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Friday morning, June 22, Brian told me we had another kitten. Another little white one, but much smaller than the other two. I watched her during the day and noticed she didn't get up into the car with the others. She tried to play with them, but wasn't as co-ordinated. And her tail wasn't right. It stayed curled under her body. I thought that she must belong to another mother, because of the difference in size. I didn't try to get her Friday night, because we kind of hoped her mom would take her back. But she didn't.

Saturday morning, she was still here and I was able to get her. She was pretty easy to catch. She's small and not quick. I put her in with Daniece and Opie and after watching her for a while started calling her Angel. Her tail continued to bother me for a while, because she just couldn't seem to hold it up, not like the other kittens. She'd get poop on it and pee on it, but as she got bigger, it would appear as if the tail got stronger and now, there's not a thing wrong with it. She's still tiny, I don't think she'll get very big, but she is a real little sweetheart. A couple of weeks after she'd come to live with us, I saw two more kittens outside. And they were younger than Angel. I realized that Angel is most likely the sister of the other four kittens, not their aunt. She's just a very tiny girl and that may be why her mom didn't bring her up here at the same time as the other kittens.

I had two more to catch.

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