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Tuesday, 09/14/2004 - 06:49 PM PDT
The topic: Little Bit hates her kittens

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 Little Bit hates her kittens? Okay, maybe not, but she wasn't really thrilled to be back with them. Her surgery went well yesterday and the vet was surprised at how very healthy she is. I told her about all of the litters she's had and she was astounded when I told her that Little Bit had a litter of five earlier this year. She said "she must have been huge!"

Anyway, last night, Brian got the crate and feeders and litterbox for the new crate. Then he made the shelf, he drilled holes for a nylon rope which I used to hang a towel from. This gives the back half of the crate some privacy. Before I left to pick her up, I got everything ready, even putting the kittens in the crate.

When I got home, I brought the trap into the house and into the exercise (ha!) room and opened the crate. The kittens were all sleeping soundly. Joey in the litterbox and Chandler and Phoebe were cuddled up together on the towel. I put the end of the trap in with the slide up door side and slowly slid the door up. Little Bit slowly left the trap and went behind the towel, into the litterbox. I thought everything would be okay.

It wasn't. A few hours later when the kittens woke up, they started to play. Phoebe was laying on her back and started pulling on the towel. Little Bit hissed at her. Enough to startle Phoebs. Then a few minutes later, Joey went into the litterbox, or was trying to go into it, when she went after him. I waited until she'd calmed down and the kittens were in a sort of shellshocked mode on my side of the hanging towel. I slowly reached in and took them out one by one. They've been cruising this side of the house since. Hopefully, this is a temporary thing, with Little Bit still sore and not a little stressed at the events of the past four days. So far, though, I haven't seen any reaction when the kittens cry.


The kittens are six weeks old, though, and she'd most likely start weaning them at this point. Maybe she's just thinking she won't have to go through it now. Maybe she's just done raising kittens. I do hope she doesn't hate them forever.

Oh, if you'd like to talk cats, I've opened up a new forum just for cat talk. It's over at Benny's and the name of it is "the Cats' Door", a little play on the old Cat's Window at Acmepet. I sure miss those forums, I don't think anything will ever replace them or have the same feel that they did.

Well, that's it for now. It's been a long couple of days and I have an appointment with my new gynocologist tomorrow morning at 8:45. My old gyn retired. What fun.

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Gosh...surely it's because of the surgery...she is probably just cranky and maybe it's just close quarters right now. At least they are able to eat regular food now...Good Luck!

Posted by DonnaB @ 09/14/2004 07:25 PM PDT

Hmm, maybe she was just feeling surly from the surgery. Either that or she blames the kittens for getting her trapped - lol. I hope she does get along with everyone (or as much as is possible with multiple cats) she deserves a good home! :)

Posted by Donna @ 09/16/2004 01:45 PM PDT

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