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Monday, October 29, 2001 Well, I saw Blue last night. Still no Cleo or Little White Guy. Brian and I talked about it and we just can't see them going into a cage at someone else's house when they wouldn't go in here. The smaller tortie also didn't show up last night. The cats who did show up, Little Guy, Angus, OC, a black cat with a white diamond on it's chin, Meezer and Blue didn't show up en masse as they were coming by, but one at a time and they were constantly looking over their shoulders. I know that people have told me that cats and raccoons can get along, but something has these guys spooked. I told Brian that something must have happened when we were gone in our front yard. Figure the car was gone and the sitter's vehicle sits up high, so the cats didn't have an easy way to get away from anything that might have chased them. They can get under the car or jump up onto it. I keep saying little prayers that the cats I've not seen come back. When they've gotten hit by cars in the past and not died of their injuries, they'll be gone for a couple of weeks, then come back to eat. I hate this.

DeeJay has been a very finicky eater lately. I haven't been able to get him interested in anything. Until he tasted a little of the kitten's dry food. He loves it. Good thing. Now I know what to feed him. He's just so thin. I'd love to see him gain some weight.

Saturday, I saw a small hawk down by the pool. I couldn't believe I was seeing it right. I looked at it and thought to myself "that's too big for a dove, isn't it?". It was walking along the edge of the pool and there were no cats around. It didn't look big enough to fly off with a cat, though, which makes me feel a little less nervous about the idea of the cats being in the yard when the hawks are flying over.

Since we've been back, Ciara's bed peeing has gotten really bad. Last week, after changing the sheets when we got back Sunday, I had to strip the bed and wash all of the clothing twice. One day, she completely soaked where my back was and later in the week, when I was making the bed, I noticed more places on Brian's side. I pulled the sheets back both times and the urine had gone through to the pad. Yesterday morning, when Brian wasn't home (he'd gone to the sticks) I heard her scratching by his pillow and I found that she'd completely wet the spread. But because of how it was folded, that's the only thing that got wet. I still have the full prescription from the last time I got her Buspar. Remember, I tried giving her two in one day (one in the morning and one in the evening) and she completely freaked out. I haven't given her any since. I read last week on a forum somewhere, that Buspar can take up to two weeks to show any effect, so last Friday, I started her back up on it. Her peeing is just getting so bad. And I know it's behavioral. Like I said, she was doing fine until we were gone and someone else stayed here. Maybe she's just remarking us as hers, I don't know, but I don't like it, for whatever reason she's doing it.

Giving Junior his shot is easier to do than I'd imagined. Yesterday, without Brian, I had to take Junior back into the shop, because Buddy thought Junior was getting a treat and he wanted some. He kept shoving Junior and it was hard to do anything with the needle. But once I had Junior by himself, it went very smoothly. I really like seeing Junior energetic again. ONe thing, though, Buddy isn't eating much. So, this morning, we decided we'd feed them both the same. No more free feeding for either. One of the problems with Buddy is he was used to nibbling throughout the day, but with Junior needing to be fed on a schedule, free feeding Buddy is no longer an option. But Buddy won't eat dry food all at one sitting. So, this morning, he got his first meal with Junior. And Brian was home this morning to help with Junior, but we found out that we will have to take Junior to the shop to administer the insulin. Buddy just won't leave us alone. This morning, he pushed Junior just as I was bringing the needle up to where I was pinching the skin and I grazed myself with the needle. Brian pushed Buddy away and I think the shot went in the way it should, but I'm not sure, because right as I was pushing the plunger down, Junior moved because of Buddy again. I can't take any chances. I told Brian this yesterday, but I guess he thought he could keep Buddy away. He couldn't.

Autumn is just so cute! I call her "little Autumn bottom". She's gotten so that she doesn't run when I walk into the room. Well, not everytime, anyway. But if I get on my knees and slowly come up to her, she'll lay down and start purring. I've taken some pictures of her, but she moves, so they're blurry. I'll take more. She has to get used to the camera. She'll play in the tv room while we're in there now (that's where most of the toys are). She hasn't gotten to where she'll come up onto the sofa or chair at all. But I bet she's doing that before too long.

I have a ton of stuff I have to do, like straighten up the exercise room, so we can start exercising again. I quit exercising the week before we were going to Disneyland because I was so busy cleaning house. Well, I started just piling stuff in there and now, you can't get to the other side of the room for all of the bags of catfood and cat carriers and laundry baskets that I've just shoved in there. I have my work cut out for me, that's for sure. But I do want to start exercising again on a regular basis. Kind of hard to do when you can't reach the equipment. *grin* So, off I go. Have a great day, everyone!


Wednesday, October 31, 2001 Monday night, I started keeping a list of the outfront cats as I saw them. So far, I've seen nine different cats. No sign of Little White Guy or Cleo, so I'm sure they're gone to the bridge. We've come to the conclusion that the coyotes got them. It's the younger ones who disappeared first. Autumn is the only kitten left and I'm sure if I hadn't caught her, she'd be gone. Figure there were seven at one point. Damn. I hate the coyotes. I know that the cats caught most likely went into immediate shock, so anything that happened to them, they weren't aware. *sigh* I hate coyotes.

Autumn is getting more and more acclimated to the house. A few mornings, she's not been very active, like yesterday, but after sleeping most of yesterday, hiding under the cover on the sofa in the living room, she was very active last night, chasing other cats through the house. I'm wondering if she'll be true to my opinions of blue eyed white cats. I wonder if she's going to be a little bully. This morning she ate quite a bit of chicken. She likes chicken.

The following is one of my pet peeves. Why aren't people prepared at the drive through window? Okay, I can understand forgetting to endorse a check. Embarrassing, but it's not really a big deal. But the people who go to the drive through, when the bank itself is open, and they aren't ready. "Oh, I need a deposit slip, could you please send me one?" Slip sent. "Oh, I can't find a pen, could you please send me one?". Pen sent.

Then, once that idiot is done scratching his or her butt and picking his or her nose, they start filling out the forms. Now, my question is why don't they go inside the bank to do this? Why do they tie up the drive through line, which is supposed to be for quick transactions, not account reconciliation.

And it never fails. There can be three lines open, one car in each line. And I get behind the moron every single time there is a moron. Geez.

Why can't the tellers tell these idiots to please pull forward and go inside, that the drive through is for express transactions? Is it against policy? And what's the deal with people who aren't ready? "Oh, I forgot all about this check I get every week/month on this day. Maybe I should deposit it. Oh, dear, I forgot my checkbook, oh, well, I'll just go wait in the drive through, without a care of anyone behind me, after all, it's all about me."

Geez, when I go to the bank, I have everything endorsed properly (I double check before I even leave to go to the bank), the forms filled out in full. If I'm getting money back, I always include my driver's license, so there won't be any questions. Even though I feel like they should know me by now, I still send my license, just in case. I put post it notes on special instructions.

I don't want to hold up the line, ya know?

Gracie has started coming back into the house. For quite a while, she spent most of her time in the garage. Well, she's started laying on the back of the sofa at night. Maybe one of these days, she'll be back in the bedroom at night. I kind of miss her in there. She'd stretch out next to me and Ciara couldn't pee there. Last night, I combed more of the mats off of her legs. She didn't like it, but she didn't leave.

Well, it's almost six pm and we've not had one trick or treater yet. I wonder if we'll have many at all. I didn't decorate, so it's not a big deal. We will have a lot of candy left over if no one shows up.

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