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This is Monica, the amazing sex changing kitten.  I'm not all that experienced in sexing kittens and I could have sworn that this kitten was a little boy.  Looked and felt just like Joey, or so I thought.  After we'd had the kittens for a couple of weeks, I noticed, when she was on her belly, that she looked more like a little girl than a little boy.
And she was.  Her name was quickly changed from Chandler to Monica.
She's a little quieter than her brother and sister for the most part.  When we got back from our annual October Disney vacation, the pet sitter told us that Monica loved to be held and purred up a storm.  She still doesn't do that for us. 
She's very soft and she's one of the first to dart out the door when I open it to let one of the other cats out.  She's fast, that's for sure.
She has the white blaze on her chest and a little white on her belly.  I actually think she's the prettiest of this litter.  She has an adorable face and she's very photogenic.




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