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Walter is the last of the Cedar cats. He was born in March 2002. The owner before Becky got him was a crackhead. And that's how Becky came to know him.

Last year, Walter was brought to my vet's office, bleeding from the nose and mouth. It seems his owner, under the influence, had slammed him against the wall. Becky wanted to adopt him right away, but law enforcement needed him "as evidence". He went to the Animal Control shelter.

Months after that, one of Becky's cats got out and as many know from my diary, this area has coyotes. Becky never found her kitty. She took her kids down to the shelter to pick out a new kitty and who should be available for adoption, but Wally. She adopted him right away.

He is a quiet kitty. Every once in a while we'll see him playing in the hallway with a mousie. And he does like to be loved. He sleeps in baskets in the kitty condo or on the bed. He's really soft and he has a soft purr. His right eye weeps because of the damage it sustained. But it doesn't seem to bother him all that much, for the most part. He's adorable.

Update October 2007:

Wally's very sick

Wally passed away

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