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So, this morning at 8:30 we took them in. Buddy was no problem, but when Brian got Junior to the gate, he pulled out of his collar. Junior doesn't get outside very often, usually just for trips to the vet. Understandably, he isn't too anxious to see what's on the other side of the fence, he likes his own yard, thank you very much. Brian found Buddy's old collar and put it on Junior. This collar was able to have a tighter adjustment. But Junior still wouldn't walk and being afraid that he would pull loose, Brian ended up carrying him. Back into the back of the truck with Brian both dogs went. I shut the shell and latched it and off to the vet's we go. Once there, I got Buddy out first, he's a happy camper, likes to ride and sniffed all of the new smells. Junior, on the other hand, is terrified and Brian gets to carry him again. Taking them in early was wise. There was no one inside but the techs and we were able to park up front. There was a woman that was walking her dog and looked with concern upon Junior being carried. I just laughed and told her the short version. She said, "Oh, I was wondering because he looks healthy". Dumb dog. Guess we are slacking in our duties. Once inside, I handed Charlene the license stuff and Elena got the office ready. We took the boogers in and Junior was very nervous. He even farted. Peeyooeee!! They handed the dogs some biscuits and Junior wasn't pretending to be the alpha anymore. Buddy actually took Junior's biscuit which is unheard of in our backyard. I took Buddy in the other room and Junior got to eat the next biscuit he was given. Yummy, he likes biscuits. Then, we were done. Dogs and hubby back into the truck and home we go. Junior didn't need to be carried into the backyard. He was happy to get there by himself. We are going to buy a harness for him and I am going to start taking him out front and let him see there is more to this world than the backyard. He is a very energetic and curious dog, so I don't think it will take very long. *sigh*

The deliquent neighbor boys were lighting off firecrackers last evening, more like rockets, I guess. Buddy is just terrified of loud noises and he was shaking like a leaf. I have called the police on these guys before because of firecrackers (which happen to be very against the law because of fire concerns). And our next door neighbor called the police on them last night. The kids gave him a bad time, "go ahead and call" they said. They went inside their home and turned off all of the lights. Probably didn't answer the door when the police showed up. The houses aournd here have old wood shake roofs and the thought of fire is very scary. Some people just don't get it. But, the kids did quit with the noisemaking and Buddy was okay.


november 30, 1997 Well, Brian and his brother started putting our new windows in yesterday. They had to board up the inside of the garage window, so that it wouldn't be open to the great *out front*, where no kitty is allowed. I cleaned up the garage and rearranged stuff. It looks a lot better and more open now. Plus, I moved the litter boxes and they are easier to clean now.
Anyway, back to the windows. I love them, they are great. They were able to get the two bay windows in the dining room and tv room in. Cats are just overwhelmed. Since the windows stick out, they will walk under them, looking up at this new thing. And, unfortunately, they have already started marking the insides. Put the way the windows open, they will be much easier to clean the inside and outside. I know once everything is completely done, the cats will love laying there and bask in the sun and look out at the birds.

Kirby seemed to be straining a little this morning. I sure hope he gets better. I'll watch him just to make sure. *sigh*

Red slept on the chair in the living room last night. Cool.

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