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september 13, 1998 (yesterday) We went to dinner last night, it was pretty nice. Had coffee with dinner, so didn't get to bed until 12:30, after watching Xena. Warrior Princess.

Brian is putting in the garden window in the bedroom today. The cats are gonna love this one. And maybe we won't have so many spats in the window now, with more room. This is the same window he was going to put in last December, when his dad fell and ended up in the hospital. His dad may finally be coming home at the end of the month. He's been in the hospital, then in a nursing home for rehabilitation. He can now get around with his walker. For a time, he didn't have enough strength (or desire) to walk. Good news for the family. And he's much more aware of his surroundings. It will be nice to have him back. And it will be good for Brian, because now he will be able to visit more often.

september 14, 1998 Well, after talking with his mom, his dad doesn't seem well enough to come home. He still needs 24/7 care. She feels badly for leaving him in the home, but how badly would she feel if something happened if she brought him home? Daddy doesn't remember hardly anything, like how long he's been gone. He doesn't even remember the fall that got him where he is. *sigh* I hope I never have to make any decisions like that.

Brian got the new window up in the bedroom yesterday. It's so cool. The cats like it, too. They can see more, since it has sides and the glass is clear, not tinted. And it has etched muntins on the inner panes. Really nice. And it will be a wonderful place to display our Halloween and Christmas stuff.

I've probably mentioned the interaction between Buddy and Junior before. Buddy is top dog and Junior thinks he wants to be. It mostly shows up around the food dish. Well, yesterday morning, when I first started writing in the diary (which I never finished), this little interaction interrupted me. I swear, Junior sounded like he was some monster from a horror flick. He sounded so mean and nasty. I got up and went outside. I petted Buddy and had a little talk with Junior. Well, he also has this annoying habit of baring his teeth. He's always done it and there's no threat from him. But it bugs me. So, I sat him down and he looked at me and I reminded him who was the queen and who were her subjects. While I was giving him the lecture, Bart started meowing. He slunk up to the little gathering of the three dogs, with Sandy a little to the outside and Buddy just sitting to the side of Junior and Junior was at my feet. Bart kept his meowing up and before I knew what was happening, he slapped Buddy on his side. He was ready to do it again when I grabbed him up and gave him a kiss. My little protector. I've seen Pepper and Rusty save me before, but this was a first for Bart. Sweet little Bart. I carried him into the house, holding him and rubbing him with my face. What a wonderful kitty.

I think that staying on top of keeping the garage clean is a good idea (I have many great ideas, rotten follow through). So, today, I'm going to run the cleaner on the floor around the litter boxes again. Especially where Bobby pees.

Speaking of Bobby, he's been spending a lot of time with Brian. Brian will pick him up and set him on his recliner and Bobby will just sit there. Bobby doesn't lay down, he just sits up. But he likes being close.

Oh, I finally got my new forum set up. Ha. That's a joke, I'm not the one who set it up, it was the guy who set up the script. It has the capability of multi threaded forums. For a personal site the charge is $29.00. You can find them at the cathouse forums. You can pick up the script at Their support is great, take it from me. You will need a site that supports cgi.

Brian got so tired of Buddy barking last night, that he got out of bed and put Bud in the shop for the night. We slept well after that.


september 16, 1998 I did something to my lower back this past weekend. I can't believe how badly it hurts. If I sit for extended periods of time, my right leg starts to feel weird. It was better last night and doesn't hurt nearly so much today, but it still hurts. So, this is what the aging process is like.

It's foggy out this morning, like it has been the past couple of mornings. It's lots nicer than that sauna like heat we were having.

Pepper is starting to act like Pepper again. She's been standoffish since OC was here. Yesterday, she came back into the office and the past couple of nights, she's been on the couch with us, demanding attention. She's such a cutie.

I saw OC alone out front last night and I went into the garage and got his dinner ready. I took it out front and as usual, he ran off. He sat behind the potted rosebush, where I could barely see him, but he could see me. When I opened the screen door and came back into the house, he ran up to eat. I walked off, but then decided to try something different. I came back and sat by the door, where I could look out at him. We have a petguard on all of our screen doors and I hid down behind it, peeking over the top to watch him. Finally, I just sat up. When he noticed me, he scurried off again. I moved out of his site and he came back. He started eating. I showed my face. He ran again. This time, though, he waited inside the gate, in the shadows. I talked to him, gave up and got up. He came back to the bowl. I walked by the door. He moved a little bit from the bowl, reaching in with his paw and pulled out food. He ate from his paw. I stood there and talked to him. He sat there and ate. He must have realized he was safe from me. This is good. He finished with what he wanted and walked off. Later, Angus was out there. He doesn't run from me nearly as quickly as OC does.

I let Lisa stay outside when I got the cats in last night. She stayed out until after 8:30. She was more than willing to come in. I hope she did some bug chasing while she was out there.

Also, last night, I was getting ready to shut down and Kirby came into the office. He was going to jump into the catcam chair. That would have been nice because he's never been on camera, but I had already shut the camera down and turned off the light. Maybe he'll try again in the daytime. It seems that he has staked out the new bedroom window as his own. At least he has this week.

I couldn't sleep last night, went to bed too early. So, I got up and started watching some tv. I flipped channels and came across a movie by the name of "Day of the Locusts" with Donald Sutherland. I think it was almost over. What I saw was one of the most disturbing scenes I've ever seen. It was just awful. I flipped more channels and I just couldn't get it out of my head. I went to bed with it on my mind. I hope it goes away.


september 18, 1998 Geez, the only cat that laid in the catcam chair yesterday, that I know of, was Lucky in the early am. The other cats sure like this weather. They spend more time outside since it isn't so darn hot. Well, when the weather cools off even more, I'm sure there will be more cats sleeping in the chair.

I first got on the internet in August 96. In November of that year, I noticed a small fuzzy spot, in my right eye. It interfered with me looking at the monitor. I read my people medical book and got scared because it could have been some really, really awful things. I made an appointment and was in within days. It turned out to be a "floater" one of the things that comes with age as the eye dries up. But, I did get a new prescription. And my eyes hadn't gotten any worse since my '86 eye check up. As a matter of fact, the original glasses were too strong in one eye (not much, though, I think my eyes are .25 .75). Not that my eyes are all that weak to begin with, but stuff has a fuzzy edge to it. But since I only wore my regular glasses for night driving and the sunglasses when I drove during the day, I never got the prescription filled, I already had glasses that worked just fine. But, seeing my neighbor in her new glasses made me want to get new ones, ones that weren't so big. Monday, I started looking for the prescription sheet. Couldn't find it anywhere. I did find the funky dark glasses that I had to wear home from my eyecheck in November 96, but no prescription form. I figured I would call them, but heck, I couldn't even remember the name of the place (or the date of the visit, to be honest, I wasn't even sure what year it was). So, I got out my checkbook register and looked back through it, found the date that I had paid the bill and the name of the physician's group. I looked the phone number up and called them. They said they would send me the prescription, which I got Wednesday. So, yesterday I went and ordered new glasses. Four pairs. I figure they'll last for a long time, seeing as the last glasses I got back in 86 are still okay. I got two pairs of sunglasses, one pair of regular glasses for here at home, and a pair of "transistions" to keep in my purse. Those are the ones that go from dark to light. I think they'll be great for Disneyland trips and movie trips. I told my mom about them this morning and she said that my dad had ordered a couple of pairs the week before he died. So, she picked them up and she wore them. She didn't realize that the lens changed and she wore them inside, left them on when she went outside and when she went back in, she thought she was having a stroke. She couldn't see. LOL!!! My new glasses aren't nearly as big as my old ones. You can even see my eyebrows!!! *grins* The styles are much different. An older couple (older than me, which is 45 minus 28 days) came in and the woman tried on a pair. They looked really good. She kept asking her husband what he thought. Well, he was noncommital, so I piped it. Hey, I think they look great on you, I said. That started the dialog and he started talking about them. She mentioned the fact that you could see her eyebrows. Shopping is such fun!!! My new specs will be ready in seven to ten days. That means they will be ready in time for my annual birthday trip to Disneyland.

Another thing we did yesterday. Back in 96, Brian did some work for one of his cousins and didn't charge her. So, in thanks, she sent him gift certificates for a restaurant by the name of "the Claim Jumper". They have places throughout southern California, one in Lone Tree, Colorado and in Redmond, Washington. Last year, when I walked with my neighbor, she said that they went and the food was wonderful, huge portions. I tried to get hubby to go, since we had $50 worth of gift certificates, but he said no, that he had heard they had a dress code. And since he only wears t-shirts and jeans, that was out. My neighbor said, no, that they don't have a dress code. Well, earlier this week, when I was looking for my eyeglass prescription, I came across the certificates. I called the local restaurant regarding the dress code and the fact that the certificates were two years old. The woman that answered the phone didn't have a clue what I was talking about as far as the dress code was concerned and the certificates would be good until we died. YAY!!! When Brian got home yesterday, I was in the pool. I said "Let's go to dinner". He thought about it for a couple of minutes and said "yeah, it's early enough". So, we took showers and off we went. Talk about a huge meal.... I usually eat chicken or tuna here at home. And when we go to the little Mexican restaurant, I order my food without meat. My favorite McDonald's meal has chicken nuggets and french fries in it. But, I was really in the mood for some beef (besides, I like to bring some home for the cats, they like it more than I do). I ordered the filet mignon, butterfly cut, well done. The potato was huge. They had fried onions in a pile (not onion rings, but just onions). We had the salad bar. It was a great meal. Brian asked the server when he brought our check if it was okay to share a meal. The waiter said it was done all of the time. Brian said to me "know wonder there were so many takeouts", referring to the many people waiting to take a meal home with them. When we came home, we got the cats that were still outside, in and I gave them dinner. After we had all settled down, I opened my little kittybag box and started splitting up the meat. I tossed a piece here, a piece there. They loved it. I went into the garage to give Lonee some, Lonee loves beef. I went into the bedroom and put a piece in the window for Red, who had been looking out the window. The cats really like special treats. Because of Buddy, the dogs don't get stuff like this anymore. I'm not taking any chances there, but the cats are carnivorous, so I don't worry about them. We also ordered their sixty ounce pitcher of margaritas (14.95) which we also didn't finish. But, we slept really well last night.

The guy across the street is having two of his pine trees cut down. They got some sort of beetle and one has completely gone brown and the other is dead, but still has green. This is going to be hard on Sandy. She can't stand the sounds of equipment and they have a chipper machine out there. The cats are going a little crazy too. Lisa is running through the house with her tail puffed. I hope it does only take the four hours they told him.

I'm working on my end of the season tan. It's working. Maybe it's the fact that it isn't so hot and I can lay out longer, or maybe it's the angle of the sun, but I'm getting darker than I've been all season. I want to go out as much as I can until my birthday, depending on the weather of course. After that, it's no big deal. I wonder if I'll ever grow out of this? My mom still lays out. Could it be in my genes?

I'm going to clean the floors today, in the house as well as the garage. Also wash all of the throw rugs and dust and vacuum the rest of the house. Then go lay in the sun after I do minimal paperwork. I'd really like to go back to bed. *grins* I fell asleep on the couch yesterday, I think I still have a little residual body breakdown because of my sore back. Didn't get the stuff done that I was supposed to. Like bill out $3000. Oh, well. I'll do it today. It's just a matter of priorities, I guess. Too bad my husband has different ones than I do. VBG!!!


september 20, 1998 Well, the cathouse forums are up and running. I have separate boards for movie discussion, tv discussion, ranting and raving, aches and pains, and bad jokes. And there are more than that. If you have a bad joke or want to talk about anything, go post it over there. I think there's a board that will fit.

The newest lisaviolet creation, a work still in progress in my background and border page. LV Designs is the name. So far I only have five borders up and twenty tile backgrounds. But I'm working on more. I'll even have some with cats up on them. I'm also going to make buttons that match.

Friday night/Saturday morning, the sound of brakes hitting tires woke me up out of a sound sleep. And it sounded like it was right outside of our house. I got up and put on my robe, went out to make sure that no kitty was in the street, in need of help. I could smell the burnt rubber when I walked out the door. Phew. I went out into the street, looked up and down, didn't see either OC or Angus. I glanced into the other yards and under vehicles, making sure that one hadn't run out of the road, hit and was hiding. Nope. Then I looked under our vehicles and the side of the yard. Who should I see but OC and Angus, running in the neighbor's yard, then back across the street. They were probably in our side yard, just minding their own business. At the house on the corner, though, one of their trucks was pulling out. Since the time was a little after two, which is the time that bars close down, I don't doubt that somebody had too much too drink, was driving too fast (long time readers of my diary know how I feel about speeders on residential streets) and had to stop to keep from hitting another car. The car had sounded like an older volkswagon.

We went by my mom's yesterday and she said that her dog wanted out during the night and when she opened up her sliding door, there were two coyotes on her porch. Great. And her neighbor across the street found a dead possom on her driveway. Coyote dinner, most likely. Something must have scared them off for them to leave it like that. Mom, keep your cat in at night and try to get Patch and Mama in, too. One thing, the cats can get over the fence in a flash, the coyotes can't. And there are lots of places for the cats to climb to get out of harm's way. I just hope the coyotoes don't break mom's heart. But she had said that Missy was staying in. Maybe not, but I bet she'll be in now.

I got an email from my best friend who moved away because she fell in love. She works a lot, goes in early and is early to bed and with the time zone difference, it's hard to call her. I'm not big at letter writing. So, I was bugging her to get online so we could correspond. Yesterday, I was reading one of the new jokes on the groaner's board and I got an email from a familiar name. It was my friend!!! Yay, she's online!!! She use to hate Rusty because he peed in her car. That was back before the cats had the modified fence and could roam. I emailed her back and sent her the cathouse postcard with Rusty's tongue sticking out. I'm just so excited that she's finally on.

We went shopping yesterday, to CostCo. I have needed new sweatpants (hey, I'm no fashion plate) and have been watching for them. And yay, they are in. I got a bunch. I also got two new sweat tops. I got men's extra large tops because I like them loose and roomy. Like me!! *LOL* One of them has a little button down front. It's cute. Brian mentioned how much they cost. $12.00 a piece. I just looked at him and asked "how much do your Levis cost?" It's not like I get new clothes every year. Geez.... I also picked up a Tigger toy. When you push it down, he talks, the bounces up and down, then talks some more. Brian said "what do you need that for?" Hmmph. What do you think?

The cats are back to bugging me in the morning. And I don't know what Rusty's problem is, but he has to be with me all the time. When I go to bed, there he is, on my pillow. I move him and he just waits until I'm settled and moves back in. I wake up in the middle of the night, hugging the railing. Because Rusty is stretched out along my back and has moved me to the edge of the bed. I can't lay on the couch to watch tv at night and here comes Rusty. Right in my face. Besides Rusty in bed, Annie now lays on the middle pillow, but that isn't a problem because she stays there. But Mickey wanders around, to this side of me and that side of me. Laying on my legs, moving to my back or side, whichever is facing up. And when he's on my back or side, he starts grooming Rusty, who is right next to me. Then he bites him and they get into a slapping battle. Of course, this wakes me up and I'm not happy. The cats are unceremoniously dumped off of the bed. Which means nothing because within minutes, they are back. Lisa will come up and want to cuddle on occasion. She's really gotten heavy and she likes to lick my face. I can't sleep with my face in her direction or she starts to clean it. She get tired of this then goes back to the bottom of the bed. And she growls. She lays there, like the bedroom guard and growls at any other cat that comes into the room. And before sunrise, in comes DeeJay. He had stopped for awhile, but now he's back. He walks in whining. He jumps onto the bed whining. Of course, Lisa is growling. I pet DeeJay. He purrs for about five seconds, then whines. "Get up," he whines. "Get up and let us out," he snivels. "Get your lazy butt out of bed, open the door and oh, yes, please give us some junk food," he goes on, "and if you don't, I will continue to annoy you with my most obnoxious voice". He's not known as DeeJerbee Whineybutt for nothing. Finally, I can stand it no more. I get out of bed. Give in. And my day starts. Not with a bang, but with a whine. Yawn......


september 22, 1998 Y...A...W...N.........
That darn DeeJay. I'd sure like to stay in bed til I'm ready to get up.

The cats have been in crabby moods the last couple of days. I don't know what's going on, but it can stop at anytime and you won't hear me complaining. Last night, Kirby smacked Rusty and Rusty wasn't doing anything. Gracie Anne went after Lonee Gail and the way Lonee sounds, you would think she was being severely hurt. Then I heard a different fight in the garage, ran out to see who it was and Maggie was backed into a corner. And Pepper was standing by her. Now, Pepper is nosy when it comes to fights, so I don't know who else was involved. Maggie comes out from her hiding spot and Mickey is after her. He chases her into the house. So. It was Mickey and Maggie. And there goes Pepper, to referree I suppose. I find Maggie in the living room, cowering under the Kitty Kingdom Climber. I pick her up, talk soothingly to her. Pull a piece of claw sheath out of her face. Bobby is yowling, yowling, yowling. I hear growling in the dining room. Probably Lisa. I grab the water bottle and shoot through the kitty entertainment center. I'm tired of this. I'm tempted to put Feliway in the air system and turn it on so the entire household gets a big sniff of it. Chill out!!!

Angus is starting to anticipate dinner. For a couple of nights, OC came early, without Angus and got his fill of the dinner I make them (Fancy Feast, Purina/Kirkland mix of dry food and water), leaving plenty for Angus. Last night, they showed up together. When I brought the food out, they both ran through the gate, but didn't run far. OC stayed within site of me. Angus was in the dark, but not too far away. When I went inside and shut the door, they knew the coast was clear. Both came in to eat. OC didn't finish his dinner (I noticed his small appetite the few days he lived here, thought it nerves. Seems to be natural.

I received an email from the man who has the LaddieCam. He said he was getting 4000 hits a day on the camera. And I'm only getting 100 on the catcam. Sheesh. Sure, Laddie's a cutie pie, but so are my kids. And I have more of them. He even had to put up a notice to please not leave the browser running all day. Now, his hits are down to 2000 a day and he's happy. WHAT ABOUT ME???? I'll take the leftovers, thank you. No complaints, I promise!!!!

Lucky was just sitting on the desk by me and started that low meow. Oh, my, here comes the cat puke. Rusty and Lucky both talk before they spew, so I was able to get her outside. They seem so surprised when this happens. And there it was, grass, in the middle. Boney threw up a few minutes later, once again grass laden. Maybe I should go eat some. My tummy's upset.

I never did the work in the house I had planned on last Friday. I should do it today. Just do it instead of thinking about it. I just feel so lazy. Well, maybe coffee will help me start moving. I also should wash the windows. ppphhhbbbtttt..... My mind is more ambitious than my body has ever been.

I just told hubby that at night the cats have him so pushed over to the edge of the bed, that sometimes I don't even think he's in bed. I reach over and gently touch to see if he's there. Yup. So, I'm not the only rail sleeper. He thinks the problem is the bed. Now, I see it's the cats. But what do you do? No way will we ever close the door. I told him in our new house, the bedroom should be big enough to put two king sized beds in. That way, we can let the cats have one and we'll take the other.

So much to do and so little ambition.....

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