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september 24, 1998 I got another great joke in the mail this morning and it gave me an idea. I get lots of email jokes, some are really good and most are kind of dumb, and I have saved the email. Right now, I am printing out the jokes (well over a year's worth) and I am going to go through them and pick out the ones I think are best, then set up another page with them. I'm sure there are lots of pages worth. Stay tuned. I have over 300 pages to read. It's gonna be a while before I have this done, but at least I'll be able to clean out that email box. *grins*.

Well, I finally got the hallway washed yesterday (only almost a week late). I also cleaned out the litterboxes. Hurt myself lifting one of the containers of clean litter. I can't believe how much more the boxes are getting used in the garage since I moved stuff around.

I caught Benny on top of the wire over the pool pump yesterday. Trying to make his way into the other yard. Dagnabit. I yelled him down, then twisted the wire so that it would be more difficult for him to get up there. Later, I caught Kirby trying to get his skinny little body through one of the bigger openings in the fencing wire. Grrrr...... So, I get the wrapped wire from the shop, cut off pieces and place them across the current openings. Now, Kirby can't fit. Then, this morning, I look out, Benny has climbed the wooden fence and is hanging on by his claws, looking to see if he can get through anywhere. Nope, that's one thing that I'm not worried about. I'm sure the fact that they can hear the other cats over there tweaks their curiosity. And the other cats do walk on the top of the fence on occasion. Just yesterday, I saw Blue up there.

OC and Angus are still coming around for the nightly meal. OC was here at 7:30 last night. I talk to them, hoping to get them use to my voice. And hope that they realize I'm not going to hurt them. I haven't seen the black cat around for a couple of weeks. Maybe his owners are keeping him in. Let's hope that's the case.

I gave myself another permanent Sunday. I used a regular perm and smaller rollers because the perm I gave myself last month was gone. It didn't take at all. The wrapping went well, got it all up and no stragglers. Put the solution on, timed it, rinsed, put the neutralizer on, timed it, then started to take the curlers out. I couldn't get them all out. I started to cry. Somehow, the hair had gotten twisted on some of them. I called Brian in, told him I needed help. There were less than ten curlers that were the problem and they were all on the bottom. I could hear the hair tearing as he pulled the curlers out. R...I....P....... I really started to cry. At one point, I handed him the scissors. I couldn't stand the tearing sound. Anyway, all of the curlers were taken out, I put the post perm stuff in. Then when I took my shower, I only used conditioner, not any shampoo. Then yesterday, I trimmed about an inch off of the ends. It looks much better. I don't look so crazy now. And it doesn't feel so fried. Fortunately, the very back turned out fine. One of the nice things about layered hair. You can keep the length.

My glasses came in yesterday, too. My beautiful new glasses. All four pairs. I was told when I ordered them that it would be a week for the regular ones and ten days for the transitions, which would be next week. But they were all in yesterday. Cool. I love them. They feel much better on my face than my old big glass lens glasses. Not nearly so heavy.

I'm petsitting again this weekend, different neighbor. I haven't taken care of Maddie and Alex for years. But Alex was in the hospital this past month and they finally diagnosed her with Addison's disease. Maddie has epilepsy. Both dogs are on medication and they need it at different times of the day. I'm glad they don't have cats. I hate pilling cats.

Oh, I almost forgot. I saw a link to a site yesterday with a program that disables popups, banner ads, background music, background images, geez, just all sorts of stuff. Well, I hate those popup ads. So, I checked out the link, downloaded the free fourteen day trial of the program, used it for about an hour, went back and paid for it. Less than $20. No GeoBrand, no banner ads, no popups....and you can turn the filters on and off with ease. If you are interested, you can find it at interMute. I like it. I know it will make my surfing much more fun.


september 26, 1998 Oops. Locked Maggie in the office last night. There's no water in the water bowl, but food and a litter box. The first place she went when she left the office this morning was the bathroom for a drink.

My mail service was down yesterday. Just like the entire service was down Thursday night. *click* Just couldn't get online. I sent myself some test mail, never got it. I had 20 emails this morning, my test ones were among them.

Georgie had a fight with Benny yesterday in the backyard. I wonder what that was about. There were tufts of grey fur all over, hardly any of Georgie's. I guess that's one of the nice things about having long fur. It's hard to get to the skin through all of it. Neither seemed any worse for wear.

I downloaded Netscape 4.06 yesterday. They fixed the email security problem for one thing. And the new java has a white background, not the grey. I like it much better. A new thing they have is a little tool in the upper right hand corner where you can find similar sites. Pawprints and Purrs is on there. *grins*

This weather is so unlike the norm. This past week has been cool and cloudy. This morning is drizzly and cool. It's nice because this is normally fire season and I can't imagine things being as bad as normal. Heck, this is Santa Ana wind season, when the winds blow west from the desert, over the Santa Ana mountains, warming up and speeding up as they go. So far, nothing. Just sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Well, the dogs are barking next door. Guess I should go feed them and give them their pills.


september 29, 1998 Well, let's see what's new in our life, what exciting things have's Tuesday, I haven't posted since Saturday. I'm sure the cats have done something amazing.

Well, Saturday, I worked on ben's den some more. Added a couple of more java games, one a Rubic's Cube type game, a neat Canoe game and a Tetris like game that's really fun. It takes me forever to get stuff loaded and working correctly. I got one other game that is really nice, you can actually win (pretend) prizes, but it isn't ready yet, so I won't mention it. ;-)

Hubby took the fax/copier to his mom that we got for her a couple of months ago. He set it up, then came home. I had the television on back here (remember the one I got a few months back?) and had it tuned to channel 3, so whatever he was watching, so was I. For some reason, it went off channel. I tried to change the channel with the remote, nothing. I tried to turn it off with the remote. Nothing. I got up and tried to change the channel at the set. Nothing. Couldn't turn it off, either, but the volume control worked. Hmmmm..... I looked more closely at the front of the tv. Oh, man, it was wet. Guess. Guess what the wet was? Yeah, you got that right, give the winning contestant a chocolate cigar. It was cat pee. And it had gotten inside. So, of course, I'm thinking, that's it, this thing's a goner. I unplugged it and put it on the floor (please, don't try this at home, professional taker aparter here at work LOL!!) and got some paper towels and tried to wipe some of the pee out of the front. There's an electronics board on the bottom and there was a little bit of pee there. I put it back together and let it sit with the tube facing down for a while, then I plugged it in and turned it on. Will it work? I thought to myself, heart pounding (well, it wasn't pounding, but it sounds good). I pushed the on button. YES!! We have ignition!!! I didn't put it back up, though. I put it face down in the exercise room (yeah, the storeroom) to let it dry out completely. I would think it would be okay to put up again. And I have to nag Brian to get that box made for it he mentioned when we got it. A box to set the tv in, make it harder for the cats to pee on it. And I bet it was little Gracie Anne. That's who I'd place my toonas on.

We went for a ride Sunday, to the property that Brian is interested in. We took my mom with us and had breakfast first. It was a nice ride. I took some pictures, not many, though. We took a dirt road to the back of the property and there's a nice view from there. I kept kidding mom about putting her to work. She seemed to get excited about it. Was asking hubby if she could have chickens and a goat and some cows and ducks. And she would have a garden where she could grow carrots and potatoes, like they had when she was growing up in Ireland. Her friend asked her "well, what would you do about cigarettes?" She told her friend that she was going to grow an acre and a half of tobacco, and roll her own. I thought when we got back that it would still be overcast like it had been all week, but no, the clouds were sparse and the sun was shining nicely. It turned out to be a wonderful fall day.

Yesterday, once again, I worked on the latest game, making the graphics for it, trying to get it to look nice. I spent all morning on one set, wasn't impressed with the outcome, so I started over again. The latest designs are very nice looking. I was happy with the way they came out. I worked late last evening on it, finally shut down around 9:30. There were six cats in here. Lucky, Pepper, Ben, Maggie, Rusty and Mickey. Hubby wouldn't help me get them out.

OC and Angus were over here for a long time last night. We wish they would make their home base here. Live out front since there is always food and water. Brian said something about cleaning up one of the cathouses in the backyard and putting it out front for them. That would be nice. I don't worry about Angus so much, now that I'm pretty sure he lives out back. But I do worry about OC and that darn street and the coyotes. The yard behind us has a good size fence and a coyote would have a hard time getting in their and if it did, the cats have escape routes on both sides of the yard.

I picked up Bobby to cuddle with him yesterday and he was shivering. So, I set the heating pad back up for him. It's under one half of the blanket where he lays and that's were he spent most of the day. On the heating pad. Poor old guy. If he was a kid, he would have graduated from high school this year.

Maggie did not want to come inside last night. She even went into the woodpile to get away from me. I just left her out, came inside, fed the other cats, then got her in. And Benny really wanted to go out last night. He sat at the sliding door, crying. There must be more of those tree rats. That's the only thing I can think of.

Well, it looks like another nice day and I have much to do. I might as well get started.

Oh, yeah, Glenda at CatStuff sent this great graphic. Feel free to use it on your own site. Linking it to a declaw page would be nice. (Linking it to mine would be even nicer!!)

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