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Sammy at two and a half months of age
Sammy, July 2001

I never did see the white kitten that morning. But I saw it in the evening. I put out kitten food and would check to see if it was eating yet. Yes, we have a visitor. I got the toy and went slowly outside, making sure not to spook the little one. I put the feathers close to the kitten. It looked, but hunger won out. It kept eating. I gently ran the feathers over it. No response. I stroked it with the hard plastic wand, gently. It repositioned itself so that it could watch me, while eating. I moved, very, very slowly, trying to get out of it's line of vision. Brian pipes up from inside the door, giving instructions. I look up at him. "How many of these kittens did you catch?" I asked. He quit supervising. When I finally thought I had a shot at it, I bent down and grabbed. It tried to get away, but I had a firm enough grasp so that it couldn't slip away. Success!! I had caught the last of the kittens!! I took him in to see his brothers and sister. He tried to bite me, broke the skin, but didn't bite deeply. We finally decided on a name for him this morning. Sam, after Sam Malone of the old television show "Cheers".

On Wednesday, I took both Richie and Sammy to the vet's for testing. Both came up clean. It took Sammy a little longer than the other four to warm up to me, but he's done nicely. He's going to be a very good looking cat. He will have long hair, right now, it's hard to tell how long. He's a little more subdued in play than the other kittens, but when he plays, he plays hard. He's a little shyer than the others, but he can be extremely affectionate.

I am so glad we decided on keeping all five.

Sammy in the same basket as at the top of the page
Sammy, December 2001

Sammy outside...eight months old
Sammy, December 2001

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