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On February 28, 2003, the phone rang. It was Becky from the vet's office asking me if I could do her a really big favor. Her father-in-law had a cat who was hit by a car at the end of last year. The leg wasn't broken, it was "luxated" and as much as Becky loved him, she couldn't keep him (the father-in-law wouldn't keep him inside) because he "hates men". He had bit her husband and attacked her son. He hated dogs, attacked her rottweilers. I had until Monday to let her know. If we said no, then Monday he'd most likely have been put to sleep.

I told her I'd have to talk it over with hubby and I'd let her know. I thought about him all day. He's thirteen years old, he's been an outside cat for most of his life. We just lost Boney. Did we want another cat so soon? An older cat at that? In the end, I thought we did. I discussed it with Brian and he was a little reluctant, what would happen if Oliver didn't fit in? We'd cross that bridge when we came to it.

I called Becky back and told her we'd take him. She was thrilled. I was to pick him up Monday at the vet's office. The weekend took forever to go, then it was time. She took him from a cage in the back and I held him. He made biscuits on my shoulder, purring the entire time. This was a good sign. He was a big cat. He was a beautiful cat. We put him in the carrier and I brought him home.

There was minimal hissing and growling. He was more interested in checking out his new surroundings than meeting these new cats. Within two weeks, the initial discomfort of the resident cats was gone. It was going to work. He did have problems with Junior, but seems to have gotten over that. His leg concerns me, though. His accident was last December and he still wasn't putting much weight on it. I'd made arrangements to take him to a chiropractor in April (the soonest they had an opening). I hope they can help.

He's a very sweet cat, but I find many of the things he's done at odds with my previous cat experiences. The attacking the dog (which he did a couple of times until he realized the dog was not a threat) and the way he interacts with the other cats. It's almost as if he's used to other felines, but doesn't know that he's also a cat. I'm looking forward to learning more about his personality.

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