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Friday, 09/26/2003 - 11:33 AM PDT
The topic: No news is good news, right?

Friday, September 26, 2003 No news is good news, I guess. It's been pretty quiet around here, a few things, but nothing major.

We haven't seen OC since Wednesday night. He hasn't been here for dinner, so if you could, please send a prayer his way that he's okay. This has happened before with him, it's just we seem to have gotten so much more late night traffic and they just fly down the road. I know where one of the morons lives, maybe one of these days I'll post his address here and the world can send him "slow down, asshole" snail mail. All the residential roads around here are 25mph, not the 50-60 he goes.

I think Little Bit was in heat this week. RePete and SpoTee were around, RePete doing his loud posturing around Spot. Now, Little Bit is curled up with KittyMeeze on the bank. If OC is gone, we WILL do our best to bring both of them in. Brian has always said "but what would OC do if Meezer wasn't around?" I wish OC would have just stayed over on this side of the street.

I pray he's okay.

We apparantly have a mice nest down by the pool, in the fish tail palm tree. The cats spend an inordinate amount of time gazing into its fronds. They can't get to it because it's enclosed in fencing material (check the backyard page for pix of the tree), but they've been able to nab some mice. One morning this week I was able to get a live mouse away from Opie and Richie and I took it out front and released it onto the bank where it will have a better chance at living than in our backyard (I don't mind mice, I think they're cute, but the cats can kill all the rats and gophers they can).

Junior was off his food the past couple of days. I think one problem is Canidae changed the formula of the dry food. And I believe Junior took it upon himself to do mouse cleanup duty. Meaning, he ate them, the ones the cats brought to him. I caught him with one when I was getting the cats in Wednesday night (we got it away from him and Brian disposed of it) and no telling how many more he ate. But he didn't finish his breakfast yesterday, wouldn't even go near it. I did get him to eat a quarter of a chicken breast, he scoffed that right up, but he wouldn't touch his dogfood. He finally ate the canned I put out for him (it's really important that he eat when he's supposed to because of his diabetes) and last night, he finished his dinner. This morning he was quite ready for breakfast and his stools are firming up. He had borderline diarrhea for a couple of days. I talked with the cats and tried to get them to understand why they couldn't give Junior rodents to eat. I don't think they got it.

I found that when I buy new pants, I'm wearing a size 10. Whooda thunk? I think the sizes have become inflated over the years, along with the butt sizes of the people buying the clothes. I bet money that if I ever get to the size I was before I got married, I'll be in a size 4 or 6. That's inflated sizes. When I met Brian I was wearing an 8 or 10. I think it's a ploy by the clothing manufacturers. I'm sure women are more likely to buy a size 12 that fits than a size 16 that fits. Even though in actuality they're the same size. Hey, don't get me wrong, I love saying "I wear a size 10" but somehow, my little headvoice is screaming "that's a cheat and you know it!" I think about fifteen or twenty more pounds, the little sweaters and shirts I have from pre-marriage will fit me nicely. That would be so very nice.

Three weeks from today, we'll be on day two of our yearly holiday at Disneyland. I'm wondering if the rides will affect me differently. Figure I've lost almost a quarter of my total weight.

I have to cut my hair again and re-perm. It's getting long on the top and that makes it heavier and it doesn't have as much body as it did. :(

Well, I have to have lunch, then grab a book and lay in the sun. Time's running out, one of these days it will be too cool to lay out. And this is the best time of year, since it's not so unbearable.

Say a pray that OC is okay. Thanks.

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Hey we're going to DL on the 16th! I can't wait and hope it's not busy at all. We thought about making it a 2 day event but, I don't know what to do with my dog,the cats would be fine but not her. Marriot allows dogs but she would bark to much!

Posted by Melanee @ 09/27/2003 04:17 PM PDT

Congradulations on being a size 10. Maybe when you get to pre-marriage weigh you'll let us see what you look like. Maybe? I pray for all your kitties. While visiting my dad I found a throw-away. He now has a wonderful with 2 guys. :hehe:

Posted by Darlene @ 09/28/2003 01:27 PM PDT

The word was home. I didn't check. And the throw-away was a 10 wk old kitten. Too much going on.

Posted by Darlene @ 09/28/2003 01:29 PM PDT

I'll send my good thoughts from over the big water (Holland) to yur place and pray OC is doing just fine.
And congrats on the way your going with WW! Im trying as well and lost 11 kilo's already! Go us! :D

Posted by Thea @ 09/28/2003 11:00 PM PDT

I hope OC is safe and sound. :confused:

Please update us when you find something out.

*prayers for OC*

Posted by Honest @ 09/29/2003 12:38 PM PDT

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