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Tuesday, 08/26/2003 - 08:38 AM PDT
The topic: It's Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 It's Tuesday and August is almost gone. Many kids are back at school this week. Where did the summer go? Daggum, the older I get the quicker time flies.

And this infernal humidity is making us all crabby. Humans and felines alike. I don't mind the heat so much, but you just can't cool off when it's humid. Sunday, I spent part of the day in the pool and in the middle of the afternoon, dark thunder clouds rolled in. They went about halfway cross the sky, barely in front of the sun, let off a few claps of thunder, enough to shake up Junior, then, within fifteen minutes, the sun had burned them all off and away they went. It was really weird. This whole summer has been really weird.

Annie isn't getting any smaller. I guess what I'll have to do is just quit putting food down here in the office. I'll slowly move her food dish down the hall. If she wants to eat, she'll have to leave the office. She's just put on so much weight.

Something really magical happened earlier this month. With all the flowers around the pool, we're getting more insects. Among those insects are dragonflies. There are a couple of different kinds, the big red ones and the smaller blue ones. They'd fly over the pool and rest on the palm fronds by the pool. Well, I got into the water and watched them fly. The blue ones would go right over my head, checking me out. What kind of plant was I? Anyway, standing in the pool, I'd hold my hands up in the air. And they'd light on my fingers! Never more than one at a time, but it was really fun to watch the dragonfly on my finger. I'd slowly bring my hand down to my face and get a closer look. Alas, they were only around for a matter of day. I think I saw one earlier this week, but I haven't seen it since.

I did some sewing last Saturday, got two shirts finished, three shirts repaired. The shirts I finished, I started back in the late eighties! It's been a while.

Honestly, it's been pretty quiet around here. I think the heat has a lot to do with that. Georgie is back to normal after finishing up his course of amoxi. No more blood in the urine. DeeJay is kind of crabby, but I think the heat is getting to him. We're just all doing our best to stay cool.

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Awesome story about the dragonflies! I have a friend who held up her hand and a hummingbird landed on it and just looked at her. Her husband even got a picture of it. It's AWESOME! Glad the cats are doing well and yourself! Stay cool!

Posted by Honest @ 08/27/2003 06:15 AM PDT

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