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Sunday evening, June 24th, I took one of the cats' toys out front, the one with the long wand and a bunch of feathers on a string. I figured I could get the two kittens who were still out front, used to me, by playing with them. The little red one was braver than the white one, the little white one would run back to the car at the slightest move by me. I tried being patient, but I guess I just wasn't patient enough. So, I tried again Monday morning and Monday night. When their mom, Little Guy, showed up to be fed, I came back inside. Tuesday morning, June 26, 2001, I had success. I dragged the toy all over and kept bringing it closer and closer to my feet. I couldn't move suddenly too quickly, because I think these guys have eyes in the back of their heads. If I moved too soon, they were gone. But my timing was right on, the little red guy was so intent on getting those feathers, I reached right down and picked him up. Boy, was he surprised. I went into the house and showed Brian, still in bed, what I had. Then I took the little one into the bathroom. "Hey, kiddo, here's your brother and sister and Auntie Angel." (At that time we still thought that she was the kitten of Blue, Katie and Mystie's mom.)

Since it was obvious this was a little boy, in keeping with the Opie theme, Brian proclaimed his name "Richie".

Now, Richie is the most adventurous of all of the kittens. He was the first to climb over the barrier in the hallway. He was the first to have to go to the vet for an injury (he wouldn't leave one of the adult cats alone and has a notch in his ear for his effort. Not even two months old and he'd already been sedated and stitched.) He was also the first to get a bee sting. He's a real little boy, a typical kitten. Into everything, he plays hard and he sleeps hard.

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