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Monday, 12/27/2004 - 09:55 AM PDT
The topic: Vote for the cathouse!

Monday, December 27, 2004 Okay, I entered some of the cats into a contest. Well, I don't usually enter contests because I can't stand competition and the thought of losing. So, here I am, begging for votes.

Please go to Carnival Models and look for this image:

Laurence is rotating the gallery pages so that the same six cats aren't the first ones people see when they access the page. Vote for any of the six cathouse pictures on that page. A vote for one is a vote for all! And, you can vote once a day! Gah, I wish I'd never entered.

Potter seems to be doing better. He did pee on the towel in the laundry room yesterday and there was still quite a bit of blood in it, but he hasn't been peeing in Brian's shower and there's more volume when he does go. And I haven't seen him straining since Thursday night. I'll feel a lot better, though, once there's no more blood.

I can't believe how quickly these cats forgot how to go out the cat door. They'll stand at the sliding door and cry. I'll pick the cat up, take him or her into the garage and put them at the cat door, gently bumping their head into it, so that it opens slightly. Boy, I'll be glad when they all know how to use it. This morning, Little Bit decided she wanted out and started crying around 4:15 to go out. It's too early! And I hate leaving doors open when the heat is on.

Speaking of having the heat on, we're supposed to be getting some substantial rain the next few days. That will be nice. It would be nicer if KittyMeeze wasn't outside. We haven't seen Carla in days. And this morning, after I got back to sleep after opening doors for cats, I could swear the yipping of a coyote woke me up. It sounded like it was right in front of the house. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my robe, threw it on, ran out the side door and out the gate. Just in case KittyMeeze was in the entryway, I didn't go out the front door. I didn't see anything, but I stood out there for close to ten minutes looking up and down the street. Brian said he thought it sounded like a dog. I hope he was right. But it puts that much more pressure on getting Meeze in. I wish he'd go into a trap. Brian said something about getting him in the same way we got Red in. That would work if we could get all of the cats out of the garage (Gracie, Autumn, and Angel for sure).

I hate coyotes.

Brian wanted to look at the Christmas lights, so we went out after dinner last night. I think quite a few people already have turned them off or taken down the decorations, because there weren't all that many. Of course, I kind of lost interest in the sightseeing after we saw a dead young black cat in the middle of the first road we went up. It was in front of a house that always has way too many kittens hanging around. I'm really tempted to send them spay/neuter information. The next time we go up that street, I'll get their address and have some literature sent to them. If the cars don't get their cats, the coyotes will. And they probably don't even care. They're "just cats" after all.


There are little spots of blood all over the living room floor by where Chandler sleeps. He caught this cold a couple of weeks ago and he went crazy sneezing. Many of you might know I'm not big on vaccinations, but the vet talked me into vaccinating Chandler because he might catch something from our cats (read that "herpes virus" that was brought into the general population by NotWally last January). He's better now, but it was pretty bad for a couple of days. Chandler is getting so cool. This weekend, he was playing with toys all over the house. I remember the first time I showed him a fur mouse, he tried to eat it, thinking it was food. He's acclimated well. And he doesn't flinch as much when we reach down to pet him. I feel so badly for him, for how he must have been treated before he came here.

The kittens have discovered the kitchen counter. Brian was talking to one of them this morning, telling the kitten it was okay to explore. I think it was Joey. They must be teething. Friday, all three were under the weather, sleeping all day, not moving much. I had let them out in the morning and when I got up, two were outside and one was in the house, not moving much. But yesterday, they were back to normal, tearing through the house last night, up and down cat trees, getting into races with the other cats. It's pretty fun to watch. Very entertaining. Except when Joey hit the blinds to get to the water bowl. That startled most of the cats and there was a big scatter. One jumps, the others figure there must be a reason to jump, so they jump, too. Silly things. My only problem with this is someone gets hurt during the ensuing melee.

Well, that's about it for now. Hope you all had a great holiday and are keeping dry and warm.

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Hey, I'll be glad to stuff the ballot box for you! :P

Posted by Terry @ 12/27/2004 04:43 PM PDT


Posted by Tux @ 12/27/2004 07:13 PM PDT

:D I love your page! I hope Potter gets better soon. I've got one of those houses with "way too many cats" around it. I get them fixed as soon as I can, so they don't keep making new kitties, but new ones keep dropping by anyway. John

Posted by John @ 12/28/2004 02:22 AM PDT

Then again by having more than one computer I can vote more than once. :))

Posted by His angel @ 12/28/2004 03:17 PM PDT

Done. :P

Posted by kittycitty @ 12/31/2004 04:35 AM PDT

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