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Wednesday, 02/18/2004 - 03:02 PM PDT
The topic: Sigh

Wednesday, February 18, 2004 *sigh* Ciara is doing better, but if you think of it, could you send some positive energy or prayers her way? I've had to wash the sofa covers three times since Sunday because of her dripping. Her poor little bottom is so raw. I've trimmed back a great part of her hair, I cleaned it off in the shower once, but it was a mess again within a half hour. The trauma of the water wasn't good for her. I started her on amoxicillan yesterday and her eyes do look a little clearer. She's not eating hardly anything, but I understand that's what needs to be done, they need to fast to give their intestines a chance to get better.

I'd really like her to feel better. After all those weeks of sick kitties and now poor little Ciara and there's not a whole lot I can do for her. At least when all of the cats had colds, I could run the humidifier and give them yummy food, but that's won't help Ciara. She's so miserable. I have been giving her fluids to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated.

I had an absolutely horrible morning. First, the stupid 4DTV wasn't retaining the satellite information. I reprogrammed it. Usually, I only have to do one, then let it save the information for all satellites, but that wouldn't work. I had to do each one individually. Then, I was opening the blinds in the office and knocked down my little glass thingy with the red liquid that has three balls and you hold the bottom ball and watch the red liquid bubble up to the top. Broke it all to hell. Big mess. I had a headache and it was an all around bad morning. The best thing was Ciara ate a little baby food. Which ran through her and came out within two hours. *sigh*

DeeJay has recuperated nicely from his cold. And he's starting to put weight back on. He lost almost a pound the past three weeks.

We're expecting some heavy rain here this afternoon through tomorrow. It's been starting to come in the past half hour. We're supposed to go to the chiropractor this evening, so I'll have to make sure all the cats are in before we leave. I don't want to be looking for cats in the rain. I'm looking forward to the rain, but Ciara really likes being outside right now. She's got lots of condos to hide in, but if it gets really heavy, I'll have to bring her in.

So, send her some good thoughts. As soon as she looks like she's firming up, I'll give her a bath.

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Awwww, God bless you all! I'm so sorry for your bad day, at the end of a couple of bad weeks. Prayers coming your way for Ciara, and thank God DeeJay is recovering.

Posted by Terry @ 02/18/2004 03:33 PM PDT

all of us here are sending heathly thoughts to Ciara. our prayers that she will get better fast. i will light a candle for her. love bcat

Posted by bcatsrmine8 @ 02/18/2004 04:48 PM PDT

Oh ((Lisa)). I'm so sorry, poor little Ciara. I think about your kitties everyday so sending a prayer Ciara's way is an easy thing to do. Sorry about your little ball thingy :( I adore rain. Such GOOD news aboug DeeJay. :)

Posted by Nancy @ 02/19/2004 09:22 AM PDT

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