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Tuesday, 10/05/2004 - 09:54 AM PDT
The topic: I suck at sexing kittens

Tuesday, October 5, 2004 I suck at sexing kittens. There I am, smooching a kitten belly yesterday. The kitten is Chandler. I back up and look at his genital area. Hmm, doesn't look much like Joey's. I find Joey. Run my fingers over the genitals. Yep, I feel the little, teeny, tiny testicles. I do the same to Chandler. Nothing. I try Phoebe. Nothing.

Say goodbye to Chandler, say hello to Monica.

Little Bit is feeling much better. I opened up the crate yesterday morning after she ate some of the kibble I put in there for her. I had promised her if she started to eat, I'd let her out. I kept my promise. She's not doing too badly, it's actually going quite a bit more smoothly than I remember with the other cats. No climbing the walls or anything like that. She has gone through the house, I don't know how much she checked out. I've got the crate door roped open now, so she can still go into that for privacy, which she does. She also likes the hidey hole in the cat sleep center. She'll go from one nest to the other. I think the one in the entertainment center is for her alone, the other is when she doesn't mind having the kittens with her.

I was actually able to touch her Sunday. And she didn't hit so hard when she smacked me. Hardly drew any blood the few times she did. It was a good sign. She still hisses at me, but now she's got more room to roam and I think it will be better for her now that she can stretch out. Cats need to stretch.

Speaking of stretching, I think I'll have Marco x-rayed next Tuesday to see how his leg is doing. I'll be surprised if he's not 100%. It will sure be nice to get that crate out of the room. Same thing with Little Bit's crate, but as long as she's using it, I won't remove it.

The new cat furniture got here last week and Brian put it up Sunday. The old floor to ceiling cat tree looks to be in pretty good shape except for the thrashed carpeting on the vertical portions. So, Brian ordered some sisal and I'll rip the carpeting off of it and glue the sisal in it's place. This should be fun. If it turns out, I'll do the same to some of the other furniture. We've got a couple of pieces that are made of wood, not cardboard and we can extend the life of it by doing this. You can see the post laying on its side on the patiocam right now. It will probably be there for a few more days.

Got a really uplifting sight Saturday night. We saw Carla eating out front. She's been here every night since. The problem is KittyMeeze is going away with her during the day. I wish she'd stay over here. I hate them crossing the street.

Ciara caught whatever Little Bit brought in. She sounds horrible. I've got her on L-Lysine to help her immune system fight this off. She is sounding a little better this morning than she did this past weekend.

I needed to pick up fluids for DeeJay so I drove over to the vet's office. They didn't have any to sell. Liz searched and found enough for two days, which will be okay because they get their shipments on Wednesdays. I paid for three bags of lactated ringers, a box (100 count) of 18 gauge needles and I also asked about the possibility of the kittens getting sick. Phoebe's eyes looked a little glassy yesterday and there's been a little bit of sneezing. She asked the vet and I got some amoxi drops, just in case. I hope it's money wasted, that they won't be needed, but if they are needed, they're here.

When Liz started looking for the fluids, we had a little discussion about DeeJay getting fluids on a daily basis. She said when her cat needed them that often, she had him put down, because she felt it was the best for him. I thought about all of the forums and posts I've read about cats getting fluids on a daily basis. I remembered the cat over at the clinic when we took mom's cat in, a cat who was getting 150cc twice a day. This cat was only thirteen. And I thought about DeeJay getting 120cc once a day. I also remembered when this same women warned me off of kitten food because it was bad for his kidneys. At this late stage, I couldn't see where giving him kitten food, if he wanted to eat it, would really extend his life by all that much. Anyway, I told her that DeeJay was doing fine, that the fluids made him feel a lot better.

Then it came out. Another reason she decided to have him put to sleep was he was "missing the litterbox". She was tired of cleaning it up. He'd become inconvenient, I guess. I told her if DeeJay was gone, we'd still have a pee problem. Anyway, I walked out of there shaking my head, saddened by what she'd said. I wonder if she'd give the same consideration to her horse or her dogs. Why is it cats are so easily destroyed when they become a nuisance to us in our lives? I just don't understand it. I try, I really do, I just can't work my mind around it.

Well, that's it for now.

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My husband has been re-sisaling our trees and all he does is pull it taught and use a screw at each end,no glue.
Glad Little Bit is feeling better,I was worried.I get irritated at people for the same reason, not treating their cats like family.

Posted by Melanee @ 10/05/2004 02:34 PM PDT


Is Deejay suffering from CRF? There are many places on the internet that sell IV Fluids/venosets/needles.

They are MUCH MUCH CHEAPER!!!! :)

Also-great group on Yahoo for Feline CRF.

Need more info? Let me know. :)

Posted by Vicky @ 10/05/2004 09:17 PM PDT

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