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Monday, 08/11/2003 - 06:13 AM PDT
The topic: Ack! I'm alive!

Monday, August 11, 2003 Everything's fine, it's hotter than hell! I do stuff that has to be done in the morning (laundry, paperwork, etc) and the rest of the day I'm by the pool. The office is the hottest room in the house in the afternoon and I don't hang out here much at that time. (Check the "Daily Data" on the weather page; yesterday, it was cooler back here, but I had ants in my pants and couldn't sit still long enough to post anything.) I will make a longer entry later this morning, but right now, it's time for us to go for our walk.


Okay, I'm back. So far, I've made out payroll and gotten myself down to the vet's office, Junior in tow. He got his stitches removed. They were due to be removed last week, but he was licking that back incision area and I didn't want to push it. There was some slight bleeding this am, but that was from the stitches being removed themselves, not the incision. Junior was thrilled to come home and be back in his yard. Kept following me around, making me nuts. Then he left two nice sized poops on the lawn and he's been resting ever since.

The fleas are back. Yesterday, I treated over half the cats with Advantage and today, I'll do the rest, the ones that I can. I might possibly be able to get Jackie tonight at dinner. I did the easiest cats first, of course. Oliver, Georgie, Benny, Mystie, Richie and Opie, for instance. Richie was stretched out on the sofa, he barely moved. But he did move enough to roll over on his back and when he finally got up, I was glad I had the sofa covered. The covering is in the washer right now. He got that Advantage yuck on it, a big greasy looking spot. And he also left a couple of fleas, exhibiting flea death throes. *heehee* I saw fleas walking on Oliver's ears, trying to escape. Funny thing is I rarely see any fleas when I do my examinations for them, but put the Advantage on and boy, do the fleas start appearing. I had to buy more Advantage this morning, this should be enough to get us through the rest of the summer. We'll do Junior after he gets a bath.

I've lost almost 35 pounds. A half pound short. Next weigh in, I'll be there for sure. Fifteen more to go til my fifty by fifty. Then I'll have sixteen more to goal. We're walking five days a week, almost up to two miles a day. When it cools off, maybe we'll start earlier and walk farther. Too hot right now.

What else? Oh, yeah, Ciara has started peeing in the bed again. Not as often as she did in the past, only twice this past week, but it's annoying, to say the least. She's acting fine and I don't see any signs of aggression. I guess I'll try spraying Feliway all over, that might help. If not, she'll be back on Buspar, I guess. At least until she quits doing it.

The driver's side window doesn't work in the Bronco II. Sweet. And if you drive more than five miles with the air conditioning on, the vehicle overheats. Sweeter. Another one of the reasons I did most of my running around the past couple of weeks in the morning.

For some reason, I've been using a huge amount of bandwidth. Last night, I started looking at my logs and find out that there are some websites out there using some of my little emoticons and my backgrounds on their sites. I don't have a problem with them using them, but they're linking them from my domain, so every time someone looks at an image that is on my server, my bandwidth goes down by that much. Every time someone loads a page that is using one of my backgrounds, that lessens my available bandwidth and if I go over what I'm alloted, I have to pay. So, I went through and put up some code that prevents using my images on webpages that aren't residing on I'd like to be able to figure out how to put multiple domains in that code so that I can post my images on my other domains. I'm pretty sure there's a way, but I certainly haven't figured it out yet.

I was kind of worried about OC yesterday. I didn't see him in the morning. But he did show up last night for dinner. You just get used to seeing them at a certain time of the day, then they don't appear. OC is looking mighty thin lately. I hope he's not got some really bad illness, maybe it's just the heat. Repete still goes after SpotTee, but it's not as bad as it had been. And Little Bit spends many hours a day over here now. And we can walk right by her and she doesn't run off. As a matter of fact, if she or KittyMeeze are under one of the vehicles, we have to shoo them away if we have to leave in that particular vehicle.

Last week, I came across a picture of me at Disneyland last year. Yuck. My hair looked horrible. All flat around my head. I got this brilliant idea to do a try-on perm. I've got one here, but just one and I wasn't able to find them elsewhere. I did a search and found Ogilvie temporary perms and I ordered three of them. Then I started reading the box of the perm I've got here. Don't use on frosted hair. There was a time in my life when I figured shut up, I'll do what I want, but the memory of that troll hair sticks with me. Then I started doing a search for hairstyles for round faces and found some suggestions. One being don't have big hair at the side of the face, but having big hair on the top will give my face some height. And don't part it in the middle and don't have blocky bangs. So, I grabbed some newspaper, went into the bathroom, got out my scissors and started cutting. Now, I've got short hair on the sides and crown. I mean short. I can barely get a curler around the top (I was playing around) and not on the sides at all. I left the back long. The only drawback was that my roots were very visible, but a new frosting kit took care of that in no time. The whole thing from start to finish was less than three hours.) I'll probably do another perm, too, just the top, for body, in the near future. I have to say I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. And it's so much nicer. It doesn't flop in my face when I bend forward. I don't have to keep pushing it out of my eyes. Yeah, cutting it was a good idea.

I'm giving up on snapdragons. I don't know what the problem is, but some of them start to die, then the entire group goes. Some are doing wonderfully, but when they go, they go fast. The leaves are wilted in the morning and the next day, they've got the color of yellow plant death. Plants three feet away, same soil, same conditions are fine. Well, I'm tired of replacing them. I've found marigolds seem to be hardy and they're very colorful. I'll be planting those as the snapdragons die out. I hope I don't lose them all, because I've always really liked them. I did find mass worms on the plants, eating the new growth. I got some liquid sevin, but it didn't work. We got some Spectracide insecticide yesterday and I sprayed all the flowers liberally this morning. Then I saw Daniece laying on the flowers and I about had a cow. I was yelling at her to move and she just laid there, doing her cat blink at me. Gah! I had to go after her to get her to move her dainty little catbutt.

Last week I picked up some Purina One Senior formula for DeeJay, just to see if he liked it. He loves it! I have a bowl of it in the exercise room for him and if he wants some, he goes to the door and meows. I open it and let him in, closing the door behind him. The only drawback is I forget he's in there. And I'll walk around the house, trying to find the cat who's crying. *sigh*

I guess that's it for now. I think I might go start doing some sewing. I've got lots of material (did you know Wal-Mart has material for as little as a buck a yard? I found some really nice floral flannel and other cotton blends) and some kewl patterns. And I also got some felt. I'm gonna try my hand at catnip mice. Found a pattern for them, all I have to do is cut them out, sew them together and sell them online. It's ucky outside, overcast, not a day I feel like laying under the sun. Its nice inside, the A/C is on (usually I don't turn it on if Brian's not home) but it's so darned humid without it. It's a nice day to do something inside and I think sewing is what I'll do.

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Where did you find the pattern for catnip mice? I'd love to make some for my little Booney Bear. Thanks!

Posted by Trudy @ 08/11/2003 04:03 PM PDT

I had the same problem with snapdragons too. I love them, but got sick of them dieing. I think they have very sensitive roots and if some other plant is trying to move into their root space, they give up with out a fight. Might be better in planters.

Posted by Jenny @ 08/12/2003 01:18 PM PDT

You'd think something called "snap dragon" would be a little more fierce and hardy!

Posted by Lisa @ 08/14/2003 12:59 PM PDT

Congrats on the weight loss, you are so smart to incoporate exercise into your program. Are you aware that your August dear diaries are appearing under "july"?
No biggie, Hugs to you and the kitties.

Posted by Holly @ 08/15/2003 06:51 AM PDT

Trudy, do a google search for felt mice pattern. I don't remember what it was right now. :)

Jenny, losing another couple now. :( *sigh*

Lisa, I agree. :blush:

Holly, not again! I'll fix it right now. :laugh:

Posted by lisaviolet @ 08/16/2003 09:29 AM PDT

lisaviolet is fifty something, married with no kids, takes care of lots of cats, likes taking photographs, loves Southern California weather and spends altogether too much time avoiding her responsibilities.

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