sharp fins.

Lonee was one of the best kitties last night for kitties in. She is such a sweetie.

But Red, on the other hand, it seems as if much progress isn't being made lately. He has been crying alot at night and in the morning. He looks into the house all of the time. We just can't seem to talk him all the way down. He goes as low as the bench for dinner, but that's it. Its a very frustrating situation.


May 15, 1997 Well, not much has been going on. Pretty slow lately. Nice.

The collar got here for Buddy on Tuesday. It had to be charged for at least eight hours before use. Since we were gone that night, we didn't try it on him. Brian did read the instructions and get it on him yesterday. It is not to be left on for longer than twelve hours at a time. Buddy started to whine and he didn't do it for very long. This collar stops that, too. Wonder what it will be like to have his barking drastically reduced. It will be nice if he eventually doesn't need the collar anymore.

Monday the cats had a fairly large lizard. I don't know if you have ever been caught by a lizard, but the ones that we have most of around here are called alligator lizards, I guess because of the shape of their heads. Well, they don't have sharp teeth, but they do have an extremely strong grip. *g* I have had one latch on to my hand, the spot between my thumb and index finger and not want to let go. Shaking my hand only made the grip tighter (ouch). I got it to release me by gently squeezing its jaws. Then I let it run off. Away from the cats. As I said, this lizard Monday was fairly big, the head was about an inch across. The cats were having fun with it I guess (I didn't know they had one) and I heard a cat yelling. I ran outside to see what the problem was and Benny was by this lizard. I think it was Benny that yelled because this lizard had latched onto his paw. I hope Benny learned something from this.

Monday, the dogs were going nuts at the back fence. In the area where I throw the food over. Guess what? There are still a couple of kittens. I only saw two of them. I hope the other three were *rescued* by people. There is a grey one and a black one. So cute. We started giving the mom vitamins.

We went to Disneyland Tuesday for a "Premier" of the new Night Magic show. What a dud. First off, the tickets cost us $25.00 each to get in for this special showing for annual passholders. Well, we waited for the second show, which was at 11:30pm. Unlike the Electrical Light Parade, which travels through the park, the new show is actually a stage on wheels. There are four "floats". There are only two viewing areas, Main Street and in front of Its A Small World. It is a stage show, not a parade by any means. We got to our spot at about 10:45pm. We stood, talking to the people around us. We talked about what we had overheard others saying after the first showing. The reviews were not favorable. The clock reached 11:30pm and we still waited. 11:45. Midnight. 12:15am. Still no sign of the new show. At 12:30am we can finally see it coming our way (we were at the Small World viewing area). The stages stopped and the music started. Nice enough music. But not the Electrical Light Parade. And some of the special effects didn't work and there was a very long dud spot in the show. Our reaction was two thumbs down. We couldn't imagine Disney discontinuing a winning show for this one. Very disappointing.

But at least I was told our kitties missed us.


May 20, 1997 Well, got back last night from another trip to Disney, this one with my cousins that are in from Ireland. We had so much fun. Nobody took offense at what the other said. And many derogatory things were said. What a fun family. My cousins (the boys) are both well over 6'6". They continuously referred to me as a dwarf and made a major issue of the fact that I am bossy. But I couldn't stop laughing the entire time they did it. It was great.

The first thing I did when we got home was to visit with Red. He seemed distant last week after we had gotten home, so I made it a point to visit with him before we left and last night. He was very happy to see me. We smurgled alot.

I was surprised that only three cats slept with us the entire night. I thought they would have missed us more than that.

The collar is working on Buddy. YAY!! He only barks once or twice when its on. And it has really cut down on his whining. We don't leave it on him, he just wears it when he gets obnoxious.

I think Lonee wants Junior in the house. She will come inside the door and look at him as if to say, "well, what are you waiting for? Come on in".


May 23, 1997 Buddy had the growth removed yesterday. The vet said it was a wart. It was bigger than a whopper malted milk ball. He also gave Bud a shot of Vetalog for his itching butt. The leg is securely wrapped now so that he won't chew the stitches, which are due to be removed on June 2.

Surprise, surprise, I caught Red sitting in front of the window on the bench last night. Oops. He scurried right back into the rafters. What else are you doing that I don't know about, huh, Red?

Gracie has been very lovable of late. Rubbing and purring. Such a sweetheart.

Lonee's black spot came off of her nose again. This thing is so strange. And when it drops off, there is no scar or raw skin under it. Just her softly furry nose. I wonder if it is some sort of fungus.


May 25, 1997 Red came down to love me, this morning!!! Well, not all of the way down, but I had my feet planted firmly on the floor. It was great.


May 26, 1997 Boy, found out yesterday that company major stresses some of the cats. Most of the cats. Georgie was his normal friendly self. Rusty was kind of friendly as was Boney. DeeJay checked everybody out and wasn't happy they were here. But the other cats stayed well hidden. I didn't see Lonee until the company went home. Kirby and Benny stayed hidden all day, Kirby in the rafters with Red. Lucky was up there, too. Benny also hid up there, decided it was too crowded and hid in the wood pile. Kirby had me a little scared when he came down. His ears were burning up and he was foaming at the mouth. He didn't eat dinner either. I gave him an amoxicillan, just in case. He is fine this morning. All the cats seem to be back to normal.

I have had to get Bart out of the rafters twice this weekend. I wonder what his problem is. Red wasn't even bothered by him being up there. Brian said that Red and Bart will probably end up being best buddies. We'll see.

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