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This is the backyard page.
Find out about the fence and meet the dogs.

Before December 1993, we used to let our cats go free range. I worried about them constantly and it seemed as if I was out in the street looking for them every half hour. Even after Bobby was attacked by an Akita in our driveway, we still let the cats run. Then, on December 20, 1993, Hollywood went into the wrong yard. That was the end of our cats' freedom. But we still wanted them to be able to enjoy being outdoors. What follows is how we've accomplished a compromise. They can still go outside (we still get them in at night) and I no longer have the constant worry about them getting hurt by cars, dogs or even cruel humans. At the bottom of the page, you will find links to more pages showing everything we've done, from the gates to the trees. I've also posted additional pictures of what we've done.

You can see the barricade at the top of the fence. This continues the entire length of the yard on all sides.

A closer look. The corners are folded down to deny access to the determined cat.

We have taken regular stiff 48 inch tall garden fencing, cut to workable lengths (10 feet in our case) and folded it into a lopsided U shape. Folded to 8" x 12" x 28". The 28" side attaches to the existing fencing. We used wire to hold it to the chain link fence U shaped nails to attach it to the wooden fence. We originally used 28" fencing, but gradually changed it 48" fencing, raising the height of the fencing (check the links below for additional photos of how it looks at 48").

You'll have to monitor the cats for a while. They will find areas of escape that you didn't see. Try to look at everything from the cat's level. Make sure there are no jumping opportunities. (Like from a tree or the doghouse over to the fence.) We have also placed the fencing around the trees to keep the cats from climbing them and helping to save the bird population. We ended up having to move woodpiles and such because of the ease of escape. We also had to check for under fence escape routes. After two weeks, we were pretty secure. For almost three years. Until we found Benny on the roof. We solved that problem, too. See below.

As it looks attached to the chain link fence.

Brian had to make the "box" because Benny was climbing up this red pole and squirming over onto the fence. It took two days before I was able to catch him in action

Then Benny found his way onto the shop roof. Completely covering the area from the fence to the roof with fencing material removed that option.

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