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Friday, September 01, 2000 Did I mention that Pepper had been drooling a lot? She's prone to bad teeth, so Tuesday afternoon, I called and made an appointment for a teeth cleaning for her yesterday. I withheld food after midnight Wednesday and took her in before nine. At ten, the vet called. She has a lump in her jaw. She's losing a lot of teeth. It could be an infection, it could be cancer. He wants to take x-rays and send in a sample for biopsy. If there's no apparant tumor, he'll do the teeth cleaning. I took Lola in for her chemo at 11:30, no word yet on Pepper. I called a little after three and was told I could pick Pepper up at five, at which time the doctor would talk to me about Pepper. I still didn't know what was going on.

I went in to get her at five and it's not good. He showed me the x-rays. Something is eating away her bone. He pulled a couple of teeth, but left a couple in, even though they are bad, so that her jaw wouldn't break. His gut feeling is cancer. Squamis cell I think he said. If it is, it's not going to travel through her body, it will stay where it is, but it will gradually eat away the bone so that she won't be able to eat. He said it hasn't gotten back to her tongue, which is good. If it had, she wouldn't have long with us. As it is, it's probably a matter of months. Or, it could be a bone infection. But the chances of that are very slight. So, right now, we are treating it as a bone infection with an antibiotic made specifically for this type of problem. Just in case. I'm once again hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Pepper really likes the Hill's A/D, so she can have all of that she wants. *tears* As soon as she quits eating on her own, it will be time to say goodbye. I won't force feed her like I did Lola. With Lola, I knew there was a chance she would get better. Not so with Pepper. The vet said there is no treatment for this type of cancer. Chemo and radiation won't work. He said that he's done surgery to remove the bad part of the jaw in other cases, but he said the cat wasn't happy and the cancer came back. He doesn't recommend this. If I had lots of money, I'd have her jaw removed and rebuilt, like people do. Ah, geez, more tears.

Maggie's home now, too. I picked up her ashes yesterday. When I picked Pepper up I was told that Lola hadn't needed to go in for treatment. Every fifth week chemo patients get a break. He said how great Lola is looking (she gained weight, too). I'm glad. I'm feeling like I'm in a tug of war right now with God. Because I was able to keep Lola from dying, he taught me that you can't save them all by taking Maggie. Now, he's trying to teach me another lesson. Maybe giving me some experience in quick death vs long drawn out death. I tell you right now, I believe ignorance is bliss. One of the things that keeps me going is the other cats. They still need me, as much as ever. The weather cooled off considerably this week and Rusty's arthritis is acting up. He's been pretty stiff. DeeJay can't seem to get enough to eat. I don't know what's up with his appetite........6+32 (cat addition, Rusty on the keyboard). Gracie has really been loving Brian up in the morning. Me, too, a little, but not nearly as much as hubby. Georgie got really lovable yesterday afternoon, actually was following me down the hall, wanting to be picked up. I did and took him into the bedroom and let him lay down on me. He purred, kneaded and drooled on me. He just couldn't seem to get enough.

Mystie is such a cutie. We tried Brian going in the room last night and she freaked. She ran and hid. She would kind of come out, but not all the way. After he left the room, it took at least a half an hour for her to come to me again. This morning, she was back to her lovable self. She loves climbing on me and playing in my hair. It's really kind of neat to walk in and call out "hey, little Mystie" and have her come running. And it's more than being the food lady. She is really relaxed around me, purring and talking (I think she's gonna be a talker, but if she's got a lot of Siamese in her, which I believe she does, that's the way Siamese are). She just loves to have her little belly rubbed. I just came from giving her the morning medications and now Pepper is on my lap as I type. How did I ever get so lucky as to have such great cats? I guess when life happens to bring the sadness, I should spend more time thinking about the good times I've had with them and not on my sadness at them being gone.

Hope everybody has a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

3:00 Update: It's cancer.


Saturday, September 02, 2000 Well, Pepper seems to be feeling a little better this morning. She wouldn't eat after all the A/D she scarfed down yesterday (I got two cases, almost two bucks a can, from the vet yesterday, just in case it's all she will eat). She turned her nose up at it this morning. But I'm sure her mouth and jaw and throat were sore from all the work that was done on Thursday. I had forgotten all about the Sheba catfood I had bought earlier this summer for Lola. This morning I opened a can of duck flavor and heated it up and mushed it with a fork. Pepper really liked it. I'm so worried about her not eating. She ate almost half and now she's sleeping in the catcam chair. I called the vet's office about pain killers for her yesterday and was told that those would be for when she had a hard time eating. Brian asked what they had said and I told him. He said "I thought when she couldn't eat without pain, we were going to let her go." I said we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I have said I wouldn't force feed her like I did Lola. As long as she's eating on her own......

I let Mickey in to meet Mystie yesterday. He likes her. He was headbutting her. This morning, I let her in the office and we had some hissing with Ciara and Pete. Pepper kept trying to sniff her butt, which Mystie didn't like at all. She hissed at Pepper and raised her little paw to smack her. And Mickey headbutted her and started to groom her. I think we have a new friendship in the making. For those who were online at that time, you might have even seen her on the catcam. All of the cats had left the office, so I shut the door and let Mystie have the run of the room. She ended up playing for a little while in the chair until Brian opened the door and frightened her.

Brian had wanted to go to the Sticks this weekend. I would really rather he spent the weekend in town. It would be nice to have the emotional support. This morning when he was leaving to go over to his brother's house, where they were going to put the base of the windmill together, I asked for a hug. He gave me one and I just started crying. His brother had originally planned on going up, but said that he just couldn't, there was too much to be done at home. I kind of laughed at that. Gee, Brian, there's lots you can do around here, too. Like finish the patio cover. Brian had said he would go by himself, but I told him that I thought that was a bad idea. What if something happened to him? There's no one around. Sure, he's supposed to call at night, so, if he doesn't call by ten I drive up there? I just don't feel comfortable with him doing work by himself up there at this point. Last night he said that his going up depended on his brother going. I hope that means he won't be going. I just couldn't stand it if something happens to him.

I asked Brian last night if he's seen any poop on the floor in the laundry room since Maggie's been gone. It wasn't Maggie doing it, I know that. It would happen when she was outside. But I thought it odd I hadn't seen any in over a week. Maybe Brian had and cleaned it up. He hasn't seen any either. So, the family dynamics are changing. He said that all the cats have been acting weird since Maggie's passing. He dreads what's going to happen when Pepper is gone. They'll probably really be spooked. Neither of us are looking forward to it. Not at all.

The weather has been unbelievably beautiful. It's actually like fall weather. This is the time of year I finally start working on my tan for real and it's usually pretty hot. This is the time of year where we have the Santa Ana winds in from the desert. The weather is definitely not typical. I'm not complaining, though.

Brian picked up the globe for the outside camera. I wonder when he'll have time to put it up. Maybe this weekend if he doesn't go up to the Sticks.

I sat outside last night in the swing with Rusty on my lap. It wasn't all the way dark and the stars were just coming out. I looked up and made my wish. I wished that we could have a couple of years without disease or death in the household. Boy, this has been a hard summer for me. But I have to keep in mind, that no matter how bad it seems, it could always be worse.


Tuesday, September 05, 2000 Well, I'm not crying nearly so much. It's hard not to, when Pepper comes up and wants to be loved. I just pet her and try not to let her know how scared I am. She's eating better the past couple of days, maybe because her mouth has recovered from the dental. She's affectionate as all get out. Has started standing on me and kneading at night. I have to remember to put something over me, just a shirt isn't enough, because her little claws hurt. That's a memory I'll cherish forever. "Man, remember how Pepper used to love to knead?" I have to be careful with the kitten around Pepper. The kitten is much more energetic than Pep and likes to jump on her. So, I guess while Pep is in the catcam chair, the kitten will be in her room. Pepper has priority now. She seems to be so comfortable right now, all stretched out. You know, to see Pepper, you wouldn't know that she's ill. The only sign is that her chin looks puffy on the bottom. And it's not something that someone who doesn't know her would even notice.

I think I'm getting closer to success with the teeshirts. I've used up almost half a pack of paper, trying to get it to work properly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have one more thing that I'll try to do and hopefully, one of the samples will be a success. Then, I'm in business. And then they'll probably change the formula of the paper. My luck. The latest shirt is on it's seventh laundering and seems to be holding up, maybe just a little problem, not noticeable. I'll try one more thing and hopefully, that should do it.

Rusty has quit eating dry food. I know his teeth aren't in the best condition, but the vet didn't seem overly concerned with them when I took Rusty in a couple of weeks ago. I've been letting him eat all of the CRF food he wants. Just like Pepper and Lola, now Rusty has his own bowl of soft food. His arthritis seemed pretty nasty this past weekend, but he's better today. About the food, oddly enough, he can eat the stuff I feed the other cats, the Nutro, at night when it's mixed with water. The non-kidney prescription diet.

Lola is doing so much better. I caught her hurling earlier and there were bits of dry food in the vomit. And a little eensy weensy hairball. And some grass. Then she went outside and ate more grass. It's been a while since she's eaten any and she was pulling it out by the root!! Darn Mickey and Boney get to her A/D if I don't sit right there and monitor her and I've got my fingers in so many pies that I forget and by the time I realize she's in there being fed the food is almost entirely eaten. Not by Lola, but by Mickey or Boney. I'm going to try to feed her with the door shut. She doesn't like it, but Mickey and Boney don't need the calories that come with the A/D. Lola does.

Mystie is growing in leaps and bounds. She's slowly making friends with the other kitties. I think she and Ciara may be good friends. Mickey acts like he wants to be her best friend until I put her food up. When he realizes that there is no food to be had, he'll smack her. But until then, it's pretty cute to see her chasing him. She just loves wagging tails. And it's a vicious circle. The tails wag, she chases, she grabs, the tail wags more. And the cat attached to the tail gets irritated. I'm taking bunches of pictures, not just of her, but of////////// (Mystie walked on the keyboard) Pepper. And the other guys. After Maggie's sudden death, I've realized, there isn't always a warning that the end is near. I was just in Mystie's room, chasing Georgie out (too late, he peed) and Mystie came in and laid down on the blanket. Once she saw me closing the door, she got back up. She's tired, but I guess doesn't want to be separated from the rest of us. What a sweetie. She couldn't have come along at a better time. I can't help but worry about her. Does she feel a little warm? How's her stool? Last night, I watched her poop and the first part was a little soft and unformed, but it finished nicely. Should I be concerned? I'm sure it's just because she was out in the general population yesterday, maybe licked something a little icky for her system. Her stool was fine today. But these thoughts keep running through my head. I'm sure she's fine. She eating and sleeping and playing and pooping and peeing just like a kitten should.

I just made an appointment for Peter's neuter. It's on Friday. It should calm him down some. He's been getting really aggressive lately and I'm sure the testosterone has something to do with it. I had put it off, I guess, because I thought Jack should go in first. But that's a bad excuse. We'll do the ones we can.

*grin* I put Lola in the bedroom over forty-five minutes ago with a fresh can of A/D and shut the door. She's still eating (have I mentioned the odd way she eats now? She takes a couple of laps of food, the cleans herself) and has almost eaten the entire can. I went in and freshened it up for her and she dug right back in. Maybe that's why she was eating grass. She's hungry. LOL!!


Friday, September 08, 2000 I'm tired. I'm really, really tired. Bone tired. I would really love to go to bed at nine at night and sleep through until seven. For a couple of nights. I bet I'd feel much more rested.

So, why am I tired? Let's see....

Brian didn't get home from his job in Malibu until after two am Tuesday. I stayed up, waiting for him, but I couldn't do it. He said I was snoring when he got home. I never even heard him come in. And since his brother took the work truck home (Brian won't leave it in our driveway, things get stolen), Brian had no keys to get into the house. He went around to the side gate and when he went into the backyard, Junior started barking at him. I missed it all, slept right through it. Brian didn't get out of bed until after nine. He then did a little paperwork and got the worktruck from his brother and started washing it. At one point, I heard him talking to a cat. I figured someone was watching him through the screen door. I went out a little later to see how he was doing and he told me "you know, there's another kitten here". He pointed it out where he had seen it and I spotted it. We tried to catch it, Brian muttering under his breath "we don't need another cat". He wasn't happy. The kitten ran off, a little red thing, most likely a littermate of Mystie. For the rest of the day, I occasionally went outside and looked around, but wasn't successful at finding it.

Later, after I had our cats in for dinner, Lonee Gail was in and the door was blocked, the neighbor dog started to bark. Now, this dog isn't a barker. I told Brian that it was strange that Munchkin was barking so much, I wondered if maybe she saw the kitten. We both went outside and looked, but didn't see anything. I went back inside to get the flashlight and when I came out, Brian had gone back inside. I shined the light down into their yard and sure enough, the reflection of kitten eyes shined back. And Munchkin was standing less than two feet away, barking at the kitten. I yelled out at Brian and he came outside. We both went over there. He went around to the gate, I rang the doorbell. Nobody answered. Brian came over to me and I gave him the flashlight and he went into the yard. I continuted ringing the doorbell. Obviously nobody was home, so I went into the yard to help Brian. Now, Munchkin isn't a cat killer, not like that freaky Akita at the next house (I HATE Akitas, the shark of the dogworld and if I never see another one in my life, it will be too soon) who will kill anything he can get into his jaws. But, Munchkin will kill after a chase. As long as the cat or smaller animal doesn't run, they'll be okay. When our cats were free range, they used to go into Munchie's yard all of the time. I knew if the kitten ran, and Munchkin caught it, it would be all over. Well, the kitten ran back to their second garage. The neighbor's have used fencing material to block off the sides of the garage that are by the fence, so that Munchkin can't go back there. Brian couldn't access the area through the fence where the kitten was hiding (not too successfully, I admit) in the back of a tire, so he went around to the other side and went in that way. Poor Brian. His feet have never seen asphalt as long as I've known him. They are tender and soft, not leather like mine. And here he is, barefoot, large flashlight in hand, in the neighbor's yard, walking on gravel to get to a little wild kitten, who is huddled, terrified, under tires, away from a dog. And I was holding the dog. Brian was able to get ahold of the kitten, who did it's best to get away. I heard Brian speak out an expletive and I saw him juggling the flashlight and do his best not lose the kitten. The kitten bit him. He swore again. Since he had the kitten in hand, I let Munchkin go. He handed the kitten over to me. I held it close, the little guy terrified and trembling. I walked to the gate and waited for Brian to come out from behind the garage. While I was waiting for him at the gate, the kitten bit me on the thumb. When we got home I put the kitten in the office. Brian and I both soaked our bleeding fingers in a solution of bleach and water. Then we liberally applied a triple antibiotic. I put food and water in the office for the kitten and checked sporadically during the night. It hadn't eaten anything. The next morning, I looked for the kitten and found it behind the filing cabinets. I was able to get it to run out and after a little time, was able to catch it. I took it into Mystie's room. I called the vet and made arrangements to take the kitten in when I took Lola in for her chemo. I was hoping we had an Opie. I love that name.

So, yesterday, when I picked up the kitten and Lola, I was told we had another little girl. The vet's not 100% sure, though, that we have a female. She's healthy, no mites, some fleas (which I treated her for when I got home) and no URIs. He said her stool looked good. But she was wild. The name Opie was out. I tossed a couple of names at Brian with no success. We looked at pet names online, didn't like any of them. Then last night, when I was sitting on the floor with her in my lap, eating kitten food from my fingers, she looked up at me. And her name came to me. Kate. Katie Blue. See, Blue is her mamma. And there are two other kittens out there. Brian started calling one of them L.G. last night. L.G. for Little Guy. I wonder if we'll be getting another kitten?

Anyway, she's very, very scared. She trembles everytime I hold her. I hold her gently and talk to her softly. She seems to be a little less afraid. And Mystie likes her. It will be good once Katie has settled in. Mystie will have somebody her own age to play with. And even now, when Mystie wants out of the room and starts to cry, she doesn't cry long. I think Katie must come out to investigate. And I'm still leaving the television on during the day so she'll get used to the sound of human voices.

I took Peter in this morning to be neutered. He sure wasn't happy to be in the carrier. I had to trick him, you know. When Shari took him out of the carrier, she said "he really looks like your other cat". I said "yeah, Maggie, right?" It's so strange, I'll see him out of the corner of my eye and turn to say something to Maggie, then I see him and no it wasn't her. When I was there, I mentioned that Katie had blood on her tummy. Shari told me that it took three people to hold her while her blood was taken to be tested. And since she was so upset, nobody wanted to clean her up, they just put her back into the carrier. I also mentioned the fact that Lola had blood in her carrier. Well, I guess Lola found her backbone and wasn't a pleasant patient yesterday. She fought them. The vet was happy with this. He said it's good for Lola, but bad for the vet's office. And Lola had gained another ounce since last week. So, she's doing pretty well.

More about Lola. The other day, she threw up. Scary for me, but the vomit had dry kibble in it. So, she's eating other food besides the A/D. This is good news.

Pepper seems to be doing very well. I just wish that Mystie would leave her alone. Pep isn't drooling very much at all, not like I thought she would. The swelling even seems a little bit less in her chin, but that could just be wishful thinking. She's eating with a good appetite, too. She threw up yesterday, but I think that's because she ate much too fast. She isn't restless and doesn't seem to be uncomfortable at all.

Mystie is going to do well here. She isn't afraid of the other cats at all. She backs off when they hiss, but not for long. She's such a cutie. I'm going to finish off this roll of film, take the three rolls and get them developed. I'll pick them up before I get Pete from his neutering, then I'll try to get a couple posted. Mystie is such a little cutie.


Tuesday, September 12, 2000 I feel like crap. Brian brought home a sore throat from work last week. He was down pretty much all weekend and yesterday afternoon, it hit me. I can't even believe how sore it is. It hurts to swallow and I've got this sick taste in my mouth and my tummy feels like I swallowed a washcloth that was sitting there wet for a week. I also noticed that one side of my mouth was feeling sore on one side, so I went to the dentist yesterday morning. One of my molars is cracked. I went back in yesterday afternoon and got measured for a crown and got a temporary crown put on. I'll probably need a root canal in the future on that tooth, it was so badly cracked. *sigh* Well, after my last bout with a root infection, I know not to let it go on too long.

Pepper is still eating and grooming herself without any obvious problems. She's drooling more than she had been, though. I mentioned that to Brian last night and he said that as long as she's eating, pooping, grooming and responds/seeks attention, it's not time. I agree, but I'm just so afraid of having her live in pain.

Mystie is all over the house when I open her door. She's assimilating quite well. Katie is much more reticent, she won't come out from her hiding spot on her own. I will admit she's not nearly as skittish when I'm in there with her. I still have to bring her out. But I think spending more time with her she'll loosen up. This morning, she came out from behind her safe spot to watch Mystie play with the mousie. Eventually Katie joined in. Poor little thing, she is so frightened. And I think their mama has three more kittens out there. A white one, a red one (the one Brian calls Little Guy) and a black one. I've also seen a couple of other kittens out there, but older. *sigh*

It's really been pretty quiet here. We're in a period of adjustment. I just wish I didn't feel so crummy right now.


Wednesday, September 13, 2000 I feel like my life is surreal right now. I don't know if it's because I'm sick or because of the stress I've been under. Last night, I was in with the kittens and Junior was barking like crazy. I didn't think anything of it. He could have been barking at possoms in the yard next door or at the dogs in the yard behind it (the weim just had her second litter this year, mutts, talk about irresponsible owners; I said something to Brian about turning them into the licensing department because it costs a ton to get unspayed females licensed and he said they'd probably get rid of the dogs first, so I didn't). Then I went out and lay down on the couch and somebody (Mickey) peed on the sheet I put over me. I took it out to the laundry room and Junior was still barking. Curious, I went outside to see if I could get him to stop. I noticed the water in the pool was moving and I ran down to see why. Buddy was in the pool. He had slipped in when he walked over the streambed. Luckily, Brian had a little seat/step put in there when the pool was built and Buddy was standing on it. At least eight feet along that side of the pool was wet, which would lead me to believe that he had been trying to get out. I yelled out to Brian that Buddy was in the pool and Brian came out and stepped into the pool and got Bud out. Buddy shook off and Brian went into the house to get a towel. He rubbed Buddy for a good fifteen minutes. Then Buddy walked off to poop and we put him in the shop for the night. It was a warm night and that was good. The first thing I did this morning was to check on him. He's okay. He's still in the shop, though, shows no interest in coming out. Brian will probably consider blocking off the pool area to the dogs now. It's not a problem with the cats, because the pool finish is pebbles and they can climb out with very little effort.

I go in for my mammogram this morning. I considered calling in sick, but I don't want to wait another month. I just want it over and done with.

Hey, Katie purred for me this morning. When I brought their chicken in. She still hides when I first go in. Maybe I'll go in a couple of times today and just wait to see if she comes out on her own. I put my hand down in front of her and she slapped it a couple of times, trying to kill it or something. I'm hoping that I'll be able to let them both out of the room within the next week. Since Katie has been coming out of her shell, Mystie hasn't been crying to be let out. She and Katie are playing well together.

It's very hot here. Hot and muggy and miserable.

Well, the mammogram went well. I didn't get lost going over there at all. I was five minutes late for the appointment and I was told about it. Surprising, because the last time I was there, I had to wait. Oh, well. I called the chiropractor and cancelled my afternoon appointment. I've got a bunch of paperwork to catch up on (I hadn't balanced the personal checkbook for two months) and I just don't feel up to going to another appointment. Besides, Brian wants to go shopping tonight, we're out of milk and almost out of butter. We don't have any "fast" food here in the house. Which is good in a way. Last night for dinner Brian had beans and weinies and a couple of wine coolers (he hasn't been sleeping well). Don't get me wrong, I like beans and weinies, but I didn't think they'd sit well in my belly. I passed. But I did get hungry and ended up scrambling three eggs in butter, added some sliced cheddar cheese and when the cheese was melted in the eggs, I put them in a heated up flour tortilla. It was really good. I was surprised. I'll probably be having more of those. *grin* Quick, easy and cheap. And yummy.

One of the things I ordered for Rusty last week was some cat glucosamine. I gave him his first pill this morning and from now on, he gets a half a pill a day. I hope they help his joints. It seems like his arthritis has been bad lately, like it even hurts him to sit. But today he's had quite an appetite. Pepper has been eating a lot, too. She went outside this morning and ate some grass, ate all of the chicken I gave her, then ate some of Rusty's food. She's not so big on the A/D, but she really chows down on his kidney food. So, tomorrow, when I take Lola in for her chemo, I'll get ten cans of each of the different kinds the vet has. That's thirty cans. Pepper is still grooming herself regularly and she's right there at dinnertime. *sigh* Saying goodbye to her is going to be so hard. I watch her so closely, looking for signs of discomfort and I see none. I'm so very scared.

Buddy seems to be doing a little better this afternoon. He's limping, though. Probably from trying to pull himself out of the pool. It took a while before he would come out of the shop, then he went into the doghouse. He slept a lot today. But he's not limping this afternoon like he did this morning.

Well, guess I'll do some more laundry. I haven't been doing much since we got the kittens and I found out about Pepper. Then I get sick. I sure have to get myself organized.

I thought I had the cracking transfer problem taken care of last week, did another test shirt and it cracked after two washes. I talked with the place I bought the transfer paper and we think I may have hit on the problem. I'll know on Thursday if I did. Twenty four hours for the ink to dry, twenty four hours after putting on the transfer is when I can start the wash. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? Brian's getting all weird about money and I can understand it. Food, medication and vet bills are really high right now. If I can bring additional funds in, it will be a big help. I still have to work on the affiliate pages. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I added books to the Amazon site here, if you're looking for stuff about cats' health and diet. I even have a couple of humorous books listed.


Thursday, September 14, 2000 What a day. I noticed last night that Lola was straining to urinate. And I also saw a little blood. So, this morning I call to ask what we should do. I brought her in and she had lost six ounces in a week. *sigh* That doesn't really worry me if she does have an infection. Which she does. She's on amoxi now. The vet also gave her fluids. He ran a couple of tests on her to make sure that her organs were functioning properly, that it wasn't anything terrible. He said it's most likely because her immune system is depressed from the chemo. She's out sleeping by Brian right now.

I don't know how many of you are in webrings, but Yahoo took over the big webring service and new members have to add this stupid navigation bar. And they won't be able to use the graphics that previous members were using. And you know, that navigation bar will eventually have advertising on it. Well, the only advertising on my site is what I choose. So, I did a search and found a website that had a webring product out, as well as a couple of others. I went ahead and got it, even though I know I shouldn't have. But I'm not doing anything with or, so I figured I could use it there. The programmer was really nice. For the hundred bucks it cost, he will install and even change the look to the user's request. I did quite a bit of the work by myself, but he had to redo some of the admin files. I'm happy with how it looks. And I let one of my buddies run her rings from there, too. I like not depending on other people for stuff for my website. I had to redo my join pages, of course and I had to play with the code a little for the webrings. But I got it working, today. I think. I hope it works out alright and there aren't any major errors. If you're interested in running your own webrings, all you need is this program and a CGI server. A couple of free ones are Virtual Ave and Hypermart. They have popup advertising, but I'm only running my scripts from there. I was able to put a form up on my site to refer to that script. You can buy the script at TRXX Programming. One thing about deleting the Yahoo rings, I'll get rid of the rings that aren't working.

Well, my throat isn't as sore as it was, but now I have a cough and my nose is running (the only part of me that's getting any exercise). I surely don't like this. And it's worse at night when I lay down and the phlegm runs down my throat. I cough even more.

Buddy is feeling better. I was pretty worried about him. He likes his glucosamine. We got some for him last night. Junior thinks he wants some, but we're just working with Bud right now. Brian didn't think Buddy would go down by the pool, but he was back down there today. One of the ways of knowing he's better is he's barking again.

Katey isn't hissing at me so much anymore. And she has one heck of a motor. I'm doing my best to spend more time in there, so she gets more used to me. Earlier, I put up the gate with just enough room for a kitten to get under. And then I put a large cardboard box at the top so that no adult kitty tries to get in there. Mystie was in and out, but Katie stayed hidden. I guess I'll have to be in the room when I do that, so that Katie gets used to coming out. She's is so adorable. Here's an "Ahhh" moment from this morning. Brian was on his way out the door to go to work. He had his paperwork in his hands. I was holding Mystie. He put his finger out to rub her face. She started licking him. He put his paperwork down and said "let daddy hold you". He took her from me and snuggled her a little bit. I absolutely have to get pictures of Katey and get their stories up.

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