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Monday, 03/08/2004 - 12:21 PM PDT
The topic: Waiting for the vet to call

Monday, March 8, 2004 I took Ciara to the vet this morning, for another albumin recheck. Now, I'm wating for the vet to call with the results. She's doing lots better. Her butt is almost back to normal, now she just has to grow some fur back on it. And she's a lot more active. Still not eating much. And the vet scale showed it. She's lost a couple of ounces since last week, he didn't like that. So, for now, we'll keep her on the predinsone and flagyl.

The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days. Pretty warm. I'm itching to get out and start pulling weeds. And there are plenty that need to be pulled.

DeeJay is doing better. I think the warm weather is helping him. He ate almost an entire can of Friskies yesterday. Which he vomited part back up last night.

Speaking of the weather, we slept with all the doors and windows open last night. When I went to bed, Brian had even turned on the ceiling fan. I asked him about it this morning on our walk and he said he had been burning up. I turned it off sometime during the night.

I saw all four ferals last night. Sometimes I'm not sure if I see the tortie or not, but last night, there was no question about it. Little Bit is getting bigger. I wonder what will happen with this litter. So far, she hasn't had one that survived. I sure wish we could trap her.

I guess that's all that's going on now. Not a lot and that's a good thing. Now, if only the vet would call.

Later Well, I got tired of waiting for the vet around 12:30 and went over to my mom's to see why she was having problems viewing the M*A*S*H DVDs again. Turns out, she was trying to program it to watch one episode after the other, instead of having to go back to the menu to select the next show. Can't be done, I told her. Some DVDs have that capability, these don't. I guess she had quite a few people trying to figure it out for her.

I wasn't gone for fifteen minutes and wouldn't you know that's when the doctor called? He left a lengthy message. Ciara's albumin level is now normal. Yay! But he doesn't like the fact that she lost weight. Boo! And that her stool is still loose. Boo! So, until the end of this month, she gets two prednisones a day (he makes sure to ask me about her behavior, making sure that she's not having adverse affects from the medicine). Then, next month, she gets a full tab in the morning, a half tab at night. For the entire month. Then, for the month of May, she gets a half tab in the morning, a half tab at night. Then in June, she goes to a full tab, every other day. That's as far as he can see it right now. And she's to stay on flagyl for another two weeks. If she doesn't start gaining weight and if her stools don't firm up, he wants to run another test. This time for pancreatic problems. Gah. Junior died of pancreatitis. I'm hoping her system is just trying to balance out.

It's been really warm (hot) today (92.7 at 2:30). I certainly didn't get much done. Unfortunately, I seem to have a hard time starting anything when I'm waiting for a phone call. Doesn't really make any sense. But tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow. I'll switch out the old files, start new ones, then get ready to do the taxes. That shouldn't take too long. I looked at our profit/loss for last year, and, boy, howdy, there sure wasn't much in the profit column. And that will drop considerably when I go through the credit card statements (out of sheer laziness, I hardly ever do this when the statements come in, I wait until the end of the year) and the receipts for stuff Brian paid cash for. And then, there are our standard deductions, as well as the deductions for health care premiums, mortgage interest and the money we paid for property tax. I bet we don't owe very much, if anything at all.

Saturday night, I had a hard time going to sleep. I kept thinking about Junior. I laid there in bed and saw his face. I surely miss that boy. Then I started going through and seeing each and everyone of the guys we've lost this past couple of decades. It was pretty sad. I hope I see them again someday.

Replies: 5 comments

It's so good to hear that, Lisa. All of it. Poor little Ciara and DeeJay and you. Thank you for letting us know.

Posted by Nancy @ 03/08/2004 02:56 PM PDT

Ditto the hoping we are reunited with our fury friends. I'm counting on seeing them all again.

Posted by Darlene @ 03/08/2004 06:43 PM PDT

I miss my Macho Man. Whenever I see DeeJay or Annie I'm always reminded of Macho. Wish the furries lived a lot longer. I'm glad to hear about Ciara, and I'll be even happier when she gets off the prednisone, poor baby.

Posted by Nancy @ 03/09/2004 08:04 AM PDT

Glad Ciara is better. I hope I don't make you upset, but when did you lose Junior? I didn't realize he'd crossed the bridge. :( It will be year for me on 3/20 since I lost my cat, Possum, to liver failure :( It's so hard to say goodbye!

Posted by Lisa @ 03/09/2004 01:52 PM PDT

Lisa, I am so glad Ciara and DeeJay are better! I feel for you on the loss of your dear babies. I have never gotten over the loss of my sweet Irish Setter, Maggie. It really is hard to say goodbye, and like the rest, I hope to see here again.

Posted by Terry @ 03/10/2004 10:15 AM PDT

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