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Meet our d*gs

Buddy was a shop dog when we got him, in 1992, about five years old. He had never had any vaccinations, never been licensed, and was intact. He had spent his life tied up to a tree during the day and locked in a machinist's shop at night. He was very dirty and our vet referred to him as "toxic". His old owner did occasionally take him out to work herding cattle. He is a Queensland heeler mix. Someone once told me he looked like an Australian Cattle Dog, also called a "barking dog". Yeah, that fits. Just last year, 1996, Buddy almost died. It was Memorial Day Weekend. Sunday night, Buddy didn't seem like himself. Monday morning he wasn't moving. We took him to emergency right away. They ran tests but couldn't find out what was wrong with him. They kept him and called us to advise surgery. We said, "yes, just make him better." Once inside, they found that his pancreas was double in size. We were very lucky that he was still alive. I read in my human medical book all that they had about the pancreas. In humans, pancreatitus is caused by overweight, too much fat in the diet, steroids and smoking. Well, Buddy was fat, he had major flea and skin problems so he was on Medrol, a steroid and I also fed the dogs table scraps, leftovers and specifically gave Buddy bacon grease for his skin. The only thing I couldn't be accused of was forcing him to smoke. After his week long stay in the hospital, in intensive care, with twice daily visits from us, he was allowed to come home. He spent the first few weeks in the house with occasional walks outside on a leash. Eventually, he moved back outdoors, but he does spend the night in our shop in his own little warm cave with a cedar filled bed. And he still barks alot.

We got Sandy in 1986. We had a dog named Beau and wanted to get him a playmate. We found Sandy through an ad in the classifieds. The people that had her had found her on a small local island where sludge and waste are treated. She was very small and very scared. We took her because she seemed like a nice dog. She got along well with our cats and tried to mother them. She still gets upset when she hears heavy equipment running in the neighborhood. She gets very nervous and runs in circles. But she has been a very mellow dog and a playful dog.

Sandy went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 20, 1998.

This is Junior. We got him from the Humane Society in December 1993. A friend told us about him, that he looked just like Buddy. We learned not to judge a book by its cover. We named him Junior for three reasons. Number one, he looked so much like Buddy. Number two, he sounded like the cat DeeJay when he whined. Number three, when he bit you, you would "SAY OW". Like Junior Seau of the San Diego Chargers. He is also known as the chew dog and is in the process of knocking Buddy off of his throne. He really likes the cats.

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