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Monday, 06/21/2004 - 01:04 PM PDT
The topic: Gee, I forgot this was here....

Monday, June 21, 2004 It's been awhile, I bet you thought I forgot all about you. I didn't. I just haven't had the time/energy to make a new entry.

Yesterday, I really thought it would be over this week for DeeJay. He just looked really bad, had diarrhea and was throwing up. He hadn't been eating much. We ran out of the Maxximum Nutrition kitten food he seemed to like and I was giving him Purina. He didn't like that nearly as much. I found the Maxximum Nutrition at Wal-Mart yesterday (I'd originally gotten it at the grocery store) and bought a bag. When we got home, I opened the bag and gave him a small handful of the kibble to eat. He ate it like he hadn't eaten in weeks. He ate more as the night progressed. Brian barbequed filet mignon for dinner and DeeJay got a few pieces of that, from both of our plates. He kept it all down. There was no diarrhea anywhere in the house this morning, so I hope he's over whatever was going on with him. He's certainly looking better this morning. Brian's sister came over last night and DeeJay laid next to her on the loveseat and she asked "is this cat dying?"

So, right now, he's looking brighter and more relaxed. I thought for sure this would be the week we'd say goodbye. For now, we're back on the emotional rollercoaster. This is the hardest thing about being a pet guardian.

What else, what else? Oh, last week, I found a bouquet of different shades of blue balloons in the yard, they were tied together with different shades of blue curling ribbon. I found this balloon bouquet next to the shop, under the fencing. I'm sure it got into our yard by itself, but it didn't get under that fencing by itself. I found out later who took it over there. Opie.

I threw out the bouquet and I found Opie down by the pool pump. He kept looking at the sky. When a plane went over (we're within three miles of a small airport), he'd run under the platform where the pump is. He'd growl. His eyes kept going to the sky, to the plum tree, to the top of the house, to the satellite dish, always up.... So, I'm thinking he saw the balloons descending, maybe getting stuck in the plum tree. He somehow got himself tangled in the ribbon and took off running. Of course, the balloons went with him. It took me about twenty minutes to get him calmed down enough to bring him into the house. When we walked by the tree, his eyes got really big and he tensed up. He growled. I told him all was fine, it was nothing to worry about and we went into the house. He made no attempt at going back out, he was fine inside, thank you very much. At least a kid could give you some idea of what happened.

We've got fleas again. So, it would seem that the local fleas have become Advantage resistent. Time to change to Frontline. For a couple of months, then I'll go back to Advantage.

I've got a big old zit on my cheek. There should be some sort of natural law that when you quit having periods, you quit getting pimples. There really should be. If I ran the world, I'd make that a law.

I found out a couple of weekends ago, I can make CDs on my computer that play on the other players in the house and in the cars. So, I spent made a few duplicates, printed out labels and jewel case inserts. Then, I spent much more time than I like to think about trying my hand at making compilations on the computer. I'd get about sixty minutes in (on a seventy four minute CD) and it wouldn't read the CD. So, I'd lose everything I'd done up to that point. I spent hours trying to get it to work. I finally gave up. I didn't give up for good, though. I'll try again at some point.

The kittens are getting really big. I've got more pictures to upload. They're just adorable, they're slowly figuring out that "kittens!" means them. They eat with the big cats at night. Sometimes they run into the garage by themselves, other times I remind them about din by carrying them into the garage. The big cats don't hiss at them anymore, which is really nice.

I took Ciara back to the vet last week, because she wasn't getting any better. The vet remarked on how much better she looked than the last time he'd seen her (I think it was February or March). She'd gained over a pound (gained two ounces since the other vet saw her). He said she looked lots better and he was pleased. As for her breathing, he came up with the same scenario the fill in vet came up with. He sent us home with some antihistamine tablets. She gets those for two weeks. With any luck, those will help her out. Give her body a chance to overcome what she's got. He said the same thing I've said to Brian. The prednisone she's getting for her IBD is suppressing her immune system, to the extent that it's not fighting this cold virus she's got. He said if the antihistamine doesn't work, we can try a fairly new drug, one that's more expensive. It basically does the same thing the prednisone does, but without the side effects. It's not labeled for use on cats, but he said he's used it on many different animals. We'd get her on that until this cold went away. But it seems the meds she's on right now are helping. She's not coughing nearly as much as she had been and her breathing sounds a little less noisy. We've got over a week more to go, so I'm hoping she's all cleared up by that time.

I've been doing a little tweaking on the website. I moved the catcam to it's own subdomain, And I did the same with the weather page (where the backyard camera is). I also added an "extended weather" site. I used a script found at On that page, you can find forecast for many different places. I really had fun setting it up. The hardest part was getting the camera links lined up correctly on the entry page. If you want to check it out, the link is Oh, that picture at the top is a panorama from the top of Ickey Hill I took one November morning on our walk. I think it's a pretty nice weather photo.

We went shopping yesterday and I saw Katelynn. I said 'hi' and she said she was there with her dad. I said 'hi' to him and told him we're the people who took their cats last year. He said "you want some more?" This is the guy who Oliver attacked. I just laughed. Nope. Don't want no more cats.

I think SpotTee is pretty sick. Last week, I saw a spot on his head, looked like drainage from a burst abscess. I called Brian over to look at him Saturday (Spot was sleeping on the bank) and he said that Spot's neck looked puffy, too. I saw Spot yesterday in the Heartless Bastard's yard, but I haven't seen him since. Hopefully, he's sleeping somewhere and his body is fighting off the infection. Say a quick prayer for him, would ya? Little Bit and KittyMeeze take turns keeping watch over him, I think. The morning I saw him in the HB's yard, Meeze was right next to him. We really don't want Meeze crossing the street.

I know there's something else. Oh, yeah, I remembered. I got a new car! hahahahahahaa!! I got it on Monday, the 14th.

It's a 2005 Ford Escape Limited Edition. It has all the options. It's got black paint and ebony premium leather trimmed seats. That are heated! It has heated rearview mirrors. It has a moon roof. It has a MACH sound system, seven speakers, an in dash six CD changer. I absolutely love it. I took my mom to Kaiser last Wednesday for her bone scan and it handles so nicely. I felt extremely comfortable driving it, not at all nervous. I ordered the license plate holders before we got the car. They're black (like the Escape) and the top says in white lettering "Don't Litter" and the bottom says in the same lettering "Spay or Neuter Your Pets". When the new plates come in, I'll be taking them down to the DMV with the vanity plates on the Bronco. I'll get new plates for the Bronco (which we're going to sell, as well as sell the Mustang) and put the vanity plates on the Escape.

It's a lovely little car.

That's it for now.

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Sending DeeJay and Ciara lots of healing Reiki energy! Some for Mom and Dad too.. :D

Posted by Donna @ 06/21/2004 07:01 PM PDT

aren't ford escapes wonderful? i've had my 2002 escape for about a month and i absolutely adore it. they're so much fun to drive^.^

also, i'm keeping DeeJay in my thoughts as well as SpotTee. hope everything works out for the good.


Posted by ShoShoni Rose @ 06/22/2004 08:02 PM PDT

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