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Monday, 10/25/2004 - 10:30 AM PDT
The topic: Looks like we're in for nasty weather.....

Monday, October 25, 2004 The sky is cloudy again. More rain is expected. I don't know how much, but I'm hoping the rain keeps up all winter, I really do. It would be so nice to have snow that's over six feet deep in the local mountains. It would be nice to see the lakes and reservoirs start filling up again. It would be nice to have the air clean and the trees looking fresh.

Of course, I'm sure the cats wouldn't be as happy as I would. After the rain we had last week, almost four inches, I was really happy we'd gotten Little Bit in, as well as the kittens. As it is, I worry about KittyMeezer, but he seems to have taken up residence on the cathouse on the bank. I was more worried about Carla, since she lives in the drain over at the Heartless Bastard's house. I hadn't seen her in a while, but she did show up last night for dinner, so it's possible she's just coming at a different time.

I feel human again, I guess. My intestines aren't hurting any longer. But now my lower back is having spasms. *sigh* Brian's back is hurting him, too. We're hoping to go to the chiropractor this afternoon if he gets home earlier enough. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Last week, with the rain, I left my computer on all night. I left it on for the duration of the storms, because I was curious as to when it rained the heaviest. This past weekend, I mentioned to Brian that I'd like a computer just for the weather station and the catcam, so that I could leave it running 24/7. He said to do some research and I did. I looked at refurbished computers online at Dell and the cheapest one was $399.00 (no ethernet card), which doesn't include a monitor. Brian was across the street talking to Chuck and I went over there to tell him what I'd found. Chuck mentioned a computer place in Santee, that sold reburbed computers and also built and repaired computers. Brian said we'd check it out.

I've wanted to have a computer on all the time for a while now, but I was reluctant to do this with the work computer (afraid of hackers, even though I've got tons of safeguards) and the other computer, the one with the other three cameras is too noisy.

We went over there and found an acceptable system for $200.00. We had to buy an additional ethernet cable so that it would reach the computer. There's only 6 gig of space on the "new" computer, but we don't need much. I've got plenty on the other two. And we needed a monitor for it, so we got one at CostCo for $107.00. When we got home, I had to move things around and cleaned the desk and got it up and running. Then I set up the weather station and catcam on it and it's been on ever since. This will also be good for Brian when he wants to surf. All he'll have to do is log on to the internet, he won't have to ask me to turn on the computer for him. And he'll be able to surf from his side of the desk.

And the catcam and the weather station will be running 24/7. No more shutting down at night. The backyard cam, the patio cam and the office cam will still shut down at night, as there's no light on them so there's no reason to have them running.

Chandler has his first vet visit tomorrow at 9:15. He's spending a little less time in hiding, which is nice. He also likes to scratch at the furniture, which isn't good. Our only other cat who likes to do that is Ciara. And Chandler for sure is a food driven cat. I've removed the food from the bedroom, as well as the water, so he had to start leaving that room to eat. Which he's done. And this morning, when I was making Brian's lunch, he appeared. He waited and begged for tuna. And I rewarded him.

And I also took some pictures. This is the only one I've got up right now, but I think it does a fair job of showing what he looks like.

Well, I've got three weeks of paperwork to catch up on. I have to do it if I plan on paying bills and getting the checks to the various companies by Friday.

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The photo in the family album of Marco and Joey is just too cute!
Glad that all the old ones are getting along with the new ones. Can't wait to hear more about Chandler, what a handsome boy he is! You'd think the kittens, lil'bit and him are related

Posted by Melanee @ 10/27/2004 11:21 AM PDT

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