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June 2, 1997 Well, the relatives left yesterday morning. Maybe now I will have more time to get busy on the page again.

Buddy goes in to have his stitches taken out today.

Somebody pooped on the rug in Brian's bathroom this morning. Bloody again. Probably Annie. The first part of the stool was hard, so it probably scraped the inside of her and made her bleed. Darn it. Here we go again.

I saw three more kittens in the yard behind us last week. The two that the younger female has are getting somewhat use to me. I think these three belong to the first female's mom. There was a grey, a tortie and a black kitten. We got some nutromax kitten food for them. Won't hurt the mommies either.

Bart is still going up into the rafters. I will let him come down by himself. Red has been sleeping lower during the daytime. Its just too darn hot all the way up. I hope he comes down soon. He likes to be combed!! That's good because he is shedding like crazy.

I am still amazed at how much Lonee loves the dogs. Especially Junior.

I noticed poop on Maggie's britches yesterday. I think the last couple of weeks has really stressed these guys. Both of us leaving early in the morning. Not getting home til late at night and then getting the kitties in... Being gone so much. Things should be okay now that we can get back into the old schedule.


June 5, 1997 Its been a pretty slow week. I like these kind of weeks.

We went to a bookstore this weekend and I bought a bunch of cat stuff. I am going to try to update the trivia page this week.

Buddy's leg is doing fine. The vet was really pleased with how well it did. No more big wart. He rode up front with me to get there. He likes to look out of the windows. After the vet visit, I walked him back outside. There is a bush where all of the dogs piddle so I let him sniff it. Then he piddled which wouldn't have been a problem, but he was standing downhill from it and it got all over a back paw. Well, no way was I going to let him ride in *my* seat back home. So, he had to ride in the back of the truck, under cover of shell. He was happy to be home.

Benny slept with me last night. I woke up this morning and he was stretched out against my back.

I cleaned the office (a little bit) Tuesday and yesterday. There is more room now.

The weather is kind of dull today. The cats are pretty much all in the house this morning.

I got a letter from Disneyland Tuesday. All I have to do is send back the tickets from the "premier" of light magic and they will send us a certificate good for two free passes. It is supposed to be good for up to five years and we can take anybody. Guess I will try to get that in the mail today.

Why do cats like to lick photographs? Mickey was driving me crazy trying to get to the photos. He kept pawing the box I have them in open and pulling them out.

One of the "outback" kittens was climbing in a tree this am. They are so cute. *sigh*

I have a cheap clock here in the office that hubby really hates. It doesn't work right. I just keep putting new batteries in it and it just keeps losing time. I rescued it from the trash once, when he got so disgusted with it. He told me yesterday that he is going to break it and throw it out. So, I put another new battery in it.


June 9, 1997 Red has been spending a lot of time in the corner. I was talking to him last night and noticed that his ear was really bothering him. So, I found the Otamax and slipped it into my pocket. I petted him and then grabbed onto his neck and wouldn't let go. I opened the Otamax with my teeth and squirted some into his ear. It seemed to help. He wasn't very pleased with me, but his ear wasn't all bent over.

We went to CostCo yesterday (was Price Club) and bought 20 containers of cat litter. People would ask "do you have a cat?". Duh. One guy said "You must have a lot of cats or a very big oil spill". When Brian was loading up the truck, the woman in the vehicle next to us came over and was looking to see what was in the back of the truck. I know she was wondering why we had so much litter. So, I asked Brian if he thought that we had gotten enough to make a beach around the pool. *grins*.

Buddy started barking a bunch last night. The other dogs didn't so we know it was just Buddy mouthing off, nothing to be alarmed at. Brian ended up putting the collar on Bud. It was there all night.

Bart got in a lot of trouble last night. I have mentioned how he has started hanging out in the rafters. Well, Brian said that he was trying to tell Red to come down. Huh-uh, wrong. Last night he got into a fight with Red in the rafters. I went out to the garage, climbed the ladder, grabbed onto Bart, put him over my shoulder, climbed down the ladder, took him into the house and told him what a bad cat he was being. Everytime he would head for the garage, hubby would shoot him with the water. Its Bart's fault Red is afraid to come down and now Bart is chasing him around up in Red's safe place.

Benny needs another shave. His coat is growing out. I might try it myself this time. We still have the clippers from Beau Jesse (the best dog there ever was).

Mickey likes to groom me. I will pet him and stroke his back and when I quit he will lick my arm. Its so cute. And his tongue doesn't feel like sandpaper.

I cleaned the garage a little yesterday. I swept the floor and Brian threw out some junk. In cleaning the place, I picked up a large fur covered cat toy that rattles. This morning I tossed it up to Red. A couple of hours I heard him playing with it. Its been a long time since I saw or heard him playing. A good sign?


June 11, 1997 I noticed Monday afternoon that Buddy had a flea on his back, where he was chewing so much. Before I put the advantage on him I wanted to give him a bath. So, yesterday he got a bath. He was angry with me and spent all day in his house. He finally came out late afternoon and I was able to put the flea killer Advantage on him.

The people behind us did a bunch of work in the yard yesterday. Actually came up to the fence and cleared all of the brush away. I worried about the feral cats there. I saw Benny sitting in the woodpile, staring into the tree. I looked to see what he was looking at. It was one of the kittens, fast asleep in the branches of the tree. I called it, but it just kept on sleeping. I guess they aren't afraid of me.

It looks like our intensive work against Bart in the rafters has worked. At least for a little while. I didn't catch him up there at all the last couple of days. And Red sure likes it. He is back to sleeping in the newest spot now.

Last week on the AcmePet Bulletin Board, there was a post asking if anybody had any cat stories to tell. It was from the new channel Pet Planet and they are going to have a call in show, starting this fall. What they want are behavior problems and questions, not health questions. Well, gee whiz, I have a bunch of behavior problems right here at the cathouse. So, I e-mailed them and gave a short description of Red. You know, Red. The rafter cat. Anyway, I sent them my name and phone number and yesterday they called me back. They are going to send me a packet of information and quite possibly we might be on this fall. I will have to take video tape, of course. He asked if there was anybody else I know that might be interested and have something to share. So, if you are reading this and you fit the criteria, call them at 1-888-258-PETS. Oh, Red might be a star!!!!!


June 13, 1997 I made coffee last night. Bad idea, because I drank over half of the pot. Brian had a cup and a half. So, I had a really hard time getting to sleep. And the cats were no help at all. One of them got my closet door a little open and went inside. That made a bunch of noise, so I got out of bed and shooed the kitties away from the door. I peeked in (couldn't really see anything, it was dark) and shut the door. Just as I was drifting back off to sleep, there was a big racket from inside. I got a flashlight (didn't want to bother hubby) and looked inside. There was the trouble maker Benny. ARRGGHHH!!!

It's a really miserable day today. Cold, with off and on showers. Benny is actually in the house.

I haven't found any stool where it shouldn't be in the last couple of days.

Yesterday, Georgie seemed a little under the weather. Turns out his ear is bothering him. I checked it out, there was a bunch of dark brown wax. Probably mites. So, last night I put some mitaclear in it and he hated it. But he isn't banging at his ear today. I also have been giving him some antibiotics, just in case.

I can't believe that Buddy stinks already. Sure didn't take long. And he is chewing on himself again. Darnit.


June 14, 1997 I found a cheap treat for Red last night. I went outside and pulled a bunch of tall grass. Climbed the ladder and gave it to him. He likes it!!! He nibbled on alot of it. At one point I caught Bart up there eating it. He knew he was in trouble, the way he was looking back and forth. He goes down the ladder and that's where I was standing. I grabbed him and took him back down and put him in the house. Called Red and he came back over and started nibbling some more.


June 17, 1997 Bart had a real adventure yesterday. When hubby left for work, I walked out with him. I waited until he left and sprayed insecticide on a plant we have called a broom plant. Probably called that because when it flowers in the spring, you need a broom to sweep up all of the little yellow, very fragrant flowers. I went back into the house and back on to the computer. I heard the neighbor dog, Maddie, barking. I went outside and she was in a storage area, where construction stuff is kept. I wondered if she had a cat trapped. I didn't hear a cat, but I did a quick headcount and none of the cats I though might have gotten out was missing. About a half an hour later, she started barking again. I went outside and my neighbor said "I think she has a cat!!". Just about then, Bart came flying over the fence. He ran up into the tree on the other side of our yard (not too far, because we have the wire there to keep them from going up into the trees). I finally talked him down and he stayed close to the house all day. What must have happened, is that I didn't latch the screen door. He leaned against it and pushed it open. He couldn't get back into our yard because of the wire on the fence. So, trying to find his way back in, he went into the neighbor's yard. He hasn't been near the front door yesterday or today, either.

The neighbor's behind our house had a graduation party for their oldest son on Saturday. They put their stereo outside. I hope they take it back in soon. This boy likes dead metal music and wrap. With all of the words that go with it. Monday he played it very loudly. So loud in fact, that my neighbor, who was indoors vacuuming, could hear it. That base makes me feel weird. The pets don't like it at all.

Bobby has started the night rambles again. Time to put up the barrier.


June 19, 1997 Josh called about the tape yesterday. I am going to work on it today. He said as incentive for people to get their tapes in quicker, that they are having a raffle for the tapes received by July 1. One winner will get $500. I guess $500 is a magic number because that's how much you can win with a photo in the contest here at GeoCities. Hmmmm. I entered that with two pictures. One of a sunset and one of Maggie and Lisa on the rock.

We live on a residential street. The speed limit is 25 MPH. Not too many go that speed. They go over it. 10-25 MPH more. My in-laws live on the street adjacent to ours and their's is a long straight street, also with the same speed limit ours has and a much worse speeding problem, for the reason they have more traffic. I drive 25. My husband drives 25. We get tailgated alot, but I really don't care. There is a reason for the low speed limit, which saves lives of children and pets. Tuesday night, a kid that is known for driving his pickup 45 MPH down my in-laws street, swerved to miss a big dog. The truck hit a boulder by somebody's yard and the truck rolled, pinning the kid when it went into a tree. They had to call for the jaws of life to get him out. He didn't miss the dog. And my husband saw the dog, said it was a big one. At least a hundred pounds. Please, if you drive on residential streets, obey the posted limit. And if you have pets, dogs or cats, please, don't let them roam at night. They might have a longer life.


June 22, 1997 Well, Thursday I was going to start the tape of Red. Ha. Its a bad idea to charge a video battery for a year. It doesn't work. *big smile here* As a matter of fact, the battery is no good anymore. We have to go purchase another. I then charged the other battery and its charge sure didn't last very long. Hubby says we need to buy a couple more. And they are so expensive. Ouch.

Anyway, I did get started on the tape. Red wasn't real sure of the camera. He tolerates the still camera, but we have a full size video camera. I have more to tape, because the battery died. I have to show his trip across the street and how we trapped him. I would like to get some more footage of him, too.

Some of the cats have been acting very strangely lately. And this morning, when I opened the front door, Kirby was hanging around the screen like he thought he was going outside. I wonder what is coming into the entry at night. I know they don't react to other cats like this. Maybe its a possum. I hope not a skunk. Peeyooeeee.

I tried something Thursday that I read about in a newsgroup. I don't expect it to work very well, to be honest. Someone purchased Advantage (the flea killer) for her cats. Instead of full dosing each kitty, she put a drop from the tube on the backs of three of her cats. Then she added water to what was left of the tube and dosed another cat with that. Well, I put a drop on Rusty, Lisa and Pepper. Let's just see how long it is effective. I bet not the full month to six weeks a full dose is.

The chatroom from Paradise finally was available last week. Unlike the other features they have available, they needed payment on this one first. No free 30 day trial. Which was fine with me, I wanted an easy chatroom. I sent the check Monday and Tuesday I emailed begging for them to let me have it early. I whined, I begged, I pleaded. Nope. Didn't work. Anyway, Wednesday, voila!!! I got the email with the code. I was expecting the US Mail to be normal. Maybe even an little slower than usual, but my $$$ got from San Diego to New Jersey in two days. That's how long it takes to get mail to Los Angeles from San Diego. I was very impressed. This chatroom is so much fun!!! The schedule is Monday through Friday, 10 pm eastern/ 7 pm western. I guess there were some nasty little trolls in there Thursday night after I left. And Friday, the option became available to block. YAY!!

I am housecleaning today. Washing the furniture covers and dusting and vacuuming. I even might run the carpet shampooer in a couple of spots.


June 24, 1997 I don't think I will ever get done with the laundry. I don't think I will ever get done cleaning up cat barf. I don't think I will ever have all of the litter boxes cleaned. It just won't stop!!!!

I have to finish the Red tape today and get it into the mail. Josh called again yesterday. I promised they would have it Friday or Saturday. So, I have to get in into the mail today or tomorrow. *sigh* Well, I just need to do the part of how we trapped him and get some more footage of him in his home. I recently set up a message board for the kitties. The first message was for Red. And as for fan mail, he gets the most. Maggie is second.

I have to do a page on Maine Coons and add it to Maggie's site. I will go through all of my books and take something from each.

Two of the kittens in the back are kind of use to me. Most of them scatter, but a little black one and a little grey one watch me. *smile* I think there is a tortie with blue eyes. hmmmm. She doesn't look at me long enough to tell for sure, though.

The cats seem to be barfing alot. I wonder why.


June 25, 1997 Well, I got the tape finished. This morning I taped some stuff of him rubbing my head. He is such a sweet cat. I wish he would come down.

Started a couple of new pages about the Case of the Missing Oscat. This could be fun.

Buddy has been chewing on himself again. I put a bunch of bitter apple on it yesterday. He doesn't seem to be chewing as much this morning. Brian seems to think that Buddy needs another bath. I told him it has only been a couple of weeks and he disagreed. So, I came here to the diary to find out when he last got bathed. Two weeks ago yesterday. HA!


June 28, 1997 Animals are all well. One of the kids in one of the houses behind us hit a golfball into the skylight on top of the shop. Broke it. Hubby said it will cost about $200.00 to replace. I guess if I see either of them outside with a golf club in hand, I will ask them to please be more careful.

Red hasn't shown any interest in coming down any farther. I wonder if I should drop the food to another level again.

Bart still goes up into the rafters and he still gets in trouble for it. I guess he doesn't realize that we know he never went up there before Red was there. It is cute to see him climb down the ladder.

Lonee has been wary of me for some reason lately. Maybe because I don't really talk to her that much, since I have been doing so much work on the webpage. I will have to change that. Got a reminder in the mail that she is due for vaccinations. Yeah, right. I'm going to try to put her in a carrier. Not.


June 30, 1997 Well, yay, me, I finally figured out how to put music on my bulletin board. Check it out. ask lisaviolet. I also have a chatroom and a bulletin board just for messages to the kitties. They are accessible from the talk page.

I put more otomax in Red's ears this morning. I got him to come to me with fresh grass, grabbed the back of his neck, put the stuff in one ear, and rubbed it like crazy. Then I did the other ear. He tried to scratch the right ear while I was rubbing it. That ear is the worst. Hours later he is still upset with me. Growling and hissing. He'll get over it and he will also feel better. Poor guy.

I noticed that Lonee runs from me a lot lately. So I have been trying to be more attentive to her in the house. I think its working. I guess I can't slack off. Gotta keep after her, see Lonee, humans aren't bad.

Saturday I clipped the catnip plants back. I put the nip in a box and put it in the exercise room to dry out. Mickey sat outside the door Saturday night, meowing and meowing for hours. I would go get him and bring him back into the tv room. He would stay for a couple of minutes, then back to the hallway to continue his vigil. Sunday morning he had forgotton all about it.

Maggie has tons of matts. I will have to cut them out. She is extremely sensitive to being combed, so I will get the little scissors and very carefully and a little at a time, work on clipping them off.

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