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Years before Pete came to live with us, Brian got some palm trees from a man who's life is palm trees. He's going to save the world with his palm trees. He told Brian that he could have trees when he was ready for them. One was a fish tail palm. When it was first planted, it wasn't too much of a problem. But, as healthy, happy trees do, it grew. And grew. And grew. There never seemed to be much of a problem with it. The cats seemed to ignore it. Until Katie and Mystie came to live with us. They were small enough that they could run up the tree. And over the fence. They never got that far, because I watched them so closely when they were first allowed out. I immediately brought them in and told Brian that something had to be done with that tree. I was ready to go cut it down. It wouldn't have bothered me in the least. But it would have bothered Brian. So, he built the tree its own fence. With its own little barrier. And we haven't had a problem with it since.

Brian had put this part up when he first planted the tree. At that time, the fence modification was taller than the tree (as you can see in the first fencing page). This is at a corner of the yard and it also helps to keep other cats from coming in. You can see where Brian has attached the new fencing to the wooden fence to keep cats from getting to the tree.

This is another palm tree that we didn't have a problem with. Until Sammy, Opie, Richie, Daniece and Angel Face were old enough to go outside, of course, under supervision. They got used to the yard and started playing chase. And the other kitties joined in. And Pete chased the kittens up the smaller palms. And the kittens were light enough and the fronds were strong enough, that the kittens could climb the fronds. Over the existing barrier on the fence. Brian, as handy and inventive as ever, made a smaller version of the original tree barrier.

With one difference. He covered the base barrier box with chicken wire, because the kittens were able to push their heads through the original wire (which I watched them do on the bank where it's enclosed to keep the dogs out (Junior did quite a bit of damage to his knees jumping up at tree limbs when he was younger, so Brian fenced it off to keep them off of that part of the bank)). Now the kittens can run up to their hearts' content, without lots of worrying on my part.

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