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Last year, during the Cedar Fires we catsit for our catsitter, Becky. She had to evacuate her home and she had a place for her dogs and her horse, but no place to take her cats. We had room and she brought seven of them over. The fire abated and she was allowed to go back and she picked the cats up. The following month, she came to us with a problem. Her new landlord (she'd been in the process of moving) saw the amount of cats she had and wasn't amenable to having seven cats in his newly carpeted house. Four of them needed new homes. She asked us.

On November 17th, four cats were added to our population. Sagwa was one of them. Sagwa was born around June, 2002. He was adopted from in front of the Santee Wal-Mart store, where a man was selling kittens. The kittens were sickly and Becky took Sagwa from the man (she didn't buy him, she was given him). Sagwa was pretty ill, his eyes were all gunked up and he had a very bad upper respiratory infection.

He overcame the infection with a lot of help from Becky (who worked for my vet at the time). His eyes will always be runny because of how bad the infection was, but for the most part, they don't seem to bother him.

He's a really nice cat, friendly, not aggressive at all with the other cats. Like most of the cats, he occasionally wants to be held for long periods of time, but other times is quite content to just snooze on the back of the sofa or in the tall grass by the pool. He loves to play with the toys and amuses us.

He is quite the piggy in the morning when it's time for chicken. He'll push the other cats out of the way, just in case I forget to feed him. And if I don't give him a large portion, he'll quickly eat his and move on to someone else's. I'm glad he's here. I think he is, too.

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