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This is Phoebe and she's my little darlin'. She's extremely affectionate and even more playful. It was hard to get a decent picture of her because she's always in motion.

She will come up to me and lift her head up so that I can rub noses with her. It's been a while since I've had such an obvious face kitten. She has a dusting of white hairs on her chest and that's about it for white on her, at least at this point. All three of the kittens are about three months old as I write this (11-2-04) and still have much growing to do.

Phoebe is a little lankier than her two siblings. I think her eyes will be a little more orange than yellow, as you can tell from this picture.

For a while, the first week or so she was here, I thought there was something wrong with her eyes, but it turned out she was just fighting off a little cold. Nothing came of it and she's doing nicely now.



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