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Saturday, November 03, 2001 Well, here we are, another month gone, another month closer to the end of the year.

Well, the out front cats are still disappearing, I think. I haven't seen the little thin tortie in two nights. I didn't see Blue last night. Maybe the tortie has owners and they've been keeping her in. She never did show up pregnant, which every other female did. That would be a good thing, but deep down do I really believe this? No. Two nights isn't really that long, but she'd been by most every other night. Blue2 showed up last night, but no Blue. We had to go to the vet and got home after dark, then Brian left to get pizza. Maybe that's why the disruption. Since it gets dark so early now, we can't do anything at night. We even curtailed our Friday night dinners because of it. We might go to dinner tomorrow.

Junior got his first post insulin blood test last night. He's put on six pounds since the 25th of October (I can relate) and his glucose value fell from 422 to 294. The vet wants him around 180, I think. His insulin dosage was upped by two units, to 27 each morning. Thursday, I went to CostCo after the chiropractor and bought syringes. These are smaller and have a thinner needle than the ones the vet gave me. Only $16.49 for a hundred. The vet's go to 100 units, these only go to 50. And it's obvious Junior won't be going that high. Boy, it's been a learning experience for me. I used one of the new syringes this morning and that one step in a finer needle seemed to make a big difference. Brian was already gone (he wanted to do some stuff at Ranchita, should be back early this afternoon), so I had to do it by myself. It went well. On another note (File this one under Eww, that's really gross!!) on a bulletin board I frequent, someone posted that I should try something called "urine therapy" on Junior. Hey, it sounded weird to begin with and when it was explained in detail, there's not a chance I'd even consider this for one second! Urine therapy, it was explained, is taking a body's urine and reintroducing it to the body. She suggested having Junior drink his own urine and also giving him enemas with his own urine. Ack!! Ish!! Yukyukyuk!! *shudder* She went on to say that her husband had major pancreas problems and did this and now he's in perfect health. Even said that urine tasted like melon. Excuse me? Here, have a cup of cat pee and tell me that tastes like melon. Huh uh, no way. Ain't gonna happen. Still gives me the willies thinking about it. I'll stay with the needle and the insulin, thank you very much.

Because Buddy won't eat dry food in one sitting, I've started feeding him the same as I feed Junior. Soft food mixed with dry. Well, Buddy's system is adjusting to the new food and he's had the farts really bad. Noisy and stinky. When he rolls over, he passes gas. When he moves, he passes gas. One of the great things about this food mix, is that I'm able to get his glucosamine in the food. He wasn't readily eating the pills before. After the pills are gone, I'm going to start using the stuff the vet has, the same stuff I tried using in the cat food to help Kirby's bladder and urinary tract (which we all know, didn't work). Getting it bulk from the vet will be much less expensive than in pill form from the various pet product suppliers. The poor guy had a hard time the other night. I heard him whining, went to see what was going on. He threw up and farted big time. That made him feel a little better, but last night, he was a little off his feed. He only ate about half of his dinner, so I left it in the shop, and then later on, put him back up (after he started barking at a possom) and he finished it. Then Junior started barking because Buddy was barking and I let him out. Then both started barking at the possom, who hadn't moved in hours. *sigh* Both dogs slept in the shop last night.

Have you ever thought about having your own domain, but were afraid you couldn't afford it? Well, I found this really nice little webhosting place. If you already have your own domain, it's $25.00 to transfer. If you don't, they will help you to register your domain name at less than I registered Lots less. Anyway, the webspace is free. And there are no popups and no banner ads. The only thing is you get email advertising. Which really isn't a big deal. You get fifty megs of space, which is nice for a normal website (lisaviolet. isn't normal). I've started moving my small domains over to this place. They even will change your MX record, so you can offer free email like I do on my websites. If you're interested, check out And, so far, I'm happy with their customer service.

We had an earthquake late Wednesday night. If you'd like to find out more about it, check out my Ranchita earthquake page. Here at home, we heard it coming. It was strange, because like Brian said, it sounded like it was traveling from the west (think a big heavy truck as it travels down your street). When it went through, doors and windows rattled. The mirrored wardrobe doors and shower doors shook most. Then it rolled on by. Didn't seem to bother the cats or dogs much.

I had to change my main IP email address because I was getting one piece of spam continuously. I must have gotten three hundred copies of it between Monday and Friday. I changed my email yesterday. I can still check the other addy, what will happen is if I don't empty the box, it will overflow and mail will start bouncing. I still check it to make sure I don't miss anything important. I can't see how that would happen, because it's an addy I've never used on the internet. After a couple of weeks, I'll no longer check it. I did check it a couple of times this morning and can you believe I've not received anymore of that particular mail? *sigh* I changed all of my forwardings, I changed all of my computer records, and then the reason I did it goes away. As a guy I used to work with would say "don't that blow your dress up?"

I notice I haven't posted any pictures in a while. None last month. So, here ya go! (I really should update the family album section...*lol*)

Dammit, Opie, I said "get me a BEER, not BISCUIT"

Angel on top of the swing. She had a really hard time getting down.

Sammy and his foofy tail

Richie and Opie, still buds

Autumn's first picture

Autumn in the living room, out of the bathroom

Opie and the waterbowl duck

From the top: Autumn, Sammy and Opie

Sorry for the slow loading time.

I got a letter from Disney, telling me that if I send them our passes for the 20th, when we had such a rotten time (I'll be honest, if I hadn't been so damned tired and worn out, I'm sure we could have overlooked the rude Cast Members) they'll replace them. Great. We have annual passports. Does that mean if we send out passports, we'll get new year ones? I don't think so. But I have asked the other folks who were with us if they have theirs, to send them to me. I know some people who would love to do Disneyland as a family, but funds are tight for them right now.

Hey, I got some good news at the chiropractor's office last Thursday. I was worried about my bp, but when he took it, it was 120/84. Pretty good and I admit I was pleasantly surprised. I did tell him that I'd been crabby for over three weeks, with no good reason. I guess I was just stressing myself about the house and then the trip. I promise myself that I'll not do that again.

DeeJay has been a super pest lately. You know, I started giving him that dry kitten food and now he won't leave me alone. You know how cats like to nibble, well, every time he gets the urge to nibble, he's in my face. And I mean, in my face. He just won't leave me alone. I haven't weighed him lately (can't get to the scale, never did clean the exercise room, but that's on today's agenda), but to pick him up, it sure feels like he's a little heavier.

I found another flash making program and I tried it out, really liked it and I bought it. I'm working through the tutorial now. The first program I got didn't have a great tutorial like this. But once I get this one down, I'll go play with the other one. I'm sure I'll be able to use the same flash movies in both of them, so I can get the best of both programs. I really want to do this so I can add more cards to my new card section. I still have to add all of the regular cards from the current card system. What a pain in the butt. But now that I've gotten all my paperwork pretty much caught up, the quarterly reports filed and bills paid for the month of October, I have a couple of free weeks. If I could quit cruising bulletin boards, I'm sure I could get much more website work done. Not to mention the rest of the house. *grin*

I almost forgot! One of the things I'm going to do to possibly help keep the coyotes away, is to pee in a container and pour it into a spray bottle and spray the perimeter of the front of our property. It can't hurt and hopefully, it will help to mark *my* territory and deter the coyotes from coming into the yard. I can't help but feel they're lying in wait for the ferals as they pass through the gate. I'll spray lots if I have to. Some people don't think it will work. Others think Brian's urine would be more effective, because of the testosterone. But Brian can't handle the idea. Heck, I don't know why. We clean up cat poop and pee every day and we also have the dogs' poop to deal with. Why is human urine any ickier?

Well, I guess that's it for now. It's about ten am and I have to find a song for this month, then I'll get this uploaded. Then do house stuff. Maybe. Maybe not. A nap sounds nice after the dogs' barking woke me up that couple of time last night. Or maybe I'll just have me another cup of this fine coffee and enjoy this beautiful day we're having, here in Southern California. A little cool, a lot sunny, a perfect autumn day.


Tuesday, November 06, 2001 Today is a sad anniversary. We sent Pepper to the bridge a year ago today. *sigh* I miss that little girl. We haven't had a decent game of dog pong since she died.

Well, Brian didn't trim anything back in the front, but I did some moving stuff around. I brought the one story cathouse back into the entry way and moved the large pot (the plant that was in it had died) to a spot where something couldn't hide behind. Well, nothing big, anyway, but a cat can get behind it easily. Brian replaced the burnt out light bulb in the motion detector light with a white light, not a colored one, so when it's tripped, it's brighter out there now. And I did pee into a container, which I poured into a spray bottle. I sprayed the perimeter of the front of the house. I sprayed the driveway and along the property line. I don't know if that's helped, but it was worth a shot and it didn't cost anything. Surprisingly, Brian didn't get all grossed out when I told him I'd done it. It took awhile to get enough to spray where I sprayed. Lots of fun. Also, Blue is back. I was worried about her when I didn't see her for two nights in a row. Little Guy didn't show up one night, but she was back the next. When we trap her, we are going to keep her in. We'll make her a family member. So, the cats who haven't been around since last month are Cleo, Little White Guy, all of those kittens, and the thin little tortie I was calling Chloe. But the cats are coming over together again, not one at a time, and even though they still look over their shoulders, they aren't doing it so much.

This morning, I vacuumed the office. This was the first time with the new vacuum. I filled over a bag and a half. Lots of cat hair. And the little green light didn't come on very often. I'm sure it will take a couple of more times before the loose crud is all up. Brian took the other vacuum, the one that was repaired, up to the sticks. Next on today's agenda is the exercise room. I still haven't done anything in there. *grin* But the vacuum is sitting patiently outside of the door. It's more a matter of putting stuff back where it belongs and running the vacuum. It won't be really bad, I'm just not looking forward to it. Besides, it means we'll also start exercising again. Puke.

I did something really boneheaded. It cost us money. And I just found out I'd done it yesterday. I've been letting the paperwork slide and yesterday, I decided to get caught up. I opened the mail, put it in it's various piles and came across the October bank statement for lisaviolet designs. You know that feeling when the blood drains from your head? When you get hot and light headed all at the same time? Well, that happened to me. The balance was down to cents. Less than a dollar. Now, I don't often open the lv bank statement because lvd isn't the most active account we have. I mean, I sell maybe one or two shirts a month, sometimes I don't sell any. The only activity is the reduction of the balance because of the various withdrawals from the various merchant accounts. I look and almost $800.00 had been taken out. Oh lord, what happened? I checked the second page of the statement. I recognized all of the withdrawals. To WalMart and Vons and Albertsons and the vet's office. Whoa, how did that happen? Instead of writing checks, I use my ATM card. And these were all ATM uses. I pulled out the last statement for our personal account. I looked at what hadn't cleared. These very same items hadn't cleared. And then it dawned on me, what had happened. A couple of months ago, Brian got his new personal ATM card. Two weeks later, I got mine. I cut up my old one and started using the new one. Except it wasn't my own personal ATM card, it was for Lisaviolet Designs. Spit. And money was being withdrawn from the overdraft protection account. At $8.00 each transfer. Spit again. Well, at least nothing got bounced from the bank. And I transferred money from the personal account over to the lvd account. So, now I'm square. I called the bank and even though it's my fault, they're going to credit the two transfer charges. Any more, though, I'm responsible for. Shouldn't be a problem. Damn.

All of the animals seem to be doing fine. Jackie and Lisa still get into it. Ciara still chases Georgie, but we're doing what we can to let her know this isn't a good thing. Rusty is still a clinging cat, if he isn't sleeping, he'll follow me from room to room. The kittens are doing well, the girls got their stitches out yesterday. Buddy has finally gotten used to the new feeding schedule and isn't farting so much anymore. And he's cleaning his bowl at night.

Well, I guess I should go start to pick up the exercise room. I can't even walk into it right now, because I've been piling everything right inside the door. This is going to be real fun. Not. Good thing I have lots of Pepsi One. The caffeine will be needed.


Thursday, November 08, 2001 So, what's new? Hmmm....let me some stuff to relate.

I've been doing laundry. Vacuumed the house yesterday, washed the throw rugs. Real exciting. Stuck myself with the needle this am. My mom gets all weirded out when I tell her that (I've done it twice now). I explained that it's no big thing, seeing as the needle is a fresh one every day. It may have just a touch of insulin on it, but it's not injected into my body. I told her a thorn on a rose is worse than what happens with the needle. She still didn't like it. She said I'd have to be more careful. *sigh* We have a dog. We have a dog with thick skin. We have to pinch the skin to get the needle under the skin (make a little hill is the only way I can explain it and the needle goes in to the base of the hill), to get the insulin SubQ. Well, my left hand is pinching the skin and I'm aiming the needle right next to my thumb. If Junior moves when I'm in the process of putting the needle in place, it may happen that the needle will graze my skin. It's no big deal. I guess I just can't mention it to her, though.

What else, what else, what else....oh, yeah. I had a scare with Rusty last night. You know, he doesn't have a lot of strength in his back legs. Sometimes I wonder about his circulation, because he'll shake his paws like we do when our limbs go to "sleep". You know, the pins and needles sensation. Well, last night, Rusty had it bad in both back legs. His paw pads were really cold. I was thinking blood clot, things along those lines. Of course, we always think the worst. Anyway, I started massaging his hips, his legs and his paws. I rubbed between his toes, which would get him to shaking his paw again (think of when a cat gets something on their paw, how the shake it, like we shake water off of our hands). I worked on him for about twenty minutes. As the night wore on, he seemed to be doing better. This happened back in the office and I told Brian about it. We were watching Law & Order and I'd shut down the system and closed the office. I said "watch him" when Rusty came into the room. He said that it looked pretty bad. Rusty was doing his best to balance on his back legs and his toes were all stretched out. It was really odd. At one point, he came up next to me on the couch and I put the blanket over him and cuddled him next to me. I felt his paw pads and they were warm to the touch, which at this point was a good thing. This morning, he's back to normal.

I haven't had to walk Buddy back to the shop in a couple of days now when it's time to be fed. He's going on his own. It took a while for him to get used to the idea of eating back there, but I think he's enjoying it now. He can eat in peace and at his leisure. And I'm sure the soft food is welcomed. I've cut down on the dry I add, because with two cups at night, he didn't finish it. So, I backed off. Junior still gets a full portion. I may try Buddy with a cup and a half in the morning and at night. He'll still get the same amount of soft food at each feeding, though. A third of a can in the morning and the rest at night. He does seem to be feeling better. Right now, he's laying on the steps in front of the laundry room door, taking in the sunshine.

Let's see, I know there's more. Oh, yeah. The outfronts. The population seems to have stabilized. Well, kind of. Last night, it seems Little Guy brought a guest. A kitten. A black and white kitten. Most likely one of Autumn's siblings. But maybe not. I think there were some black kittens in that kindle. I think it's very wise of Little Guy to bring the kit here. Hopefully, she'll be able to get the kitten to understand that this is a good place, a safe place. Of course, keeping the kitten once trapped is a no brainer. It will live here. As well as Little Guy. Well, hell, what's two more? Two less off the street, that's what.

Now, for the "whoa, that was really weird" file. Alright, long time readers of this diary know that I don't go to bed at the same time as Brian, because I snore. He goes first and, after snoozing on the sofa for a couple of hours, I'll go to bed. Once he's been asleep for a while, my snoring doesn't bother him. Well, last night, while we were watching television, little Autumn got her claw caught in a bell on a new toy we had hanging. At first, we thought one of the older kittens was being too rough, but when I looked, I saw she was caught. I went over and picked her up, talking gently to her and she was able to retract her claw enough so that it came loose from the bell. As I held her close and tried to soothe her, I received a thin scratch on my chest. Usually, these don't bother me at all, but for some reason, this one really stung. It's not at all deep, but it must have hit a very sensitive part of my anatomy. Anyhow, after Brian had gone to bed and I was ready to hit the sack myself (after cuddling and snoozing on the couch with Rusty and a bunch of other kitties). My little chest owwie bothered me, so I figured I'd put some ointment on it before going to bed. I went into my bathroom and squeezed a little on my finger, but couldn't see the scratch in the dark. I flipped on the light, covered the scratch, turned off the light and proceeded into the bedroom. Ack!! What on earth? But it was anything but earthly. The bedroom was foggy. I swear it was foggy. There's no other way to describe it. The windows were open and we've been having some foggy nights here, so I looked out the window. Clear. Well, maybe a little night moisture in the air, but nothing like the bedroom. It wasn't cold or damp, though. I rubbed my eyes a couple of times and had the scary thought that I was going blind. Then I went back into the hallway, looked into the rest of the house. Clear. Not fuzzy at all. Back into the bedroom, still foggy. I rubbed my eyes again. Strange. I climbed into bed and was amazed at the amount of cats and kittens on the bed. There usually aren't this many until the morning when it's time for me to get up and them to get fed. They were happy, purring and kneading. So whatever was going on didn't bother them at all. As a matter of fact, I think whatever it was, was soothing to them. It was still foggy when I fell asleep. It was normal this morning. It wasn't scary at all, just really strange.

And on that note, I'll end this entry.


Sunday, November 11, 2001 We took Junior in Friday for his second post-insulin blood test. His values were 181. The vet wants him at 180, so it looks like we're pretty darned close to what he wants. Two weeks to get there is pretty good, I guess. We have to go in another two weeks, which is the day after Thanksgiving, so I don't think we'll be taking him in at that point. Junior is being pretty cool about this whole thing. And this morning, he did something that I've wished the dogs would do all along. Help me with the cats. Sitting in here this morning, lamenting over the fact that my email isn't working properly (the company who runs and lvdesigns, et al, servers crashed; supposed to be up and running tomorrow at the latest), I hear a vague cat fight. And it seems to be coming from the backyard. I go outside and Jack was after Pete, big time. The were in a corner, where Pete couldn't run off. Well, one of the problems when the cats are fighting, is if one runs, the other chases. It would be nice to have two of me, so that one of me can send one cat in one direction, the other cat in the other direction, so that the fight doesn't continue. This morning, Junior did just that. Pete ran towards the back fence and Jack decided he was going to follow. Well, I blocked him at one point and Junior went over and blocked his other path, so Jack just turned around and went back into the house. I gave Junior mucho loves after that, told him what a fine, smart boy he is.

my brave boy

Brian has been pretty crabby lately. He was really bad Friday. I can always blame my crabbiness on hormones, but he can't. I think he just needs a break. Before we bought the property, he would take vacations around the U.S., looking at places where we might move. Since we got the property, he's had no need to go traveling. And he hasn't taken any extended time off. I think he should. I told him Friday that he needed an attitude adjustment and a day at the Sticks does that. He said 'no, he had too much around here to do' and I said "what?" There's nothing that pressing at this house that needs to be done. So, he left yesterday am after Junior got his insulin. He got home before six last night, bone tired. He'd done a lot of work and it was work that's good for his spirit. I think he should consider going up there for the Thanksgiving weekend. I think that would do wonders for him.

Well, I'm back. We went to breakfast, then did a little shopping. Got a new cat track at WalMart. Got a potporri simmering pot, too. Those plug in things with the oil don't last long at all. They're supposed to last up to a month and it's my thinking, the only way they last that long is if you unplug them for fifteen days out of the month. Too expensive to keep buying refills for that. I think I'm going to go take a little nap.


Tuesday, November 13, 2001 Damn Ciara. Yesterday, the forecast was for rain. So, yesterday afternoon, I busted my butt to get the windows in the living room and dining room cleaned. Brian got home early enough for me to ask if he would take out the screens and wash them. He was just going to use water, but I found the last time I washed the patio screen doors, that using soap really helps get the grunge out and they look much cleaner. He took them out front and used car wash to clean them while I finished the windows. I figured it would be really nice if it was nasty out to be able to see the nasty clearly. We watched Ally McBeal, then Crossing Jordan and at eight, Brian was flipping channels (satellite tv is great for watching primetime shows). Ben was the only cat outside, so I got him in. Shortly after that, it started to rain. Brian turned off the television and I turned out the lights and we lay there, head to head on the sectional, listening to the rain and the wind and the windchimes. We both fell asleep and at midnight, went to bed. Slept soundly until this morning, when Ciara PEED ON MY PILLOW! Argh. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. I thought I was safe, because I was close to the edge of the bed and Mickey was snug against the only part that Ciara could stand on to urinate. So, she came up to my pillow. Ish. And our pillows are king size down pillows, which makes for a pain in the butt to wash. First off, they get all puffy and take forever to lose the air so that they're all wet and not puffed out of the laundry. Making for a pretty spooky spectacle.

Click on the image to see a QuickTime movie
(I don't know why it's called QuickTime, it's not quick to load--4.7M;
I really have to figure out how to run that software that cleans this stuff)

Is that thing haunted? Heck, no, I'm trying to wash two down pillows at the same time. And then, of course, once they're washed, they take forever to dry and if they aren't completely dry, they stink. It takes hours. I just checked on them after two hours in the dryer and they're barely not wringing wet. *sigh* Thanks, Ciara.

I had my six month teeth cleaning yesterday. I told the hygienist that my top molar still hurt, the one above the one that had the second root canal earlier this year. She couldn't find anything, then put the camera on it. She saw what appeared to be a crack in the filling. After she had finished cleaning my teeth, which were better than before, she called the dentist in and he looked at that tooth. Looks like I'll need a partial crown on it, because it may be cracked all the way through. He won't know until he takes the old fillings out. And I still have a small cavity on the other side of my mouth. He wants to take care of both of them at the same time. Spit. It's set for the 27th of this month. Isn't this fun? I want to save the tooth if at all possible. Brian said if it had been the back molar, it wouldn't have been a problem to just pull it, but since there are teeth on either side, I'd need something there. Well, I hope the crown alone does it. I started to get annoyed when she told me she couldn't see anything. They told Brian the same thing months before he lost his tooth. "There's nothing wrong." Yeah, right. Then his tooth is so bad, root and all, there was nothing that could be done to save it.

We haven't seen Little Guy in a couple of nights now. That doesn't really mean much, because sometimes she's here late. Especially if she's kitten sitting. Blue2 was playing in the two story house the other night. Then she kicked back on the top of the feeding station.

Lola seems to have been off of her feed. I weighed her the other day and she'd lost weight since the last time I weighed her. Then I started feeding her and in one day she put back on four ounces. I'll keep special feeding her and if she doesn't eat, I'll spoon feed her. We bought another case of kitten food and she likes that.

Today, Boney wouldn't shut up so I put him in the bathroom with food. I opened a can of kitten food, scooped it into a container, figuring when he was done, I'd put Lola in there. I knew he'd cry when he was done. Sure enough, a long while later, he started to cry. I opened the door and he had eaten almost all of the food in one sitting. Unbelievable. He and Rusty have been pretty needy lately. I guess Boney was just hungry. I looked for him in the house to make sure he didn't puke up all he ate. I have to admit, I was very surprised to see how much he'd eaten.

We don't know what we're doing for Thanksgiving. I think Brian should go up to Ranchita. I think it would do his frame of mind a world of good. Before he bought the property, he'd go on a vacation for at least a week each year. Sometimes he'd fly and rent a car, other times, just drive. I don't go because of the cats, but he'd call each night. Well, since buying the property, he's had no reason to be gone. I think he should take a week up at the property. Because it gives him a break from work (if he's home, he just can't not listen to his messages; he ends up working, even though he told everyone he was going to be gone). The work he does at Ranchita is hard work, but it relaxes him and it cleanses his spirit. I don't know if that makes any sense, but up there he's away from his company and the phone. It would be nice if his brother could go up, too, but I'm under the impression he's got too much to do at home. Brian says he has lots to do here. Sure, he says that every weekend, so what gets done? *chuckle* Nothing that can't wait until next weekend. Or the next weekend. He asked what I'd do. I don't know, I have the cards to move to the new cardshop. I told him I wouldn't be lonely, but I might get bored. I don't know the last time I was lonely. I don't think I've ever *been* lonely. But I do get bored. Why should I make Brian pay because I can't find something interesting to do? Is that fair to him? I don't think so. It's not his job to entertain me. He did say something about maybe my mom and I going up there for Thanksgiving dinner, maybe picking something up at the local grocery store, you know, one of those premade dinners, then coming home so that we'd (my mom and I) would be home before dark. I don't know. We'll see what happens. I said if he wants Thanksgiving dinner, he should just stay home and leave late that day or the next morning. Like I said, we don't know what we'll be doing. He did say he could get lots of stuff done up there if his brother was there for the weekend. But I don't see that happening. But who knows? Maybe he will be able to make it.

Well, that's all for today. I have to go check on the pillows.

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