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Monday, September 18, 2000 Boy, am I tired. And there are ants in the office. I can't find where they are coming in. I hate ants. When I was a little girl, I saw that movie "Them" about mutant ants. I hate ants. I'm not afraid of them, I just hate them crawling all over stuff. And me. I hate them crawling all over me.

So, let's see what's been happening, other than the usual kitten and cat stuff. Well, Saturday night, I went outside and Buddy was in a streambed, couldn't get up. I yelled for Brian and he came out. By the time he got to where Buddy was, Buddy had gotten up. Brian was kind of hoping that Buddy wouldn't go down there after having fallen in the pool. Since Buddy still was, there was no alternative but to block off the pool area. So, yesterday morning, we went to breakfast and then over to Home Depot, where Brian bought some three foot fencing. He would have preferred something shorter, but there was nothing. He would cut this fencing in half. Yesterday afternoon, he started work on it. It's up and it's working. Buddy (and Junior) for that matter, won't go over it. Buddy can't and I don't think Junior knows about jumping over stuff. I told Brian last night an additional perk of not having the dogs by the pool is it won't stink down there anymore. Buddy liked to poop in the bark by the pool. And when poop patrol is done, neither of us has ever gone down by the pool. And on warm days, relaxing in the pool, you can sure tell.

So, this morning, before time to get up, Annie starts messing around with something in the headboard. I realize she's after Lola's dry food. And she knocked it to the floor. I got out of bed, in the dark, trying to find the bowl. I couldn't. Oh, well, it wasn't really important. I got back into bed and reached into the headboard and Annie hadn't knocked it off after all. But she had made a bunch of noise. I drifted back to sleep when a cat fight broke out in the living room. And it sounded bad. Both Brian and I tore out of the bedroom. Brian had the foresight to grab the water bottle. I opened the sliding door and the screen door, telling the cats to go outside and play. We don't know who was fighting. I thought I saw a light cat cornered under the Kitty Kingdom, where the fight was. A cat was backed against the sofa, couldn't get out. I'm thinking it was Bart. I figured the hell with it, it was so close to six, that I'd just stay up. I had put chicken in the crockpot for the cats last night, having used my last cooked breast yesterday morning. I turned off the cooker, got a paper plate and took a breast out of the water and cut it up to cool. I started splitting it between the cats. I looked around for Lonee, didn't see her. I went into the garage and called her, no Lonee. Damn. I took some chicken into the kittens, then went outside to see if I could find Lonee. I saw her tail, puffed, sticking out of the cathouse by the pool. I called to her and she came out of the house, but couldn't seem to get over the short fence Brian had put up. At the point she was trying to through, the fence goes to the dirt and is three feet tall. She didn't know she was supposed to go over it. I saw her in the house last night and when I shut the door for the night, I thought she was still in. I was wrong. She obviously spent the night in the pool house, not being able to get over the new fence. I tried to show her that she could get out down by the pool pump, but she was too scared and wasn't listening to or watching me. I looked around for something to put on the other side that she could climb on and get over. I found a piece of a tree trunk that we had by the rose bushes and I carry/dragged it over to the fence and put it on the other side. She found it and flew into the house. She's still inside as I write this. I think I did something to my back getting that piece of wood.

Pepper just amazes me. She isn't drooling much at all and she's got a great appetite. The other day, she was even considering eating dry food, but I put that out of her reach. Yesterday, while Mystie was chasing ping pong balls in the hallway, it almost looked as if Pepper wanted to join in.

My cold has gotten much better. The Robitussin helped. Extra strength for coughs for adults.

Kirby has been chasing Jack and I realized why. Misplaced aggression. Kirby doesn't like it when I pill him. So, in turn, he tries to beat up on Jackie. I've been talking to Jack, telling how much we love him and why it's a good thing that he lives with us. That he doesn't have to be afraid of us, we are no threat to him. I've heard that talking helps, I just may have to do it often to get him to understand how important he is to us.

Pete has taken over Maggie's spot on the pool pump. I see him out there in the morning, keeping watch like Maggie used to do. I miss Maggie so much. I miss holding her on my shoulder, cradling her head against me and talking into her soft fur. Pete got over the neutering well. He's mellowing out, little by little. He's letting me pick him up outside. I can even get him to purr for me outside. For a while, he had quit coming into the bedroom in the morning, but he's back. Standing on me, kneading me....going over to Brian and doing the same. And Annie doesn't try to smack him anymore.

Well, it's supposed to be very hot today. We're having some of our hottest days of the summer. This weekend, I got the couch covers cleaned and did quite a bit of laundry. So, this morning, I'm going to vacuum and dust, then go lay in the sun. I wore shorts yesterday and there's no color on my legs, except for the scratches from Mystie climbing. I'm also very tired, so I may just sleep in the sun. It sounds so relaxing right now. Yesterday, on the way to breakfast, I got a tickle of anticipation in my belly. The anticipation of four days and three nights at Disneyland next month. Rest and relaxation. Maybe I'll even be able to sleep past six am.


Thursday, September 21, 2000 For the first time in weeks, I had a decent night's sleep last night. I'm still tired, I could still do with more, but maybe now, I'm getting back on track. I fell asleep first on the sofa, with Pepper snuggled against me. I woke up around two and DeeJay was behind my knees. I figured I'd go to bed. Kirby was sleeping curled up by the garage door, so I gave him the pill he refused earlier. Then I went to bed. I didn't wake up until after six this morning. Nice. I need about ten more weeks of sleep like this.

Monday afternoon, I noticed the Georgie was having some problems peeing. *sigh* I started him immediately on amoxicillan, worried that it wouldn't work and that I'd have to take yet another cat in this week, besides Lola with her weekly chemo treatment. He was peeing, there was no sign that he was in the process of blocking, but urinating was obviously very uncomfortable for him. Tuesday morning, he squatted in the sink and there was a little blood in the urine. I dreaded this because, in the past, amoxicillan wasn't strong enough to take care of his problem. Luckily, this time it did. His stream is stronger and yellow and clear. So, I'll keep him medicated until next Sunday. That will be a full week.

Last night, when I got Lola's last amoxicillan out to give to her, I mentioned to Brian that this is the first time we've gone through so many in such a short amount of time (I get a hundred each refill). I don't think there are thirty left. This has been such a hard summer.

At the chiropractor this morning, my blood pressure was up. Not as bad as it was when I first started going, but it had been on it's way down. He worked on my back and then I mentioned something about my cold and he tested other parts on my body. He found a problem in the thyroid and asked my body some more stuff. It came out that my problems are emotional. Anyway, after asking my body all these questions as to exactly what has me upset, it came down to the cats. Well, spit, I could have told him that. Hey, I *did* tell him that. Lola, Maggie,'s been hard on me, I don't get close to people because either I or they were always leaving when I was a child. I learned if you didn't get close, you didn't get hurt. The closer you got, the more it hurt when it was no more. But my cats are my children. They're my confidants, my loves. They're with me no matter what. They don't break my heart until they die. And then, it hurts. It hurts so very, very badly. Hey, I know they won't live forever. Nothing lives forever. But there's so much emptiness when they're gone. Anyway, he said that I have to let it go. I have to realize that I can't change what happens. He asked me if I believed in God. I nodded my head and he said then you know that nothing every really dies and when it leaves us, something new comes along. Yeah, I know that. But it doesn't really make it any easier. I know it should, but it doesn't. I've been crying so much today, I can't even believe it. I cried on the way over to his office. I cried in his office. I cried on the way home. I'm crying right now. I don't want Pepper to die. And knowing I can't stop it, isn't helping. What started it was this morning, I wondered if she'll still be around next month at this time. When we go to Disneyland. I wish I wouldn't think like this. It's certainly not helping.

Anyway, I got home and let the kittens out of their room. Katie has started to run up to me when I open the door like Mystie has done for weeks. And she's started to venture out of the room on her own. She doesn't go far and she will sit in the middle of the hallway and cry. I call her, go to her and pick her up and give her a smurgle, then put her back down and tell her it's okay, she can check it all out. Mystie, of course, is all over. This little girl has no fear. It's really nice. Katie is also purring quite a bit. I can't believe how much they eat. I have to admit, I'm very nervous about their health. Last night, I noticed that Katie's little tummy was so much rounder and firmer than Mystie's. Of course, Mystie had defecated recently. Then I got to worrying about "could Katie have eaten something, like a little piece of carpeting from the cat post, and be blocked?" Well, she did poop quite a bit within a couple of hours and she was still pretty active. And then, when Mystie gets tired, she sleeps. And that's scary to me. She sleeps so deeply I can pick her up and she barely protests. She'll even purr a little, then go back to sleep. I guess it's just been so long since I've had kittens. It's really nice, but it's really a little frightening, too.

Right now, Lola is at the vet's for her weekly chemo treatment. She finished her pills without a problem and she's urinating well. This cat is the greatest at pilling. Just tilt her head back, open her mouth and drop the pill in. Not like Kirby who figures it's best to fight as much as possible. It's not uncommon for me to spend over a hour or more, trying to trick him into my reach so that I can give him the pill. Once I've gotten him, it takes all of ten seconds. He knows, too. I wonder if he can read my mind. During the morning or day, I can walk right up to him. But after the cat dinner, I can't. Anyway, back to Lola. She was in bed when I brought the carrier in and she realized what was happening. She started to leave the bedroom and I picked her up, gave her a hug and put her in the carrier. She immediately went to the rear and huddled down. I didn't bother putting the kittens in their room, the first time since they've been here that I've left the house without them being put up. But I figured, I wouldn't be long. I get down to the vet's and go in. I saw the vet take a woman into the back, saying "it will be easier back here". I think he had bad news about her pet. I started to get sad again. Luckily, Charlene came in right then and was ready to take Lola. Lola got weighed. Remember last week she had lost five ounces from the previous week? Well, she was weighed twice this morning because we didn't think the first reading was correct. But, it was. She weighed over eight pounds, fourteen ounces. Last week, she weighed eight pounds, one ounce. She had gained over thirteen ounces in a week. I was smiling. This was such good news. I guess that bladder infection really had her down. This was so good for me to hear. I needed something good like this.

So, I get home and worked on another shirt. Get this. Brian bought a couple of blend shirts this weekend, blend meaning not 100% cotton. I did a transfer on that shirt, then I used a Hanes transfer on a Hanes (100% cotton) shirt. I washed them both at the same time. After four washes, the blend was going strong. The cotton shirt transfer had started to crack. AARRRGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Hanes on Hanes should have worked. I'm pretty disgusted now, because I have almost fifteen hundred dollars worth of 100% cotton shirts, waiting for transfers. I did call Conde, and told them that I still had no luck with the Conde on cotton (I didn't mention that I had the same problem with Hanes). They were supposed to have sent me some new stuff they have out a couple of weeks ago, but I never got it. The tech I talked with has been helping me out for a while now. It seems she had sent the info to the wrong sales rep. I explained what worked and what hadn't. Her parting words were "we'll get it to work". I like that kind of service.

The mail was early today. My mammogram results were in it. No cancer. More good news.


Friday, September 22, 2000 If you are having problems accessing my website, I'm very sorry. Since Yahoo took over Simplenet, my host service, some changes have been made to my account that I'm not very happy with. So, I found a new site and am in the process of moving Unfortunately, the email won't work any longer, but I'll be setting up and later today. You will have a choice of,,, and as other emails. Hopefully, the new server will also be quicker.

See, what happened is last week, I noticed that the catchair cam was taking forever to load up. Now, I have three programs being uploaded at various intervals when I'm online. The catcam, the backyard cam and my weather station information. I was getting "can't connect" error messages on them. Odd. I've also had a problem keeping connected when I update my site. Now, this has only been a recent thing, since Yahoo took over Simplenet. Looking at my ftp information, when I've not been able to login, it's telling me that there are already two users logged in from my ISP. Well, I need at least four, two isn't nearly enough. I contacted tech support at Yahoo once I realized what was happening and I've not heard back from them. It's been almost twenty four hours. Last night, I found a new place to park my domain. And they have telephone support, which will come in handy. Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly and I won't lose any information. The new site also has Miva, which the cats' messageboards are run on, so I've got my fingers crossed that it won't be too big of a pain to get those all moved over. And, of course, the few mailforms I have.

One of the nice things about the new site is I'll have more disk space and unlimited bandwidth. For thirteen dollars less a month than I'm paying here. That will almost pay for Good deal, I think. With any luck, you won't notice a thing.

It's really a shame. I believe in loyalty, but stuff like Yahoo does makes it really hard to stay loyal. I won't disable either camera and I won't stop the weather from being uploaded. And I'm certainly not going to stop work on my site. Thanks, Yahoo, you big dummies. You're killing the geese that lay your golden egg. First the webrings, now websites. I'm outta here.


Sunday, September 24, 2000 I finally got a response from Yahoo. I didn't understand their suggestion, apparantly I am allowed four connections at a time, but they only have two servers and I can only have two connections per server. Well, yeah, that's four, but I have no control which server I'm connecting to, so that didn't help me at all. What, am I supposed to sit here for hours and keep trying to log in? I don't think so.

For some reason the new people changed all of my contact information when they changed the host information at network solutions. Since it didn't match, it didn't take. I finally got it squared away late yesterday afternoon. I've removed almost all the files from the Yahoo server and everything is up and running on the new host. But doesn't work. *grin* Right now, all there are are numbers, which you know if you're reading this on Sunday, September 24. Hopefully, the host change will take effect shortly.

Had a little excitement last night. I did a load of laundry after I did the dinner dishes. When I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water, the floor by the refrigerator was soaking wet, as was the entire laundry room floor. Last night, at 10:30, I had the Bissel going, pulling up the water. It seems the output hose was clogged. So, this morning, Brian had cleaned it out (a mixture of hair and cat litter; now, I don't put cat litter in the laundry, so it must have been an accumulation of little bits on throw rugs). We were outside and he was telling me about it, with the hose in the hose to clear the drain out, when the hose popped out of the drain. Of course, the hose was running full blast and the laundry room floor was soaked again. And to think, I just had gone to tell hubby I was headed for the shower. *sigh*

Rusty has been peeing more than usual, having a more difficult time holding it. I mentioned finding diapers for him and someone mentioned that he could possibly have an infection. So, I started him on amoxi last night and I'll for sure take him to the vet next week. I hope it's something treatable. It's not like he dribbles or anything, it's like he just can't hold it, or maybe he forgets. Boney, who is the same age, doesn't do this, so I don't know if it's physical or mental. Rusty does seem senile at times. I'll find out this week.

I was trimming Bart, our polydactyl's, claws late last week and found this really gross growth on one of his front paws. It's black and really, really hard. I showed Brian Friday night and he agreed that Bart needs to see the vet. He'll probably remove it. I considered trying to cut it off myself, like trimming a claw (which it feels like) but thought better of that idea. I'd rather have an expert do it. It doesn't seem to bother Bart, but it sure will if it gets caught on something. That would rip his paw pad right open.

And Kirby's left eye seems to be bothering him. I can't find any terramycin in the house. I'll look again today. He's gotten in fights with Jack and could possibly have a scratched eye.

Speaking of fighting, I've been very free with dispensing the Rescue Remedy the past few days, treating the cats who are the most aggressive, like Georgie and Kirby. The fighting has somewhat lessened. Yesterday, Kirby and Jack were laying together in the window in the bedroom. A first.

I've been having suck luck with the shirts. And it's only with the 100% cotton shirts. No problem with blends. But I have almost $1500.00 worth of cotton shirts sitting in the other room, so I've gotta make 'em work. I'm going to try the highest pressure my heat press can do. It's my last option. I've tried different temperatures and times and different pressures, but never this high. Tomorrow, I'll be calling Hanes, the shirt makers, and ask for their input. And I'll also call the heat press support. I'm just getting so disgusted.

We had a roast last night and Lola was begging for food. The first time since July 4th weekend, when I gave her some of my filet. Then she went constipated.

Lisa peed in the dining room this morning. Looks like we have something going through the house that some of the cats are catching. Or maybe they're all stressing at the same time. I wish they weren't. I definitely need to buy more amoxi.

Mystie and Katie are settling in so well. They spend very little time in their room, only when I feed them (because we know what happens with the other cats and special food), when we're both gone from the house, or at night when we're sleeping. Katie has finally come out of her shell and that's really nice. She purrs more for me now than Mystie, who, unless she's tired, is very independant. But if she's tired, she's at my feet, climbing my leg wanting to be held.


Tuesday, September 26, 2000 Well, I'm back from the vet. Last night, I noticed that Lola's UTI was back. She was once again peeing blood. *sigh* The amoxi obviously wasn't strong enough to knock out what she had. After all the litter boxes had been cleaned, I noticed that Miss Lisa Violet was also peeing blood. She sprayed in the dining room yesterday afternoon, so I should have known there was a problem. *bigger sigh* She got medicine, too. I'm also taking Bart in tomorrow morning to have that thing on his paw checked out. And since I only have seven amoxi pills left, I might as well get those refilled, too.

Well, yesterday I posted a message on the Hanes2U messageboard, leaving specifics about my problem with the cracking transfers. One woman answered, had used a Presto 15 heat press (mine is a Presto 13) and she told me that I needed to raise the pressure all the way to ten, as long as I can still open it and I needed to let the transfers cook for a longer period of time than I had been. She said she used 38 seconds. The most I had done was 30 and that was at a much lesser pressure. So, I was up until eleven last night, washing the shirts I had done. I didn't let them rest the twenty four hours after transfering like the instructions said, but the transfers themselves had been printed up last week. And those shirts held up through nine washings. Tomorrow, I'll do another test shirt and hopefully, this one will be okay. Then I'll open the store back up.

I have a ton of laundry to do, once again. I'm washing all of the kitten bedding. I had a bunch of blankets spread out on the floor in the exercise room for them, but since they don't *live* in there anymore, spend most of the time in the general population, they don't need so much softness. I'll still put them up at night and feed them in there, but they can come out all day. Probably by next week, they won't be in there at all.

When I walked out to my truck to go over to the vet, I noticed the black kitten (Katie and Mystie's sibling) going into the vegetation on the bank. I'll bet that's where they're living now. If they are and if they stay there, it's going to be a lot easier to trap them and get them fixed.

Rusty seems to be doing a little better. He sort of peed on the counter this morning, but not a bunch. He stopped when I told him how disappointed I was. He ate some chicken, then wanted to go outside where he finished urinating. So, he *can* hold it. He's certainly sleeping better. The past couple of days, he had been really nervous. Reminded me of a kid with ants in his pants. Just couldn't keep still. But he's back to normal now.

Brian might go up to the Sticks this weekend. It's been awhile since he's been and I know he needs to get away from here. It doesn't help since the phone rings at home for his business now. Even though he works hard up there, he always comes home in a better mood. Guess it's good for his soul, what he does up there. It's peaceful (no tv, no radio, no me, no dogs, no cats, no pressure). And it's good for me, too, when he goes away for the weekend. Nobody asking "what's for dinner?" or giving me looks about stuff. You know, he really was giving me a bunch of grief about the teeshirts not coming out. Like it was my fault. So, this morning when two shirts came out okay, I said to him "thank you for all of your support through this". He was quiet, then said "but I haven't supported you". I responded "I know". Then he started justifying what he had said by saying "you should have gone to the internet first" when I had problems with the shirts. He had no idea how much work and how many places I looked for proper instructions. And, hell, if the manufacturer's don't know what's going on, how should I? That hardly seems fair. I did talk to the rep for the heat press today and told him what I read on the Hanes forum. He said that sounded like an awful long time to have the shirt in the press. "Doesn't it scorch?" he asked? Nope. That only happened when I had the temperature at 425º. He was pretty amazed. I also talked with Conde about the huge amount of paper I've used. And I made it clear that their instructions were so wrong. So, they're sending me more paper. Some of it free, the other at a sizable discount. I'll see if I can send the ruined shirts back to Hanes. They have this "goofproof" system, where you can get six shirts replaced per year. Well, since I've purchased so many, maybe they can cut me a deal. Hope springs eternal.

I was going to lay in the sun this afternoon, but I think I'll keep doing laundry and vacuum and dust. Brian called to see if had sent an invoice today, which I had, then he asked if I had made the appointment for Bartholomew yet. Yes and yes were the answers. So, I guess if I want to get anything visible done, I should do it. I hate housework, but if I do it today, I won't have to think about it tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 27, 2000 Well, I don't think Pepper will be with us very much longer. Yesterday, she threw up her breakfast. She ate very little last night and this morning wasn't interested in chicken at all. She ate a little A/D, none of the kidney diet. I finally tried some kitten food and she ate that. But if she's in pain, she's not going to eat much. Her eyes looked dilated, too. I don't think it's the lack of light, I think it's pain. The vet said to take it on a week to week basis and it's been almost a month (four weeks Thursday). You know, I had kind of quit dwelling on the fact that she wouldn't be with us much longer. But this morning, it all came crashing back to me. The past two nights, she's come into the bedroom. She hadn't come into the bedroom in years. She's sleeping much more, too. I wonder if we have another week. *tears* I'll be happy for her that she won't be in pain long, but sorry for myself, because I don't want her to be gone from my life. A wonderful woman, who with her husband has more cats than she would ever say, has a magic touch when it comes to sharing her thoughts about cats. She posted this on a bulletin board this morning and has granted me permission to share it. Be warned: if you have a heart, it will bring a tear to your eyes.

I watch you as you move about the house, your eyes glittering with unshed tears. You see me looking at you and bend to pick me up, gently, lovingly. Your lips tremble slightly as you hold me close under your chin. I can hear the pounding of your heart, feel your muscles tighten, willing yourself not to cry and upset me. Trying to comfort you, I pat your cheek gently, murmuring my special words for you. Saying my secret name for you over and over again to take away your pain. I know my time is limited, I could hear it in the doctors voice and see it in your eyes. They say what your heart time here with you is ending. We've been together a long time, you and I; twenty of your human years....longer in cat. You know you're very dear to me, and I regret that I have to leave so soon.

I've been promised youth, strength, eternal sunshine, and the company of those who left me behind. That little black kitten you brought home...what did you name her...oh yeah, sick, so tiny, but you pulled her least for a little while. She been telling me about those things...did you know that she watches over you along with all those others you've saved over the years? She's been coming to see me quite often these last few days. We've finally become friends. She doesn't irritate me as much as she did when she was here...some of the others have stopped by too.

I've always loved the comforting feeling of your shoulder and my special place in your old bones can't take those hard places anymore. I've especially enjoyed the pillow in my favorite sun's helped a lot. I cherish these special moments...the quiet time. I'll miss that...please....the darkness seems to be coming closer....ahhh, there she is...Sprite has come to get me. I have to go now. Don't cry...I'll be fine...I'll be around, watching over you too. You'll know when I'm here....I really have to go now....

Linda © 2000 LeeJack

But then we have the kittens, a bright spot in my miserable existance. (Well, it's not really miserable, it just feels like that sometimes, the PMS - poor me syndrome.) They are so adorable and into everything. Last night, Pete was almost playing with them. He would run past them, run up onto the couch and stop and watch them. He did this a couple of times, but when they chased him, he would hiss at them. You'd never know that Katie had been so frightened when she first moved in. And they are both lovable and affectionate and they both purr just by stroking their backs.

Well, I'm back from the vet with Bart. That thing on his paw was nothing but the same stuff our hair and nails are made of. The vet clipped it right off. Bart is limping just a tiny bit, but I would imagine that's just because he's used to having that thing on him. There was no blood or anything, it was like clipping a fingernail. The doctor said he could operate to remove it, but he didn't see any reason to do that. He said if and when it grows back, I can just clip it. He said he would show me how. I also told him about Pepper. He said when she won't eat, it will be time. He said he wished there was a place locally where they did radiation, he said that could have bought her some time. I told him what one of my newsletters said, that this may have been due to not taking care of her teeth. He said he'd never heard that, that I shouldn't start beating myself up, that her teeth hadn't been that bad. When I paid the bill, I asked if they'd be open on Saturday. I don't want her to be in pain any longer than she has to be. Right now she's outside sleeping under the rosebushes. This is so out of character, I know she's getting ready to leave. Her *spirit* is getting ready to move on. I took some pictures of her. Soon, Maggie will have company. *sigh*


Friday, September 29, 2000 Well, mark this day on your calendar. Nothing bad, nothing sad. Well, I am pretty tired. Too many peanuts yesterday. Not easily digested.

Anyway, Wednesday morning, I gave Pepper some kitten food, which she ate. Then she drank a bunch of water. She went outside and laid under one of the rosebushes. I went out and had a long talk with her, telling her that it was important that she make it crystal clear to me when she was ready to move on. How much I loved her and that I didn't want her to be in pain. When she came in, I tried giving her some chicken, which she ate. She ate some of Rusty's food and she ate some A/D. At dinnertime, she was in the garage, eating with the other cats. She climbed in my lap for loves. She slept well. And she ate quite a bit yesterday. Not a lot at a time, but I would give her food whenever she came over to me. Always soft. And she always ate. So, I guess she isn't quite ready to say goodbye. The rollercoaster has started to move.

Bart is doing fine after the removal of that weird thing on his paw. He limped a little, probably because it felt strange that it was gone.

And I've got the shirts down. lisaviolet designs will be up and running today. Boy, is this a relief.

I found out yesterday that the Baytril I got for Lola and Lisa is very, very expensive. Almost four dollars and fifty cents a pill!! I thought it was a mistake and called them this morning. Nope. That's the way it works. I was charged $15.50 for each cat and got a total of seven pills. Whoa. Something about a minimum charge per cat for medication. Well, fine, then next time I'll have to tell them to put it all under one kitty, not to split up the cost. Brian says "well, they have to pay for that new building, ya know". And I also noticed preferred customer is now ten percent. It used to be fifteen percent. Oh, well. As long as he can keep our cats healthy, that's what counts. It sure would be nice if we could write off their medical expenses, though. Gosh, we'd sure have to pay a lot less taxes. Lola doesn't get a treatment next week, so hopefully, I won't have to go in at all. A week away from the vet sounds really nice right now.

Oh, I don't recall if I've mentioned the fact that Jack spends more time trying to rub against my hand in the morning when I hand out the chicken than he does eating chicken. Well, this morning, I stopped splitting up the chicken between the other cats and took the time to love him up. There's not much I can do, but rub his face and stroke his back. He seems to like it better when I use the back of my hand. And he even started to purr!! He rubbed against my leg, too. It was really nice. He does seem to be warming up, just a tiny bit. He lays on the sofa now or in one of the condos at either end. He doesn't always run by me, he's starting to walk. I hope this keeps up. It would sure be nice to be able to pet him at will. And it would be really nice to get him in and get him fixed.

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