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Friday, 06/04/2004 - 10:42 AM PDT
The topic: Just call me crabby.

Friday, June 04, 2004 I've really been irritable as of late. This past month has been pretty bad for some reason. Heh heh heh... I've left a long, wide trail ripped lips and bitten off heads.

I mentioned moving this site to a new host, saving me over $15.00 a month on host fees. Well, in the past, I've been able to access the new site using just DNS numbers, but not this time. I couldn't actually work on the site until I could see it, and that didn't happen until late Tuesday night, after I was in bed. So, the past couple of days have been spent trying to get things working. The first things I worked on, the KOTM Contest and the Cathouse Cardshoppe, just wouldn't co-operate. I worked on them for hours with no luck. I finally broke down and contacted Melanie (of for help. I really didn't want to bother her, because it feels like the only time I email her is when I'm in a bind and I hate those kinds of people. And when she found what I'd done wrong, or missed, well, I have to tell you, I was really annoyed with myself. Things I should have found. Easy things.

And I found many of the CGI scripts I've been running, don't work if they've got images in the CGI directory. They worked fine on my old server, just not this one. A security issue. So, I had to tweak them a little. I don't have all of them done, the topsites need to be done, for one. But they aren't really busy, so they aren't a high priority. I need to get everything done by the 20th, at which time I'll cancel my account with the old provider. I figure I can compare stuff between that site and the new one if I run into problems.

Another big mess is that the thing that keeps people from taking my graphics is also preventing me from using them on my other sites. Heck, even this site. I can't call them from "". If I do, there's that "stolen image" image. So, I copied the images that I need and put them in a different directory and I have to change the code on God knows how many pages accordingly. *sigh*

And to top it all off, it would appear that my new host is having server difficulties. The site keeps going down. I'm very, very frustrated right now. Which becomes crabby.

So, what else? Hmmm. Oh, yeah, Richie. Dear Richie. You'll recall our problems with him getting out on the 27th of May. Well, trimming back the plum tree and adjusting the fencing didn't work. He was out again on Sunday. Then again on Tuesday. Everytime he got out, we'd scour the fencing for another way out. What on earth were we missing?

Brian added more fencing. We put up nine sets of windchimes so that we'd hear him climbing the fence, with no luck. He still got out. I was wasting hours of time checking on him. I'd keep him in and in doing so, kept the other cats in. We didn't have a happy couple of days there. Once I went out, couldn't find him. He was on the roof of the shop. I went into the neighbor's yard to talk him down, but by the time Brian got outside, Richie was back in our yard! Curious. Really, really curious. How was he doing it?

Finally, Sunday morning early, I was out walking the yard and watching him. And he ran up the plum tree. And out one of the branches (one that Brian had trimmed last week). And he crouched. And he was looking to jump over to the shop. A good five or six feet away. I yelled at him and he just looked at me. I told him not to do it. He just looked at me. I kept talking and I guess from the tone of my voice, he figured maybe he'd just wait until I wasn't watching. Well, when Brian got out of bed, I told him. And after he ate breakfast and took his shower, he went out and trimmed the plum tree back even further. And it was good. Richie hasn't been out since. The fencing wasn't the problem. (YAY!) It was the tree. Something I caution people about on our backyard page.

I took Ciara to the vet yesterday. She's had some weird thing going on for about a month. We had that herpes virus hit the population back in January/February and I thought since she's on prednisone, it was back, but just on her (she was diagnosed with IBD back in February). But she's not getting better. I started her on Orbax last Thursday, just in case and she seemed a little better at first, but she'd have bouts of coughing. Well, the vet didn't hear her wheezing. She checked Ciara over pretty thoroughly and nothing. Then, it started. I said "can you hear that?" It started out low and got a little worse with each breath. Turns out, Ciara has a head cold of sorts and the vet said it sounded to her like Ciara's sinuses were draining and that noise was Ciara dealing with it. That would also explain her coughing. So, she's to stay on Orbax for another week.

One of the things I mentioned at the vet's office was how happy I was that I found something DeeJay like to eat. Purina One kitten chow, with water on it. Liz cautioned me that it wasn't really a good thing for him to have because of the protein in it. She gave me baggies with samples of three different kidney diets. I did the same thing to those I did the kitten food, put filtered water on them and let him make his choice. He liked the bag marked "AD". So, I'll pick up some of that later today.

And Bart got his followup visit on Tuesday. He still had a "pinprick" of erosion, so he's still being medicated. I'm glad he's taking it well. One of the ointments stings.

One of the problems I've had because of watching Richie and moving the site (downloading to my computer, uploading to the new site took hours and hours and hours; the script I bought that I moved my site with last year wasn't working as well with the new host, a lot of stuff wasn't transferring directly from site to site) and watching the kittens is that I've fallen behind in housework and paperwork again. Today, I'll try to get caught up with laundry and housecleaning, then I'll have to tackle this big pile of mail that I've just been stacking. That should be lots of fun. Not.

The kittens are doing well. I gave them their last dose of Strongid this morning. Brian took down the barrier earlier this week and I've been keeping the bathroom door open unless I'm feeding them or we're sleeping or not home. They sleep a lot. Oliver has discovered that he gets yelled at when he growls at them and has taken to spending most of his time in the garage. It's okay out there. It's quiet and there's no little kittens begging to be kept in line.

I found a couple of fleas on a few of the cats last week. I got out the flea comb and went over Sagwa. Lordy, I combed twelve fleas from his neck area alone. So, when I went to the vet with Bart Tuesday, I bought more Advantage for large dogs and over the next three days, treated twenty four cats. I have five to go, but hopefully I won't have to do them all. Usually, just having some of the cats done will end up killing all the fleas. You want to hear something odd? I never found any dead fleas in the areas where Annie rests. Lots in other cat resting areas, but none off of Annie.

They're getting big. This morning on our walk, Brian said how much cuter they are now than when we got them. They're two months old today! They're really not much for purring, but this morning I picked up Rachel and was holding her against my cheek and giving her light scratches on her head and neck, and she just started purring to beat the band. It was so nice to hear.

I got on the scale for the first time in months this morning and, sadly, I've found nineteen of the forty eight pounds I lost last year. Unbelievable. I know if I'd gotten on the scale every Friday morning, it wouldn't have gotten this bad. So, I'm back logging points over at the Weight Watcher's site. Brian starts saying "well, no more of this, no more of that" in the house. He mentioned the Healthy Choice ice cream and the Slimfast candy bars. Excuse me, honey, but the problem isn't the ice cream and the candy bars, it's that I eat too many of them. As long as I use them in moderation (and moderation is the key here) I'll be fine.

We finally decided to sell the Mustang. We rarely drive it (Brian still hasn't put the registration sticker on it from last year; we got that last July), so figure why pay registration and insurance on it? If you know anyone in the SoCal area who wants a 1989 Mustang convertible, dark blue with a blue top, grey cloth interior, 26K miles and a nice sound system, let them know about this. We'd really like to get ten thousand for it, since it is so clean and has such low mileage. I'll miss it, but it's just not practical. Riding with the top down just wears Brian out. The wind, the sun beating down, he just can't take it any longer. And I hardly ever joy ride. I can't see using that nice car just to get groceries. I'm always afraid that someone might run a cart into it or something.

Well, I guess I'd best get cracking if I plan on getting anything accomplished today. I'm giving the website move a break right now, I need to walk away and regroup.

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Howdy! I know this may be against the rules, but as a avid fan of this site I want to help. If you find that your new host is not working for you check out. and see if we can help you. Good Luck! :D

Posted by Donna Brown @ 06/05/2004 09:55 PM PDT

Thanks for the heads up, Donna. I was being hosted by I paid $19.99 a month for 750MB of diskspace and 75GB of bandwidth. My website is at 450MB right now. (Can you see where I'm headed with this?) I don't use nearly that much bandwidth, but the space is quickly being eaten up. I'm working on moving my photos to the album I've put up at, which should help.

I hadn't really intended on moving my sites, but money has gotten a little tight lately and I couldn't justify what I was spending. I checked out what specials the host of was running and I was impressed. For $3.95 a month (no setup fee, when paid for by two years, price is good for as long as I have their service), I get 2000MB of diskspace. I get 60GB of bandwidth. And lots more. I don't know how they do it, but I've had three other domains with them for a couple of years now with very little problems. Tech support could be better, but I'm finding out I'm learning more trying to get it done without much help. And once I learn it, hopefully I won't need that support. But they're very good when there are actual problems with the server and the website set up. They're just not there to help with programming.

I'm about done with the move, I've got three guestbooks to set up and two messageboards and that shouldn't take all that long. Then I can cancel with BlueVirtual. And I'm finding that ace-host is a lot quicker than BlueVirtual was. FTP opens faster, pages load a whole lot quicker.

I just have to remember to back my site up, since that's something they don't offer, but they do have software that makes it easier.

Once again, thanks for the offer.

Posted by lisaviolet @ 06/06/2004 10:08 AM PDT

:) You are so welcome, it really looks like you are getting a good deal with this host. Maybe the tech service will get better soon! Hugs!

Posted by Donna @ 06/06/2004 05:16 PM PDT

Was reading you were having trouble getting rid of the cold in one of your cats. Email me and I'll send you the name of a woman that can send you a remedy that will clear it up in about 10 days. Actually it's a nosode. But it works!!!!

Posted by BaileyShelbyCody @ 07/09/2004 12:41 PM PDT

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