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Potter is number three of the cats that came to us after the Cedar Fires. Becky, our catsitter, worked at our vet's office when the woman who owned Potter brought him in. She ran a petstore and Potter had a messed up back leg. He was about four and a half months old at the time (he was born in May, 2003). She told the vet "he was born that way".

Well, after the vet started checking Potter over, he said "he wasn't born this way, this is trauma". Needless to say, he didn't go back to his owner, but Becky took him into her home. His leg had been amputated.

And we took him into ours.

He just won my heart when he was here in October. He's the cutest little thing, he'd cry and cry until you picked him up, then he'd squirm to be put down. Then he'd start crying again. He gets around fine and adapts quite well. He's good at finding the easy way up and if he can't find it, he'll either give up, or let you know about it.

He's really an adorable little guy.

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